Are you curious on how to apply Lazada delivery rider? You go to the right sites. Let’s read this article for more information needed.

What Are the Requirements for Lazada Delivery Riders?

Do you want to be a Lazada logistics partner? Before you become part of the Lazada delivery riders, you need to know what Lazada logistics is. So, Lazada logistics partner is one of the trusted logistics solutions that will help you to connect Lazada sellers and buyers in the Philippines. 

You can use Lazada logistics to help you send your customer order to the delivery address. You might ask what is the reason to use Lazada courier logistics to send your customers orders in the philippines? The main reason why you need to use Lazada delivery is because Lazada logistics is trusted and you can see where your package is by tracking it on the Lazada logistics application. 

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Since online business is increasing nowadays, becoming a part of lms lex corporate might be promising for those who are looking for jobs. The question is how to be Lazada riders? Are there any Lazada rider requirements? Absolutely yes, you need to meet all the requirements before becoming a Lazada delivery partner.

You will get the complete requirements for becoming the delivery partners when you have passed the interview and screening test. The complete requirements will be sent to you through email so you need to keep checking your email too.

But in general, here are the things you need to prepare to fulfill the requirements, such as:

  • Identity card.
  • The latest photograph.
  • Professional driver’s license.
  • Your vehicle registration (copy).
  • Your vehicle photo.

The requirements mentioned above are the things you need to prepare in general, there might be other documents you need to submit like medical exam, insurance and others. Just remember to keep checking your email to find out what things you need to prepare and submit for it.

Here are the reasons why you should join and become the part of Lazada logistics as your career such as:

  • There is a competitive payment.
  • You can join a delivery partner insurance program in Lazada which will based on your attendance and performance.
  • There is an incentive that depends on your attendance and incentives.
  • Lazada provides equal employment opportunities which means women and men are the same. Both of them can be Lazada delivery partners.
  • Modest uniform options for women and men and also the muslim friendly clothes.
  • Lazada will give you training than help you to gain access to industry specialist training sessions.

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How Much Is the Salary of a Lazada Rider?

When you are buying things in Lazada, you can choose the payment method and also the shipping option that is suitable for you. Not only that, there is a new feature in lex ph online application that allows you to choose your own delivery date after you have checked out your order.

By using this feature, you will be able to see where your order is. When was your order handed to the courier or departed to the logistics center? You can see the estimated time for your order to arrive at the delivery address. So, you can standby at home to receive the package.

Besides that, you are allowed to change the delivery instruction you have chosen before as long as the order hasn’t been shipped to the Lazada logistics center. If the order has been shipped, you will not be able to change or update the delivery instruction anymore.

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Here is how to change or update your delivery instruction in Lazada such as:

  • Login to your Lazada account.
  • Click the delivery details page and then select the preferred delivery date.
  • After that, choose the preferred collection method and update your preference as you wish.

For your additional information, this feature is available in the LEX Logistics Center only. Once it is set, the Lazada rider will send your order to your front door but how much does the Lazada rider salary per day? The Lazada delivery partner riders will earn around 1,000 to 2,000 pesos in a day with the incentives for additional parcels above 50 but it is just an estimation. All the money that riders get will depend on their performance. 

Steps to Apply as a Lazada Rider

You can apply when there is an open Lazada delivery rider hiring 2022, here are the steps you need to take to apply for it:

  • Go to Lazada logistics website in or or.
  • Scan the hiring QR code and select the Google Play button.
  • You will be directed to download the Lazada logistics application and choose the Philippines in the list of countries.
  • Select Apply and fulfill all the requirements needed.
  • Once you have submitted all the requirements data, you need to wait for feedback from Lazada that might be a call, email or app notification.
  • Then you will need to have an interview.
  • When you have done the interview section, you need to wait for Lazada calls.

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What Type of Vehicle Can I Use for Lazada Delivery?

Lazada delivery driver with own vehicle salary will depend on their performance. For your information, not all vehicles can be used for delivery Lazada orders. If you choose to be a Lazada delivery rider, your motorcycle must be under ten years old.

Besides using a motorcycle, you can use a van, multicab or a three-wheeled vehicle to deliver the Lazada order. Hatchbacks and sedans are not accepted to be used to be the Lazada delivery vehicle.

List of Lazada Delivery Courier Partners

Besides the Lazada Express, there are several of Lazada delivery courier partners that you can choose to send your order such as JRMT. Ninja Van, Quick Delivery Express (QDX), Ximex Delivery Express and Entrego.


You can use Lazada logistics to help you send your customer order to the delivery address. The main reason why you need to use Lazada delivery is because Lazada logistics is trusted and you can see where your package is by tracking it on the Lazada logistics application. 

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