Username is an important thing for you, especially for business. Username reflects your identity as well as your business identity. Now you do not want to have the username @AkuBudakGirl when your TikTok account for business is promoting MamaSab’s products. Your potential customers would go meh everytime they see your TikTok videos. So, if you think that your current username does not reflect what you are doing right now, here is how to change username on TikTok.

Surprisingly, TikTok has become a platform for their users to make money on TikTok . Some Malaysian TikTok influencers used TikTok as a medium to promote sponsored brands. Most anticipating TikTok videos are the ones that TikTok users do by unboxing their parcels and reviewing the products.

Many Malaysian terkena racun when they watch TikTok videos that appear on their TikTok FYP  that promote products that you could get on online marketplace such as Shopee or Lazada. Recently, Malaysians bought talking cactus who mimic your voice and they move funnily. 

Not only that, TikTok users could spend hours and hours watching the TikTok videos until late night. The power of TikTok scrolling For Your Page! 

TikTok’s social component is similar to that of other social media applications such as Twitter and Instagram, in that it involves ‘following’ other users. In the event that someone discovers an account that is producing exceptionally good material, following the user will result in their videos appearing more often on the follower’s For You Page. You can be the next famous TikTokers.

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What is TikTok Username?

TikTok username will let your viewers know how to find you on the TikTok Search page easily. Have you ever stumbled upon one interesting TikTok video and you accidentally refreshed the page? You look for the video but you cannot find it because the username is hard to find or for you to remember. 

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Now, you do not want that to happen to your TikTok account. Your name must be easy to remember and accessible to your viewers. 

Why Do You Need to Change Your TikTok Username?

Your TikTok username reflects who you are. But, mostly it will make things easier for your viewers to remember your TikTok username and stalk you whenever they want.

Your Name, Your Story

Have you ever heard the phrase, “you know my name, not my story.” Yep, it isn’t applicable for TikTok for some people, especially business.

When you are doing a business using a TikTok account, you are carrying your brand name and the story of your brand. If you choose a silly username that doesn’t reflect your business identity, it would be hard for your potential customers to take you seriously and to remember your business name.

TikTok is the best way for you to create brand identity and awareness.

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When you first sign up for a TikTok account, TikTok will generate TikTok names with a number like @792744308jk. Tell me, who is going to remember it? Unless you put your phone number as the username TikTok aesthetic rp (Advise: Not to do this).

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Now, you may change your best username for TikTok so that it is easy for you, close friends, your ex partner, and your partner to remember your username TikTok aesthetic. That would be easy for them to stalk your TikTok account.

So, let’s start!

How to Change Your TikTok Username?

Changing your TikTok username is as simple as learning ABC.

Here are the steps for you:

  1. Select “Me” from the drop-down menu in the lower-right corner to see your profile page.
  2. Select “Edit profile” from the drop-down menu.
  3. Choose either “Name” (to alter your profile name) or “Username” from the drop-down menu.
  4. Enter your TikTok username. (In the case of your username, keep in mind that it must be distinct from others.)

It is also necessary to be aware of a number of additional considerations prior to changing your login. First and foremost, your username may only be changed once every 30 days, so choose something you are comfortable with for at least that time period. The limitation is due to some security reasons such as scammers and bullying people.

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Furthermore, if you change your username, you will also be altering your personal TikTok URL (which is often in the form of something like, so keep this in mind. Consequently, anybody who attempts to access your TikTok videos via the old URL will be unable to do so.

If you run out of TikTok username ideas to put into your TikTok username, you can use the username generator TikTok. You do not have to pening-pening anymore thinking about the best username you can have. Especially if you want a TikTok username aesthetic girl. 


It is best to have an easy TikTok username for anybody to remember. Just imagine if you are at the events, and people ask for your TikTok username for future reference.

You would be like “Oh my TikTok username is sksksksksk” And people would look at you weirdly and ask, “How do you spell it” Haiyaaa, it will take a lot of time. 

As most of the TikTok users are young people, many use it to show their hidden talents such as dancing and singing. Many young people become online sellers nowadays, and the most interesting part is you can see how creative they are by editing their products’ videos.

This is the sign for you to change your TikTok username.

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