It has been noted that the majority of rookie Shopify store owners do not take into consideration their product pages that include 404 or other issues. In fact, when you begin auditing your Shopify website, you may discover a few product pages or collection pages that include faults or technical difficulties that require attention. As a result, it is your responsibility to resolve any technical or non-technical issues that arise.

If you’re like most people, this is the first question that comes to mind. Actually, there could be a variety of factors contributing to this. If you operate a seasonal business, you may have to offer things during certain seasons of the year. However, once the season is finished, you must remove those pages from your computer.

The need to remove an individual shopify product or collection page from your shopify website may arise at some point in the future. You might be wondering when you should delete your Shopify products and collections, and you’re not alone. If you answered yes, you should continue reading this post.

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When Do We Need to Delete Shopify Products?

When a visitor clicks on your shopify product page, whether from a social networking site or a search engine, he should be directed to the correct page. However, due to the fact that you have already erased the specific page, your clients or visitors to your site will be presented with a 404 error message.

This raises the question of whether a 404 error page will have an impact on the ranking or overall reputation of your Shopify business or whether it will not. It is possible that your site will be punished by Google or other search engines if they discover that a certain page on your site has been erased and that users are not receiving the information they were expecting.

In the event that search engines discover that there is no information or that a page does not exist on your site, they will deindex the page in question. Furthermore, it’s possible that you’ve built a large number of backlinks to that particular shopify product page. As a result, your page no longer receives the required backlink juice from a removed page.

As a result, if you wish to avoid having your Shopify website penalized by Google, you must redirect a deleted page or a 404 error page to another active page on your website. This will allow you to keep the link juice flowing in the direction of your website.

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Why Do We Need to Delete Products?

Delete a shopify product page because you no longer wish to utilize it is the most common reason for doing so. It’s likely that the things you were selling are no longer in high demand at this time. It’s possible that you were promoting seasonal products that are no longer in demand on the market at the time.

Naturally, you dislike promoting things that people don’t want to choose from, and this is understandable. As an alternative, you would like to showcase Shopify collections or products that consumers are enthusiastic about purchasing. Because of this, removing superfluous Shopify pages from your Shopify website may result in the appearance of the 404 error.

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How Do I Delete My Shopify Store and Start Over?

Here are the steps you need to follow in order to delete your Shopify Store: 

Step 1: Export Products to an Excel Spreadsheet

Bulk Import Export Update with Excel tool allows you to export all of your items into an Excel file.

Step 2: Change the value of “Command” to “DELETE.”

If you look at the export file, you will notice a column labeled “Command.” Change the value of this column to “DELETE” for any products that you want to remove from the system at once. Simply delete all of the other rows from your file, including those that you don’t want to delete, to ensure that your file contains only the products that you truly want to remove from your database.

Step 3: Import the most recent version of the file.

Shopify products can be removed from a store en masse.

Other Reminders

  • The following methods are available for deleting Products: by ID, by handle, by variant SKU, and by Handle that is calculated from title.
  • This solution comes in handy when you need to delete a large number of products that are spread over multiple sheets in the Shopify product list. There is no need to navigate from one page to another.
  • Filter products in an Excel spreadsheet by any parameter you require and set the Command to DELETE to eliminate duplicates.
  • In the same import file, you can have rows with a separate command for each product, and each row can contain a different command for each product. By using the same import, you may, for example, delete all products that are out of stock while simultaneously updating the inventory quantity of all products that are still in stock. 
  • Simply set the UPDATE or DELETE command for each product to the appropriate value.
  • It is possible to delete any object using the same approach, including collections, customers, orders, discounts, and pages.

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