Apps like Shopee? If you enjoy shopping online, then you may like these lists of Shopee alternatives that will pamper you with tons of benefits. There are probably many online shopping platforms and websites. 

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That has been familiar with names like Amazon, eBay, or Alibaba. But Shopee does have its own appealing charm and benefits. Besides the various arrays of options, it does offer products from foreign vendors even widening your chances to get the items you want. 

9 Shopee Alternatives (Apps Like Shopee For Online Shopping)

Here 9 marketplace or shopping online apps Shopee likes:

1.1 1. Zalora

If you are looking for Shopee alternatives Indonesia or Malaysia, then Zalora can be your best pick. It focuses mostly on fashion items. You should be able to find various kinds of footwear (for adults and kids), clothes, working attire, fashion accessories and so much more. 

Most people say that you can get boutique-quality clothes and fashion accessories in very affordable price ranges. They are all offered in very attractive styles and prices often in discounted price tags too. You should be able to find styles for men, women, and kids quite effortless. Whether you are looking for casual or formal wear, they have it all for you.

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1.2 2. Shop

As one of the many Shopee alternatives, Shop was developed and created by Daraz Mobile. However, this app is exclusive for those living in Myanmar and the surrounding regions (and also its 14 states). 

The app itself is free and it is an Android app designed for those who enjoy online shopping so much. Whereas Zalora is exclusive to fashion and accessories, Shop is for anything from computer to car pump and refrigerator, or from power socket to skin care and shoes. 

The app provides payments through Visa or Mastercard or payment on delivery. If there is any faulty item, you can get a refund by returning the item. When it comes to security, it is pretty safe.

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1.3 3. Qoo10

This is another marketplace to meet your requirements and every need. The app itself has existed since 2009 and it is known for its combination of fast delivery, reliable merchants, good deals and prices, and wide arrays of varieties. 

You only need to download the app (it’s free) and you can even enjoy international delivery. It has attractive deals with Daily Deals, Group Buy, or Flash Sale. You can also get rewards for your daily attendance with the app like apk Shopee

It caters to international shopping areas, so whether you live in America or India or Japan, you can still use the app and have those items delivered to your front door. No wonder if this one is often said as Shopee alternatives in American stores.

1.4 4. Lazada

If you live especially in Asia, Lazada app download can be your new best friend! As one of Shopee alternatives, this marketplace welcomes all vendors from Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and many more  as well as delivering to buyers in those areas. 

If you are a seller or a vendor, you can enjoy top-notch product management.  You can also get training during the sign up. If you are a buyer, you will enjoy  a safe environment with tons of different stuff and items. Not to mention that the prices are mostly lower from the regular offline stores  and you can still enjoy the discounts too.

1.5 5. Jakarta Notebook

If you live in Indonesia and you want to buy electronic devices, especially stuff related to computers and the IT world, then this app can help you to the highest level. You can access this site to buy laptops, modems, routers, laptop bags, and others on Aliexpress

Make sure that you know the reputation of the sellers despite the marketplace quality and name, electronic devices are costly and they are prone to scams. You can use this site for reference, but it is always advisable to buy stuff directly, not through an online system. 

If you still prefer the online system, make sure that you really understand the risks and you have taken precautions.

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1.6 6. Thrive Market

This marketplace is focusing on the American market they only deliver there. And it is a marketplace dedicated to food and drink. You can always join, but memberships will give you more access and exclusive rights. When you buy organic products, for instance, you can get interesting deals and cheaper price tags on eBay

Everything is divided into lifestyle and dietary sections. This is a great marketplace to visit if you want to start a healthy lifestyle by choosing your ingredients carefully. This is definitely one of Shopee’s alternatives to visit.

1.7 7. Etsy

This marketplace provides services to all buyers all over the world. The focus is on handcrafted items as well as custom (and handmade) handbags, shoes, jewellery, and clothes. 

It is focusing on small businesses with unique items that you won’t find elsewhere. You can get handbags or paper goods from small business entrepreneurs and artisans. If you are into artistic and craftsy items, then you should really have Etsy on your mobile device.

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1.8 8. Lelong

If you live in Malaysia, then you know that Lelong has the same concept as Shopee. It likes to provide discounts and special events where you can get your dream items without hurting your wallet. No wonder it is included in the list of Shopee alternatives list. 

You can basically find tons of things there from Shopee 12.12 apk daily items to electronic and fashion stuff. The platform itself provides a cool and comfy environment where you can pick your stuff and buy them. If you are travelling to Malaysia, try having the app and see whether you like the app or not.

1.9 9. Made Trade

Just like Etsy, this platform is created to cater to the global world. It focuses on closets and home products, especially blankets, pillows, and bedding. 

Shopee 2.2 apk incorporates sustainable, ethical, and beautiful products with core values of fair trade and heritage. Vegan and women-owned are also the concepts used in this platform. They will donate 1% for every purchase to environmental causes.

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