If you want to have your own business,  you can try to search for small business ideas from home to adopt. In this article, we will discuss small business ideas. Let’s check this out!

Introduction to Small Business

A great business needs a long and full preparation as well as its idea. Looking for small business from home ideas is also a good idea if you are a full time mommy or student. Actually there are many small business ideas from home Philippines that you can adopt for your business but before you can apply the ideas, you need to consider several things like your passion, your budget, supplier and so on.

Finding the best small business ideas from home is your task if you want to sell home based business. For your information, home based business means all your business operations will be at your home as well as your business inventory. When you are setting up a business at home, there will be pros and cons. Here are the pros and cons for you.


Here is the pros of having a small business, such as:

  • It is a low-investment business.
  • Able to sell products locally and also internationally.
  • Flexible.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Less risky.
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Here is the cons of having a small business, such as:

  • Have to convert your home space for business.
  • Need to comply with many regulations. 
  • You will handling it alone.

How Does Small Business Differs Itself From Large Business?

There are many small online business ideas from home that you can try. It is better to find unique small business ideas that suit your passion. You might be curious about the difference between small and large businesses. Here are the differences for you.

No Need to Commute or Drive to Work

The best business to start with little money is home business. The first difference is you will not need to commute or drive to work since your office is at home. You also don’t need to wake up early. 

Lower Startup Costs

You don’t have a lot of money when you set up a home business. You can even set up a home business without any capital by doing a dropshipping business. Unlike small businesses, large businesses will need a big capital.

Low Risk

Another benefit when you set up business is less risky. Unlike a large business, it is risky and you need to manage many things such as investment, business processes and so on.

More Freedom and Flexibility 

Another difference between small and large businesses is the freedom and flexibility. When you have a small business, you will be the boss. You can set your business operations and schedule you own so it will be more flexible. Besides that, you will have more freedom too.

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7 Small Business Ideas from Home

Are you looking for small business ideas from home for students? Here are several ideas for small business from home for your reference, such as:

Handmade Products

The first idea for a small business from home that you can try is handmade products. There are several types of handmade products that you can try such as making candles,ribbon, creating jewelry, knit blankets or clothes and many more.

Before deciding to set up a handmade products business, make sure you have a compatibility for it. Just choose what your passion is. Then you can choose whether you want to sell it through the best marketplace or through social media.

Dropshipping Business From Home

Another small business ideas from home for ladies is dropshipping business. In this business, you will not need to have storage to keep your product stocks because dropshipping works by sending the products directly to customers. You just need a small cost here.

Dropshipping is one of the popular businesses nowadays. You can find examples of business products by doing a market search. Dropshipping is a business model that lets you buy the products from a supplier and ship it directly to the customer when there is an order.

Print On Demand

Print on demand is a good business for online clothing retailers. This business is perfect for artists and designers. Besides that, print on demand business work to produce tote bags or T-shirts with your own creation and design. Here are several things that you can do for print on demand business, such as:

  • Apparel: T-shirts,leggings, jackets and so on.
  • Footwear: Sandals, sneakers, boots.
  • Accessories: Jewelry, phone covers, bottles, stationery, notebooks.
  • Homeware: Blankets, towels, migs, bedsheets.
  • Art : Stickers, posters, wall hanging.
  • Electronics: Speakers, headphones and so on.

Purchase Products in Bulk and Sell Them Online

Another small business idea is purchasing a bulk of products and selling them online. You can search what products are booming and many people are looking for them. When you are buying things in bulk, you can get a cheaper price and sell it at a higher price. That’s why you can get a profit.

Sell Digital Products Online

In this new era, digital products are really important. This means selling a digital product is a great opportunity for those who want to earn extra money.

Online Selling

Another business opportunity example is online business. Online business is a new trend because you can get money without needing to find a location and setting up your stores. You can sell your business by just selling it through a popular marketplace.

Photography Business

If you have good photography skills, you can make it your business. You can offer a photography business in important events such as weddings, birthday parties, family shoots or any other important events

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There are many small business ideas from home that you can adopt for your own business but before you can apply the ideas, you need to consider several things first. Once you have decided what business you want to set up, don’t forget to promote it using social media marketing.

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