TikTok truly had its moment in the spotlight in 2020, and it shows no signs of slowing down as we head towards 2021. YouTube is gearing up for another year of pandemonium, with a slew of new and old songs destined to rocket to the top of the charts thanks to dance challenges, viral songs, memes, and everything in between.

In 2020, artists such as Doja Cat, Megan Thee Stallion, and even historical bands such as Fleetwood Mac experienced tremendous growth in popularity among Generation Z. Songs like Coldplay’s ‘Viva La Vida’ and Cardi B’s ‘WAP’ were transformed into sounds that took on a life of their own on the site, and remixes of popular songs were also a hit. Which songs, however, will be given the TikTok treatment in 2021?

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What Song is Trending on TikTok 2021?

Here are 16 songs that are trending on TikTok that you can use.

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‘Here Comes The Boy’ is a song by June Banoon and Felix Gabriel

originally performed by @june banoon in the context of a cat strolling along the street, Felix Gabriel embellished the song with a light piano accompaniment. People are now utilizing it to find their own pets, partners, celebrity crushes, and anything else they can think of!

‘I’m A Survivor,’ says Reba McEntire.

Thousands of TikTokers are using Reba’s song as a soundtrack for their own lives or the lives of their friends. Some of the captions include “the friend who gets everyone’s order and tells the waitress,” “when my family leaves me home alone for two days and I get to pretend I own my own house,” and “the friend who gets everyone’s order and tells the waitress.”

‘Bezos I’ by Bo Burnham Bo Burnham 

Netflix special Inside has produced a lot of viral trends on TikTok, including this one. User videos in which they describe the manner in which they either made or scammed money from others have gone viral as a result of the popularity of this particular song about Jeff Bezos.

Bo Burnham is known as the “White Woman’s Instagram.”

Another song from the album Inside. Some TikTok users are demonstrating Bo’s argument by playing the song in the background of a slideshow of photographs from the Instagram grids of prominent white female influencers, as shown below.

‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ by Malia J 

The Nirvana cover, which was featured in the opening credits of Black Widow, has become popular on TikTok, with Marvel fans incorporating it in their films to promote the flick.

‘No Me Diga’ is a song From In The Heights

Once again, a song from the In The Heights soundtrack has gone viral on the internet. People who use TikTok are incorporating the “Bueno, you didn’t hear this from me, but some little birdy told me…” section of the song into a trend in which they tell their friends a huge secret without revealing what the secret is, and then record their reactions without divulging what the secret is.

‘Blackout’ is a song by Anthony Ramos and Melissa Barrero 

On TikTok, the duet between Usnavi and Vanessa from the film In the Heights has become something of a meme, with fans either playing both sections of the song alone or with a companion.

‘Time Moves Slow’ is the Theme Song

By now, you’ve most likely all heard about the Adult Swim trend that has taken over TikTok. The music featured in those videos is a self-produced beat by user @supvano, which samples BADBADNOTGOOD’s ‘Time Moves Slow’ and is a sample of BADBADNOTGOOD.

‘Happier’ is a song by Olivia Rodrigo

Have a lot of people chopping and slicing cucumbers with a big knife while Olivia’s melancholy bop is playing in the background? Is your FYP overrun with people doing this? The trend is geared against people’s ex-partners who have gone on to a new relationship, and you can probably predict what happens after that…

The Backyardigans’ song “Into the Thick Of It” 

If you’ve spent any time on TikTok in the last several weeks, you’re probably already familiar with this hit song. Users have started remixing the track, dancing to it, and singing along to it.

‘International Super Spy’ by the Backyardigans

TikTok users have been using the lyrics to events in their own life and divulging secrets about themselves when the “super spy”.

‘Castaways’ is a song by The Backyardigans

This banger soared to the top of the Spotify Viral Chart in the United States in mid-May, thanks to TikTok. What an influence they have!

Venom is a song by Lil Simz

This music fits perfectly in hand with the ‘Women/Venom’ tattoos that have been popping up all over the place recently. Several other artists have also used it as a transition song.

Song by Lady Gaga, titled ‘Love Game (Remix)’

From the moment you hear this song on the FYP, you’ll have a pretty good idea of what the video is going to be. The remix is being used in conjunction with the ‘Versailles Run’ filter by TikTokers. DrewStevens created the remix, which can be seen on YouTube.

‘Good for you,’ says Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo’s break-up hymn is just as popular on TikTok as her debut single ‘Drivers Licence,’ with fans replicating the music video and shouting the lyrics out loud amongst themselves.

Russ Millions and Tion Wayne collaborate on Body 2, which features Arrdee, 3x3E1 & ZT, Bugzy Malone, Darkoo, and Buni. You’re probably already familiar with the words to this one. The song ‘Adeola want to roll with a geezer’ is currently being used in transition edits all over TikTok, which is a good thing.

‘Please Don’t Go,’ says Mike Posner.

When the chorus of this summer-vibes single comes on, TikTokers begin driving normally in their automobiles, then immediately change into headscarves and sunglasses.

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What is the Most Used Song on TikTok?

“The community’s enthusiasm for new songs by musicians such as Drake and Billie Eilish is reflected in the following list of the 10 fastest songs to reach 1 billion video views, but some of the year’s biggest viral hits came from unexpected places. 

Tracks by musicians like Popp Hunna and WhoHeem, who were previously unknown, are included on the list, which includes rap hits by regional stars like Detroit’s Sada Baby and Houston’s BeatKing, as well as songs by artists like Detroit’s Sada Baby and Houston’s BeatKing who were previously unknown.”

Indeed, like Vine before it, a TikTok fad has the potential to enhance sales while also drawing attention to the work of artists. That demonstrates TikTok’s ability to have an impact, and it’s worth noting the most recent in-app trends in order to have a better sense of what people are listening to and how they’re responding.

That’s also worth mentioning because it could inform your approach to the platform if you’re going to make the switch in 2021, which would be beneficial. TikTok also claims that it has helped to raise the profile of numerous up-and-coming acts through the use of video snippets, as well as increased awareness of older, classic albums and artists among a new generation of customers (like Fleetwood Mac).

Music is unquestionably important on the platform, and once again, if you’re considering including TikTok as part of your digital marketing strategy, it’s important to be aware of these crucial themes.

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