How to earn money from Shopee? Shopee is maybe one amongst the most important e-commerce sites now within the Philippines. And in my opinion, its success is often attributed to how interactive the app is.

The app, except for being an e-commerce website, is additionally loaded with a spread of entertaining pages like games, live streamers, and more. It also incentivized users with coins, discounts, and cashback vouchers and freebies which may even be one among the explanations why it’s so popular within the country.

Having mentioned the users’ incentives, will be share with you some recommendations on how to get free money in ShopeePay account and also economise from your Shopee purchases in addition using this app. Money saved is additionally money earned.

In this article you’ll a lot of information about how to be a Shopee ambassador and how to claim money in Shopee.

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How Do You Make Money from Shopee?

How to earn in a Shopee affiliate program? Here are some ways to make money on Shopee without selling anything.

Make Money on Shopee by Playing Games

How to get money in ShopeePay? There are numerous games in Shopee where you’ll earn points, discount vouchers and cashback vouchers, and more. Sometimes, a number of the games are in partnership with specific brands so it means the discount vouchers are associated with those partner brands.

The coins to be earned are really not that much, usually cents in peso. However, it’s still money and it can accumulate in your account. The largest incentive in my opinion for taking part in these games is the cashback and discount vouchers. The best that I’ve seen to this point is 15% (with a cap) and it’s pretty generous in my opinion.

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Earn Money by Paying Your Utility Bills

They only found this out last month when a devotee told me about paying for my Mobile Postpaid plan via Shopee. As of the time of writing, if it’s your first time to pay your bills (in my case it absolutely was my Postpaid plan), you’ll get 200 coins back which is additionally such as P200.

The minimum amount of payment that you simply have to break this promo is P800 and you would like to pay it using Shopee Pay.

The percentage of coins cashback on your succeeding payments and also the corresponding required minimum amount to be paid to avail the coins cashback will vary betting on the available vouchers to your account.

Make Money by Topping-Up your Shopee Wallet

Shopee is encouraging users to procure their purchases using Shopee Pay. And one among their incentives to encourage the employment of this service is their Shopee Lucky Draw. After you top-up a minimum of P300, you become eligible to play the Lucky Draw. The Lucky Draw game will appear once your top-up is confirmed.

In my experience, I’ve only won P1 within the Lucky Draw. However, they even have a raffle draw wherein the lucky winner could win P50,000 Shopee Credits. Please do note though that this promotion is subject to change so always keep yourselves updated by checking their Terms and Conditions from time to time.

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How Much Do You Earn from Shopee?

How to earn in Shopee Philippines? The effective commission rate within the market is between 1% and a pair of. Commissions on sales through the Shopee Mall may be as high as 6%. So, you don’t worry about how to get commission in Shopee.

As per Shopee’s Affiliate Program Philippines Terms and Conditions, under the Commission Fee and Payment Terms, an Affiliate Marketer should reach a minimum of $50 to proceed with payout.

However, there’s no certain amount that an affiliate marketer can earn and it’s supported by the successful purchase value multiplied by the agreed Commission rate.

Once the orders are shipped and delivered, your customers will update the Order Received option on Shopee and funds are going to be given to you. After this, you’ll be able to withdraw your cash in all of your Shopee sales. you must know the way to withdraw Shopee profit.

After an order is complete, you’ll be compensated for the earnings to your Seller Balance. If you decide on it, you’ll transfer the cash you’ve been granted on to your banking account. When your buyer verifies the delivery of their order, your Seller Balance are going to be credited within 24 hours (1 day).

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Can you use the Shopee Affiliate Program?

Shopee has an Affiliate Program allowing online marketers to push their available products and reciprocally, they will get a commission after they create a successful sale. it’s done by promoting Shopee’s affiliate link on different platforms online.

Once the buyers use the marketers’ affiliate link, they’re going to be redirected to Shopee where they’ll buy the products, and therefore the marketer will get a percentage of the sales. In short, Shopee Affiliate Program Philippines is as simple as promoting Shopee’s product and getting a commission on every occasion a buyer purchases using your affiliate link.

Before joining Shopee’s Affiliate Program, the primary step to try is to register an account under Involve Asia (IA). IA could be a marketing company linking affiliate marketers and product owners.

In addition, they also manage Shopee’s Affiliate Program and over 300 product owners which could be a perfect website if you’re new affiliate marketing. But before signing au courant IA, you must meet the subsequent criteria including:

  • You should have an internet site or other social media platforms like Facebook Page or YouTube Channel.
  • The website or channel you own must be within IA scope of categories like Food, Health, Beauty, Fashion, Shopping, Travel, Finance, and Insurance.
  • Although IA doesn’t advise before registration, a web site or channel with none traffic is presumably to be rejected for application.

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