Aliexpress to eBay importer? AliExpress is one of the most widely used suppliers when it comes to dropshipping. That’s because they are super dropshipping friendly and rely on the success of dropshippers such as yourselves that even if you’re only just getting started. 

That’s one of the few good reasons why entrepreneurs engage in AliExpress to eBay dropshipping.

AliExpress is a sister site to Alibaba. It allows sellers to purchase items in smaller quantities, whereas Alibaba is a bulk purchase wholesale site. 

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AliExpress was started by Chinese billionaire Jack Ma (Chinese business magnate, investor, politician and philanthropist) who also co-founded and was a former executive chairman of Alibaba. In February 2019, Jack Ma was dubbed “The Richest Man in China.”

Does AliExpress Allow Dropshipping?

How to dropship from Aliexpress to eBay 2021? Definitely. There is no law or policy against AliExpress to Ebay dropshipping. Ebay is looking for overall customer satisfaction. Their buyers are their products and it is up to us as the sellers to make sure that eBay’s customers are satisfied when buying from us. 

Therefore, as long as you pick sellers with fast shipping times and good reviews and process your orders right away, there shouldn’t be any problems maintaining a healthy seller level.

Be sure to check your customer’s messages daily, return or replacement cases and take care of any open task. A high level of communication is key.

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How Do I Import From AliExpress to eBay?

Import products to eBay? Here some steps that you should know how to import from Aliexpress to eBay:

  • Log in with your Click 2 Sync account
  • Connect your AliExpress instance
  • Connect your eBay account
  • Now send the products from AliExpress to eBay

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How Do I Automate a Dropship From AliExpress to eBay?

Aliexpress eBay automation? WalletMonitor AliExpress to eBay lister helps you to start your online store without going into the hassles of product research and listings. It works on the dropshipping model and finds the most profitable items from Amazon, Walmart, AliExpress and eBay to sell for high margins on eBay and Shopify.

Aliexpress dropshipping tool? WalletMonitor comes with a unique research tool which saves your work of finding and listing products. The solution automatically sources and reprices all listed items from major e-retailers and calculates the profit on your behalf. 

You can list the products with all variations using just a single click of the mouse. You can also edit products with just one click.

eBay dropshipping tool? WalletMonitor software makes drop shipping to eBay from AliExpress easy and simple. You don’t have to manually add products, set prices, fetch the images, look for profitable products, pay unnecessary charges, the innovative software takes everything care.

The solution lets you add items from a wide range of drop shipping suppliers like AliExpress, eBay, Amazon, Walmart for as many times as you please. AliExpress to eBay list also features a scanner engine to find high margin items to list on your eBay and automatically re-prices the products.

WalletMonitor lister is the automatic and hassle-free way to import AliExpress listings to eBay. The tool automatically finds products, sets the price, buys the product and sells it on your behalf. You can even source the variations quickly

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WalletMonitor dropshipping software automatically finds the items to sell from AliExpress. The scanner engine tracks all the high margin products from AliExpress that you want to list on your eBay stores. You will be able to see the listing of the products on your eBay store from the online store.

You don’t have to make the difficult calculations to set the price of each product manually. Just define the rules once and let WalletMonitor take it over from there! The prices will be set automatically with margins to earn you profit.

The next step is buying the products from AliExpress to sell to your customers. The AliExpress to eBay list sources the products at low prices, and you don’t have to move a muscle- it is all done automatically.

Now all that remains is to sell the product. WalletMonitor also handles the selling process automatically transferring the profit margin to your account.

You can start using the WalletMonitor for Aliexpress dropshipping with a few simple steps:

  • The first step is to register yourself on WalletMonitor.
  • You need to have a compatible browser to use WalletMonitor.
  • Now, sit back and install the extension.
  • In this step, you will have to complete the user settings. You will now have to complete your account by filling required information.
  • You will be able to access your account. You have to choose a plan that best fits your needs.
  • Now set up the template using our intuitive and user-friendly options. You can also use the automatic templates that are preinstalled.
  • Next, add the store accounts that you own.
  • You can now add suppliers such as AliExpress to start monitoring products.
  • Now you can proceed to search and add items using the software.
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Benefits of Doing Dropshipping Business on eBay

AliExpress doesn’t own warehouses but many of their sellers do. And not just talking about China. Today, you can also find products in warehouse locations throughout Asia, Europe and the US, thanks to the AliExpress sellers who are taking it one step further and thinking outside of the box.

Just like anything else in life, working with AliExpress comes with its Pros and Cons. What are the advantages and disadvantages when working with AliExpress? Is this the right dropshipping supplier for you? Let’s find out.

  • AliExpress has over 100 million products to choose from.
  • It’s easy to research and analyse products with AliExpress’s Dropship Center.
  • Prices are extremely low, which gives you plenty of room for profit.
  • Quick “Trend” products seem to appear on AliExpress overnight. (Remember Fidget Spinners?)
  • Buyer and seller protection (resolution centre) keeps everyone safe.
  • Very supportive of dropshippers.
  • Endless product categories to choose from and re-sell in your store.
  • Supports many fast and cheap shipping methods from worldwide locations along with tracking information.
  • Supports Paypal on all orders enabling a smoother cash flow experience.
  • Ships to almost anywhere in the world, which brings a lot more traffic and sales.
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In summary, after a small learning curve, you can turn AliExpress into a very profitable dropshipping supplier. Once you learn how the system works, you will know how to take advantage of it to your benefit.

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