Real-time search and real-time keyword research are now offered by seemingly innumerable organizations. And there’s no shortage of individuals quoting Google’s own promises to address the situation. However, what does real-time search truly mean? This post will help you better grasp it and how you, too, may use it to your own benefit.

What is a Real Time Keyword?

It’s a term used to describe browsing content that is updated in real time. In other words, material that is published almost immediately after it is written. When you take a picture, you share it with the world instantly. You think of something, tap it out on Twitter instantaneously, and your tweet gets disseminated almost immediately.

Moreover, using real-time keyword research, you may learn more about the language your target clients use when they search for your offerings. The next step is to analyze, compare, and prioritize the best keywords for your website.

As one of the few ways to discover what people are searching for, it is critical. Be aware of what people are searching for in order to avoid generating information that is irrelevant to their needs. That’s a common mistake made by many website owners, and it’s certainly a major factor in the fact that 90% of pages on the internet receive no traffic on Google.

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Do Search Engines Run Your Search Real Time?

Yes it does! Examples of search engines that do include Google Trends, Google Insights for Search, Bing xRank, and Surchur.

Google Trends

On Google Trends, several search keywords can be trended on a graph to highlight seasonality in search trends and compare terms on a global, country, and regional level.

Using Google Trends, you can see the top 20 trending search phrases based on the percentage change in Google search volume compared to the traffic patterns of previous years. Google has prepared a list of the most popular subjects trending on major social networking sites (Twitter, FriendFeed, etc).

Google Insights for Search

There is also “Google Insights” . For example, you can use this tool to narrow down your search results by region, date range, and even the type of data source you’re looking for. It can show worldwide search trending of certain keywords for specific places and specific times.

Bing xRank

With their xRank tool, Bing has likewise tried to solve the problem of categorization while also providing real-time data online. It can show data on individuals like celebrities, musicians, politicians, and bloggers in an area at any given time.

The platform displays a four-week rolling graph, complete with major events and relevant data, when a user clicks on a phrase (e.g., biographical snippet, images, videos).


In order to discover the most popular terms and subjects being discussed, Surchur aggregates trending data from several sources like Google Trends, Yahoo! Buzz, Twitter, Technorati, Bing xRank and CNN.

When you use Surchur, you can drill down into specific topics to see what’s being said and where it’s being said across a variety of media outlets that are being watched.

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How Can I Check My Google Ranking?

In this section of the article, you’ll learn how Google’s ranking works and how you can check the ranking of your own sites all on your own.

What is a Ranking Position on Google?

Every word or phrase you type into the Google Search box (your key term) is matched to its index of web pages to get an ‘organic’ search result. Google presents these results as a list of websites ranked according to relevance. Since Google bases its ranking on relevance, the first organic result you see will always be the most relevant to your search. 

If a web page appears at the top of a search engine results page for a given keyword, it is referred to as having a high ranking or being ranked first. To put it another way, 37th in this list of search results indicates a ranking position of 37. Paid advertising and non-traditional organic results (such as maps) are not usually included in search results that are referred to as “organic” (Google Ads).

How to Check Google Ranking?

In order to check your Google ranking, you simply need to use the Google search console. First, you need to sign-in using a google account on the platform. From there, you’ll need to search for and click on the name of the websites. If your site is not shown here though, simply click “Add Site” then add your website’s information there. Lastly, you need to click on “Performance” on the left-hand sidebar and you’ll see all the performance of your site.

Once you’ve got that all figured out you can study and work to improve your site’s Google ranking quickly and easily.

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