Once Pinterest announced Buyable Pins (or Shoppable Pins), ecommerce merchants saw a chance to succeed in a wholly new market. The program has experienced many changes, and most of them are to our benefit to add Pinterest to Shopify.

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As of without delay, the best, and therefore the only method to sell on Pinterest with Shopify is through a straightforward Pinterest App on Shopify. This parades a good array of tools for automating shopping ads, Pinterest launches, and online store links. What if Shopify Pinterest app not compatible? You can try to ask the customer service of Shopify or Pinterest Shopify help to get more info.

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What’s the Benefit of Selling on Pinterest with Shopify?

More highly recommend testing this Pinterest infographic, because it explains the advantages of Pinterest for store owners, together with areas for Pinterest customer basics and the way to grow your business with Pinterest.

Overall, the main reason Pinterest is worth it for your online store is that it’s the second leading social media source for sending traffic to online stores. this could get you wondering about the highest source (Facebook,) but that encourages you to rethink your social strategy to place most of your effort into Pinterest.

Why is that the case? To start out, Facebook has been known to cover organic business posts once they list unique products on the platform, pushing them to acquire ad space. Pinterest, on the opposite hand, is all about bringing together excited consumers and businesses of all sizes.

That’s why the typical amount spent per order is higher on Pinterest than the other social media channels. In short, you’ll not be wasting it slow with Facebook, but you’d be hard-pressed to argue that a better average order value is anything wanting the simplest metric to base your social strategy on.

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How to Sell on Pinterest with Shopify

To sell on Pinterest with Shopify, both Pinterest Shopify profiles are required. Therefore, begin this process by visiting Shopify and creating an account. you’ll study Shopify in our review. There is a free trial to check out if you would like the platform before paying for love or money.

As for Pinterest, That recommend making a Business Account. It’s free, and you’ll be able to link it to your personal account if needed. Additionally, the Business Account integrates seamlessly with Shopify and allows you to configure payment options and advertising settings for automatically generating ads from your store to travel on Pinterest.

Similar to how to connect Shopify and WooCommerce, once both accounts are ready, Shopify login account. head to the dashboard and locate the Sales Channels header on the left menu. This reveals a listing of all sales channels active on your website. as an example, you will see channels like Online Store, Amazon, or Facebook. Our goal is to feature Pinterest on its list.

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Click the “+” Button above the List of Sales Channels

A new popup shows a listing of sales channels to feature to your store. a number of them include Google, Facebook, and Messenger. be happy to feature whichever sales channels you would like to explore, except for now, we’re trying to find the Pinterest channel.

Scroll Down to Find Pinterest and Click on the “+” Button

The next window says that you’re near to adding Pinterest to Shopify. you are able to look at all the privacy and data sharing details, like how Pinterest gains access to your Shopify store analytics and products. This can be expected since we’re trying to automate the Shopify to Pinterest selling process.

Click on the Add Sales Channel Button to Proceed

The Pinterest sales channel is now added to your Shopify dashboard. Now it is time to attach your Pinterest account and specify the proper account for selling products. That rather makes Pinterest ads for a Business account rather than sharing these ads together with your friends on a private Pinterest account.

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Click the Connect Account Button

This sends you to Pinterest code Shopify, it can go through pin.shopify.com authenticate and pin.shopify.com login as well. It asks you to authorise the app connection between Pinterest and Shopify. Essentially, the connection lets the 2 apps create pins and manage ads without you having to authorise it whenever.

Click the Give Access Button to Move Forward

The next page shows that your Shopify Pinterest tag account is, in fact, connected to Shopify. you ought to even have some accounts automatically generated for you under the Ad Settings area. If not, ensure you follow any guidelines provided to form these accounts.

The first account could be a Pinterest Ad Account. This can be for automatically creating ads and publishing pins supporting your Shopify products.

A Pinterest Tag is additionally automatically generated so as to gather insights from your ad campaigns. It works sort of a Facebook Pixel, tracking the ads created by your own Pinterest and Shopify accounts.

That also suggests connecting your billing and accepting the terms and conditions of Pinterest. The Terms and Conditions are accepted with a straightforward click of a button, but you need to click on the Add Billing button to fill in your billing information on a separate page.

The billing method is stored on Pinterest but utilised by Shopify whenever a poster is automatically made by the combination. don’t be concerned, you get to approve the ad budget and have the ultimate word on whether or not money is spent on an ad.

The following area explains which elements of a product must be completed before publication on Pinterest. For example, Pinterest rejects any product pins that lack titles, descriptions, images, pricing, product types, and availability.

Availability means whether or not you activate a product to be sold on certain sales channels–in this case, Pinterest. Click the Manage Availability link to work out which of your current products are available to sell on the Pinterest sales channel.

This brings you to the Products list in Shopify. you’ll either scroll through the products and click on them one-by-one or filter them supporting the sales channel.

Now, all products available on the Pinterest sales channel are shown within the list. This does not mean they automatically get published to Pinterest, but rather that they are able to get placed in ads and potentially published.

There’s also a filter to determine which products are unavailable on Pinterest. Use this filter to determine if you want to activate any that are not currently shown.


The Pinterest with Shopify feature is really a revolutionary step for the business of social media. Since such a lot of customers use Pinterest to seek out cool products, it’s shown to be an ideal marriage between the two.

Many changes to the Pinterest channel have surfaced within the past, so do not be surprised if you see new shopping features for the combination.

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