TikTok is a growing social media platform in Malaysia. Unlike other social media such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. TikTok only focuses on videos only. There are only 150 words for the description. Even though TikTok only focuses on video content, it benefits businesses, especially small businesses. Well, the TikTok algorithm might be mysterious to some of the TikTok users. But, once you have figured it out, your TikTok video can appear on For Your Page.

For businesses, think TikTok as an advertising platform that we watch on the television. But, on TikTok some advertisements do not look like one. Some TikTok influencers know how to influence their TikTok viewers to buy their sponsored products. And that is the beauty of TikTok algorithm source code.

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What is TikTok? And Can You Use TikTok for Business? 

TikTok is a short-form video-sharing application that enables users to make and share 15-second films on any subject they want. In China, the app’s developer, Bytedance, uses a separate version of the app, called Douyin, to promote the product. There are also TikTok Malaysia career in the TikTok Malaysia office

Do you know how great it will be for your businesses if you use TikTok as a platform to advertise your products? TikTok has its way to hook up their TikTok users by having the never ending scrolling down on For Your Page. And you would not even realise how many hours you spend on TikTok. 

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Malaysians have their way too, to racun the TikTok viewers. Some of them would post mukbang TikTok videos. Some of them would post TikTok videos of unboxing Shopee or Lazada parcels. And, some of the Malaysian viewers would save the videos and share it on their other social media. 

What is the TikTok Algorithm?

TikTok never ending For Your Page depends on the TikTok algorithm. Some say if you put the For Your Page hashtag on your video description, your video will appear on someone For Your Page. Some would say if you use trending sounds and filters, your TikTok videos will appear on For Your Page. 

TikTok algorithm basically determines which daily for you TikTok videos will appear on yoru For Your Page based on your likes and not interest. 

A single user’s For You page will never include the same TikTok videos as another user’s For You page, and the TikTok videos you see on your For You page may change over time based on your watching preferences and even your present emotions.

How Does the TikTok Algorithm Work?

A major reason why social networks are able to pull us in and keep us paying attention is because of the algorithm. TikTok does not want spammers and other unscrupulous characters to be able to manipulate the algorithm in order to get more attention than they deserve on the platform.

Here are some of ways of TikTok pretty algorithm work:

User Interactions

User interaction on TikTok include TikTok videos that you like Tik Tok or share, the TikTok accounts that you follow, the comments you drop on TikTok videos, and the TikTok content that you create. 

In this category, if the TikTok users watch your TikTok videos until the end, the probability that you will stay on someone’s For Your Page is high. TikTok will push your TikTok videos for wider distribution to other TikTok For Your Page.

So, to keep your TikTok videos on For Your Page, you need to create videos that can hook your TikTok viewers instantly. Now, TikTok has 3-minutes of video duration. 

Video Information

Have you ever watched different videos with the same exact sounds or hashtag? Yep. By using the trending hashtag, sounds or filter. Your TikTok contents will appear regularly on For Your Page. Not only that, but if you utilize captions and trending topics, it also can help you to appear on For Your Page.

From the parameters mentioned, it is obvious that the algorithm pushes the material often explored by the user. Therefore, if you often search for a certain hashtag or like material with a certain sound bite, you are more likely to encounter videos with the same hashtag and sound.

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Tips to Make Use of TikTok Algorithm 2021

Sometimes you wonder how a cringe video can get so many views? But, when you post your TikTok videos, and the likes and views you get less than 10. To make one TikTok video requires time and effort to record the video and editing.

Worst that could happen is while you are editing on your TikTok, your TikTok app crashes. And you edit one more time, post it, and still under 10 views.

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So, how to make use of the TikTok algorithm to boost views and likes on your TikTok videos?

Here are some of the ways you can do:

TikTok Pro account

There are two types of TikTok accounts that you can choose, Creator or Business account. Even though, if you have changed your TikTok account to one of these accounts, it does not mean that all your TikTok videos will be For Your Page.

You may get analytics and insights to help drive your TikTok strategy on Creator or Business accounts. Understanding who your audience is and what material they like while they are engaged in the app is important to creating and engaging with contents that they like.


It is critical to identify existing communities with whom to interact on all social media platforms. However, because of the nature of the TikTok algorithm, this is an even more critical stage in the app’s operation.

If you can connect into an existing community—or subculture—you have a better chance of being heard by the appropriate people. Fortunately, subcultures of TikTok have formed around hashtags.

Being aware of your most valued subculture may also assist you in producing material that resonates genuinely with TikTokers, thus increasing your reputation and brand loyalty, as well as increasing your visibility. One of the subcultures that you can find on TikTok is BookTok.

First Moments

TikTok travels at breakneck speed. This is not the platform on which you should provide an introduction before getting into the body of your video. Your video’s hook must compel viewers to stop scrolling and watch the rest of the TikTok video.

In the opening few seconds of your TikTok, grab the viewer’s attention and demonstrate the importance of watching.

Despite the fact that this statistic originates from TikTok advertisements, it is worth considering for your organic content as well: TikTok videos that began with a strong emotion, such as surprise, had a 1.7x increase in views compared to those that began with a neutral expression.


You have a total of 150 characters for your TikTok caption, including hashtags, which is limited. However, there is no justification for ignoring this valuable real estate.

An excellent caption explains to TikTok viewers why they should watch your video, which improves the engagement and video completion ranking signals sent to the algorithm, resulting in higher video completion ranking signals.

Use your caption to pique people’s interest, or pose a question that will spark a discussion in the comments section.

High Quality Videos

You don’t need any expensive equipment to create genuine video; in fact, your smartphone is the most effective instrument for the job. However, excellent lighting, a strong microphone (if at all feasible), and some fast cuts are required to keep the material flowing. TikTok may range in length from 5 seconds to 3 minutes, but keep them between 12 and 15 seconds in length to keep your viewers interested.

You must shoot in the 9:16 vertical aspect ratio. Those filmed vertically have a 25 percent greater six-second watch-through rate on average than videos shot horizontally. This makes sense since they take up a disproportionate amount of screen real space.

Make your videos so that they may be played with the sound on. Sound is “important” for the TikTok platform, according to 88 percent of its users. The greatest view-through rate is achieved by songs that are fast-paced and play at 120 or more beats per minute. Also, make advantage of the built-in elements of TikTok, such as the effects and text treatments. 

Right Time, Right Audience

Active content interaction is a crucial indicator for the algorithm. Therefore, you must post your TikTok contents at the right time. You can check the Tiktok timezone. But how?

You can check by tapping on Business Suites, then Analytics.

Engagement with Other TikTok Users

TikTok provides several unique methods of interacting with other producers of TikTok, such as duets, stitches and video answers. Stitch is a tool to cut and merge moments from the contents of other TikTokers into your own.

Have you ever watched Gordon Ramsay’s TikTok videos commenting on other TikTok users making their food? Yes, that is how you can increase your TikTok views through TikTok feature duet. 

You got some nasty comments on your TikTok videos? And you need to address the issues to your TikTok views? Easy, you can use TikTok feature Video Replies. Comments video answers allow you to generate new video content based on comments or queries about your past articles.

The default TikTok settings enable other people to make duets and Stitch videos using your material. If you wish to modify this for a particular video, touch the three-point video symbol to enter Privacy Settings and update it as necessary.

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You may also disable the functionality of your whole account, but this would restrict other TikTok users’ ability to interact with your material and reduce their potential for discovery.


If you notice, many TikTok users use hashtags in their video description. By using a hashtag, it can elevate your chance to be on For Your Page. Make use of hashtag #ForYourPage, #fypp, #ForYourPageMalaysia, or #fypMalaysia, hashtag fyp Tik Tok, #Malaysia Tik Tok or hashtag TikTok viral.

You also can use trending hashtags that you can find on Discover Page. Make sure that you keep an eye on the difficulties of hashtags. The difficulties of Hashtag are a fantastic method to develop fresh ideas for content while delivering some positive trend feelings on the algorithm.

Trending Sounds, Music, Effects, and Filters.

Make use of every trending sound, music, effects, and filters that you can find on Discover Page. 

That is why every time you scroll your For Your Page, there are many videos that use the same sound, music, effect or filters. But, some of the features you have to use tiktok malaysia apk such as filters. 

TikTok is a New Way For You to Advertise

Watching TikTok videos on For Your Page can be very addicting. TikTok is a great platform for businesses. TikTok can be a platform for you to advertise your products and create brand awareness. Bonus point, if you know how to edit videos by using other software, you can make your videos look beautiful and high quality.

There is nothing wrong with using TikTok as a way for you to find potential customers. There are many TikTok Ads that appear on your For Your Page that are way more nice than the ones we see on television.

For a better understanding of how TikTok algorithms work, you can check the WSJ TikTok algorithm on Youtube. You can also search on the trending hashtag by searching for TikTok algorithm August 2020 or TikTok algorithm December 2020. 

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