What is the Lazada affiliate program? Lazada affiliate program is the way to earn money by promoting Lazada products. How to become an affiliate in Lazada? This article will describe all the information you need about the Lazada affiliate program.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

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Affiliate marketing is the process of earning money like commissions every time you promote a company’s products or services and drive a sale. In other word, affiliate marketing is  the way to market by promoting other people’s products in return for some commission for each sale.

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Is Lazada Philippines Offer Affiliate Program?

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Are you curious whether Lazada offers an affiliate program? The answer is yes. Lazada offers a  Lazada affiliate program. Is it the same as usual affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing Lazada is an exclusive program which is designed for small business owners or sellers in Lazada. By sign up Lazada affiliate program, you can earn some commision fees by converting their social media audiences and also promoting other products to Lazada buyers.

What if the Lazada affiliate not working? You don’t need to be worried. As you know, Lazada is one of the leading marketplace in SouthEast Asia. So whatever of products that you promote, mostly of them are available on Lazada and you will have a big chance to earn Lazada affiliate program commission.

How Does Affiliate Program In Lazada Work?

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How does the Lazada affiliate marketing program work? To find more information about this affiliate program you can go by searching www Lazada affiliate program. You will find all the information you need there. And for your information, Lazada Affiliate Program works by promoting products on Lazada by using a special link. You will earn the commisions when someone clicks and buys something on Lazada through your link.

Joining this affiliate program in Lazada is not difficult because you can earn money by just promoting Lazada products online. You will never run out of things to promote since Lazada is the leading marketplace platform with many product categories to sell. You can promote a lot of things in Lazada and get 10% commissions on products purchased through your affiliate link.

You can join the Lazada affiliate programs in two ways by using browser scheme and app scheme. Here’s how the affiliate program works in Lazada.

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Browser scheme or also known as Lazada affiliate dashboard  by following this steps:

  • Create an affiliate link on affiliate platform
  • Post affiliate link
  • Customer clicks on affiliate link
  • Open Lazada site
  • Purchase within 30 days
  • Order paid and delivered
  • Then you will get the commision 

App scheme  by following this steps:

  • Create an affiliate link on affiliate platform
  • Publish affiliate link
  • Customer clicks on affiliate link
  • Open Lazada app
  • Purchase within 30 days
  • Order paid and delivered
  • Commission earned

How Much Is The Commission?

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The commision on joining the adsense Lazada affiliate program is vary. It depends on your marketing strategy, type of content, your niche and also the clicks to your affiliate link and is there any of the customers who buy the products using your link.

Here are the minimum commission you will get per category 

Category  Minimum commision 
Sports & outdoors  4 %
Mobiles & Tablets  2 %
Cameras & drones  2 %
Televisions & Videos  2 %
Bags and Travel  4 %
Women’s shoes and clothing  4 %
Beauty  4 %
Motors  4 %
Digital goods  4 %
Toys & games  4 %
Bedding and bath  4 %
Furniture and organization  4 %
Laundry and cleaning  4 %
Equipment  4 %
Kitchen and dining  4 %
Special digital products 4 %
Men’s shoes and clothing  4 %
Large appliances  4 %
Others  4 %

This commission will be changed from time to time. The involved will send out monthly emails to Lazada publishers on the best Lazada promotions that have a high chance of converting into sales. How is the commission’s process? Lazada affiliate partners are required to present BIR certificate of registration and an official receipt at every payout cycle. Partners may choose between 2 options such as direct (if Lazada affiliate program requirements mentioned it) or via agency.

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Your commision will works in this steps:

  • Lazada generates your invoices in the first and second week of the month
  • Invoices sent out in the third to fourth weeks of the month
  • The commision get transferred within 45 days upon the receipt of invoice
  • Affiliates issues their official receipt monthly every after receiving payment notification 
  • Lazada will issue BIR for tax credits claiming in the exchange of the official receipt. This is only applicable to those with BIR.  

How Do I Become An Affiliate Marketer In Lazada?

After hearing how Lazada affiliate marketing works in Lazada, you might be curious about the Lazada affiliate program login and how to join this affiliate program. Before you can join the Lazada affiliate program,you have to do the Lazada affiliate sign up. Are you curious? Here is the Lazada affiliate program complete guide guide to join the Lazada Affiliate Program. 

Create An Affiliate Account 

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You can create your affiliate account for free by following these steps :

  • Click sign up
  • Add in your information on the account details and property details section such as website or social media page that you are promoting from
  • Click the create account button 
  • You will receive an email from Lazada to complete the registration process and confirm your email address by clicking on the link provided.
  • Wait for one and two working days to get the approval
  • After the approval, you will be able to join the Lazada affiliate program 

Submit The Application To Join The Lazada Affiliate Program

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Here are how to join the Lazada affiliate program 

  • From your dashboard, go to your partner. Then scroll down and select the advertiser directory 
  • On this page, you will notice a search bar. One is to help you to find the advertiser and the other is for searching countries. It will fill automatically depending on what country you are in.
  • Then type Lazada on the first search bar and you will get a few options. You can choose which country you want to promote. You can only promote in 6 countries such as Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and also the Philippines.
  • After selecting choose the countries you prefer to promote, click apply to request Lazada approval
  • Then you need to wait. You will get a pop up notification once your application is submitted successfully.
  • When your application is submitted successfully, you can directly promoting 


Not only by selling in Lazada, you can also earn money by joining the Lazada Affiliate program. You just need to promote Lazada products and when someone clicks your affiliate link and makes a purchase within 30 days, you will get the commission.

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