TikTok For Your Page is one of the important elements in TikTok. For Your Page is a feed where you watch TikTok videos with unlimited numbers of scrolling downs. From For Your Page you will watch TikTok videos based on the TikTok algorithm that TikTok collects from you. For your TikTok videos to appear on FYP, you have to do some things. So, how to get on TikTok FYP?

For businesses, it is best to utilize TikTok as a medium to promote your business. The 15-seconds videos can act like ads. If you have extra money for your marketing strategy, you can use TikTok Ads to promote your products widely. 

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What is TikTok For Your Page?

TikTok For Your Page is the feed where you watch your TikTok videos. TikTok For Your Page based on the TikTok algorithm. TikTok collects data of your likes, dislikes, not interested, comments and shares, then, TikTok will only show the TikTok videos that caters to your taste.

TikTok FYP is different from one person to another because of the algorithm. The most interesting part of being on TikTok is you can easily get thousands of views on your TikTok videos enough to make you TikTok famous.

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TikTok also has TikTok influencers that could help businesses to promote their products. With thousands of followers of TikTok influencers, it is fast marketing for your business. 

Why Is Getting Your Videos on FYP TikTok Important?

On TikTok Homepage, there are two sections for you which are For You Page and Following. Mostly, you will watch TikTok videos through For Your Page. So, your TikTok followers will rarely see your TikTok videos unless they click on the Following page. But sometimes, your TikTok videos can appear on For Your Page on your Tik Tok users page.

With a limitation of 150 words of description, the way you communicate with your TikTok users is through comments. Your TikTok videos must be da-bomb to attract your TikTok viewers. There is no time for TikTok fyp time. And why is it important for you to get your TikTok videos on For Your Page?

Attract Potential Customers

TikTok operates 100% with only videos. Sometimes, you do not need great skill in editing videos, but the content matters. If you are promoting your products on TikTok, it can attract your potential customers to see more TikTok videos of you and follow your selling channels. 

You can do a variety of types of content such as packing orders videos, tutorial videos and how-to videos. If you are doing all these contents to attract your customers but it didn’t appear on For Your Page, what is the purpose then?

Brand Awareness

TikTok can be a platform for you to create brand awareness. It is important for your customers to know your brand: the missions, the goals, and the purpose. By creating brand awareness, your customers will know who you are. 

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For example, Kayman Beauty is selling skincare products and their brand identity is black. All of their packaging is black and their focus is Centella Asiatica. So when you are thinking of black and the ingredient Centella Asiatica, you will remember Kayman Beauty.


How are people going to know your business? Yes, through For Your Page. Some small businesses promote their products on TikTok to gain more exposure. The more views they gain, the more exposure they get. 

Exposure will lead your TikTok viewers interested in your products and they will follow you instantly. Means, you will get more followers. When your followers have reached a certain amount, you can do TikTok Livestreaming. 

How to Get on TikTok FYP Malaysia?

It is not easy to get on TikTok FYP Malaysia. But with the right technique, you can get on fyp TikTok. Once you have reached more than thousands of views and followers, consider yourself as TikTok famous.

But, how to get on TikTok FYP Malaysia? Here are some of the ways:


If you notice, every TikTok video that appears on your For You Page has a lot of hashtags. You can tag fyp TikTok.  For example, hashtag TikTok fyp, #fyp. #fypMalaysia, #Malaysia TikTok and so on. You can use the trending hashtag to elevate your TikTok views. 

Some would put hashtags that include what their contents are, such as if the person is selling books. The person can use hashtag #booktok to reach more audience within the same community.

You can check on hashtag trending by searching hashtags TikTok fyp 2021 on Google search.

Shorter Videos

Even though TikTok has 3 minutes videos, TikTok users are already used to 15 seconds videos. Sometimes, 3 minutes videos feel so long and boring. To promote your business and products, it is wise to use only 15 seconds and 60 seconds of videos

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If TikTok users watch your TikTok videos halfway, TikTok will take it as your TikTok videos are not interesting enough. And your TikTo videos will appear less on someone For Your Page.


Even though you have limited description, it does not mean you can fully use it by putting all the hashtag. Description is one of the elements that can attract your viewers to watch your TikTok videos till the end.

You may apply “Watch till the end” “Watch Part 2 to know what happened” and more. This will incite the curiosity of the TikTok viewers to watch your TikTok videos.

The Quality of Videos

For you to attract your potential customers through TikTok, your TikTok videos must be high quality. You do not want your TikTok viewers to watch such sloppy editing videos. Especially when you are doing a video promoting your products.

Add some filters or effects to your TikTok videos to make the Wow factors. 


You can’t post your TikTok videos when you feel you need to. You have to create a schedule for posting your TikTok videos. The process of making your TikTok videos might be time consuming and plus, the editing. But you have to be more consistent in posting your TikTok videos.


Because it will keep reminding your TikTok viewers that you and your business exists. And they will know how to find you. They also can share your link fyp TikTok to their friends and family by sharing the link. 

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At first, it might be a little hard for you to achieve your TikTok videos to appear on TikTok. But, if you apply all the tips and tricks, your TikTok videos can appear on For Your Page. and easily your TikTok videos can be Malaysia TikTok viral.

You can add some trending filters, sound or music to elevate your videos views. Or if you want to be part of TikTok, there is a TikTok Malaysia office and they offer TikTok Malaysia career.

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