How many times per day do you stumble upon TikTok videos that triggered you? Many none, maybe two or three videos. This is where TikTok community guidelines come to set the wall. 

Before you do online business in TikTok, you must know TikTok community guidelines on posting the TikTok contents. If you don’t, and you post sensitive content, your TikTok videos will be taken down. Worst thing could happen, your 100,000 TikTok followers will be lost if TikTok bans your TikTok accounts. You have to start from scratch, and it is not easy to gain a lot of followers in a short time. 

Without further ado, let’s learn what are the Community Guidelines on TikTok Malaysia.

TikTok Community Guidelines

In order to establish a worldwide community where individuals can create and share, explore the world around them, and connect with others across the world, TikTok’s goal is to encourage creativity and provide pleasure to people around the world via its platform. 

Community Guidelines establish a set of standards and a common code of behaviour for TikTok; they give guidance on what is and is not permitted in order to create a welcoming environment for everyone. TikTok creates Community Guidelines in order to accomplish their objectives. Based on TikTok algorithms, TikTok will remove any sensitive and dangerous TikTok videos.  

The TikTok Community Guidelines establish a structure for what is appropriate and what is not in order to ensure a safe environment for all users, regardless of their age, ethnicity, culture, background, or national origins.

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So, what are the Community Guidelines? Here are the TikTok community guidelines violations:

Violent Extremism

How to post dangerous videos on TikTok? And How to post wheelie videos on TikTok? TikTok video removed for violating community guidelines. On the TikTok platform, they do not allow the users to use TikTok as a platform to threaten or engage with violence or to support dangerous individuals or organizations.

So avoid posting, uploading, streaming or sharing any statements such as the use of statements or imagery that encourages people to commit crimes or advocates for physical violence are prohibited. 

Hateful Behavior

TikTok will move your TikTok contents if it has hate speech or behaviour towards race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, as well as slur. So, do not engage with any content that has hateful content.

Illegal Activities and Regulated Goods

Among the prohibited activities on TikTok include the trading in, selling, and marketing of certain regulated products, as well as the portrayal of criminal activity and its promotion or facilitation, including human exploitation, on the platform. 

Violent and Graphic Content

Viral material that is gratuitously startling, violent, sadistic or horrific is not permitted on the TikTok platform, nor is anything that encourages, normalises, or celebrates severe violence or suffering on the site.

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Suicide, Self-harm, and Dangerous Acts

TikTok does not permit the posting of material that depicts, promotes, normalises, or glorifies behaviours that have the potential to lead to suicide, self-harm, or eating disorders. TikTok also does not allow users to post material that depicts them engaging in, or encouraging others to engage in, hazardous actions that may result in severe injury or death, according to the company.

Harassment and Bullying

Members of our community who are humiliated, bullied, or harassed will not be tolerated by the TikTok team. Abusive material or conduct has the potential to cause serious psychological distress and will be removed from the TikTok platform.

Adult Nudity and Sexual Activities

TikTok does not permit the posting of nudity, pornography, or sexually explicit material on its site. TikTok also prohibits the uploading or sharing of material showing or promoting non-consensual sexual activities, the sharing of non-consensual intimate images, and the solicitation of minors for sexual conduct.

Minor Safety

Children’s abuse, injury, endangerment, or exploitation are not tolerated on TikTok, and the platform will not allow such actions. Every piece of material, including animation and digitally produced or altered media, that portrays abuse, exploitation, or nudity of children is considered a violation of the platform’s terms and conditions, and will be deleted if it is discovered on the platform.

Integrity and Authenticity

In order to protect the integrity of the TikTok platform and the authenticity of TikTok users, it is not permitted to engage in any actions. In the case of spam or false engagement, impersonation, deceptive information that causes damage, or content or accounts that infringe any intellectual property rights, TikTok will delete the material or accounts in question.

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Tips to Avoid from the Community Violations in TikTok

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When your TikTok videos are taken down by the TikTok because you violated the TikTok community guidelines. But you believe that your TikTok videos have none of the content that is against TikTok community guidelines or it might be TikTok community guidelines profile picture/ There are some tipos for you to avoid community violations.

Here are some of the tips: 

Appeal the Video

To start to submit TikTok community guidelines appeal, here are the ways:

  1. Go to your TikTok video
  2. Click on Community Guidelines violation: See details
  3. Click on Submit an appeal
  4. Follow the instructions

TikTok community guidelines appeal how long it could take up as fast as TikTok can to reply to your response depending on the TikTok videos. Sometimes, TikTok will reinstate the TikTok videos within minutes or hours or it could take days. 

But how to make your appeal successful? First, you need to always provide a reason why your content is acceptable to TikTok’s standard. Do not leave the space blanks because the TikTok reviewers might not know why it is acceptable to TikTok.

Delete Permanent Videos

If you have multiple TikTok videos that violate the TikTok community guidelines on your TikTok feed, it is wise to delete the TikTok videos. There is no point in banning TikTok videos. 

Did you know that multiple TikTok videos could lead to your TikTok account being banned by TikTok forever? Fuh, imagine the 100, 000 followers that you had just lost. TikTok community guidelines update every once in a while, so it is better to follow all the guidelines. 

Banned from TikTok Live Stream

If you always do TikTok livestream to reach more potential customers, and suddenly you are getting banned from doing TikTok live streams. You might wonder what had happened and why. Sometimes, you could get banned by some TikTok users that did not like your TikTok Livestreaming.

If you are getting banned from TikTok Live Streaming, you can always update your TikTok contents as usual to avoid losing followers. 

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Sometimes, it is easy to get banned from TikTok because your TikTok might be a little sensitive for some people. If you are doing business in TikTok, it is wise to follow all the TikTok community guidelines to avoid any detentions. If you do not follow, it would waste your time to appeal or to make new TikTok videos. 

For a better understanding of TikTok community guidelines email, you can check on TikTok community guidelines reddit.

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