What is a paid search ad? Paid search ad is one types of the most popular forms of PPC ads which use an auction based to rank your ad. You can use Google and Yahoo to advertise your ads. What is the advantage of using search engines for your business? Are you curious? In this article, we are going to talk about paid search engine marketing advantages and how it can help your business. Are you ready? Let’s check this out!

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What Is Paid Search Ad?

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Do you know what is paid search advertising and when to use paid search advertising? Paid Search ads is one of the most popular forms of pay per click or also known as PPC advertising. This PPC advertising is using an auction based. The examples of this search engine result pages such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

If you are wondering how often your ads will appear or how your paid search conversion is. it will depend on your bid and quality score. That’s why you need to pay more attention to them. For bid, you can set the maximum amount you want to spend on the campaign and connect it to the post click landing page. And for quality score, it can change over time based on several factors like how many users click on your ads.

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What Are Included In The Paid Search Ad?

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After you know what is paid search ad, you might be curious about the pros and cons of paid advertising  and its effect to your business. But before we go talk about the benefit of search engine marketing sem. You need to fulfill the requirements of paid search ads. As you know, Paid Search Ad is the example of online marketing sem which has four main components  such as:

  • Headline – The ad headline or also known as title is the most noticeable part in the ads. Make sure to make the headline which can describe your ad well. Try to use the relevant keyword to your headlines too.
  • Display URL – Display URL is the sem marketing which can show your website address directly underneath the headline which is the domain from your final URL. Display URL might contain up to 35 characters.
  • Description Text  – Description text will help to highlight the most important details about your product’s service and why the users have to click to your ads. You can insert up to 80 characters of description text in Google and up to 150characters of description text in Yahoo.
  • Ad Extensions – Ad Extension will effectively allow your ad to take up more space in the result list which is a big deal and one of the benefits of paid search advertising. You can add and provide all your ads information in this part such as location, phone number and other additional links and information.

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What Are The Advantages Of Paid Search Marketing?

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You might find many disadvantages of paid search advertising but it doesn’t mean there is no advantages of search engine. So what are the advantages of paid search marketing? Here are search engine advertising benefits you need to know

More Visibility 

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By using paid search marketing, your brand might get the top search result immediately. Whether you are a startup business that is trying to build your online presence or a large business organization that wants to keep the existing brand reputation, paid ads can be the perfect solution.

More Traffic 

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Traffic is one of the challenges of search advertising because you need to wait to see the bump of your traffic. This usually happens for the new business buy by using paid ads marketing, you can get more traffic.

Highly Interested Prospects

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You can get the specific target who is interested in your ads in paid ads marketing. By using paid ads marketing, you can find the one who is interested in evaluating your products or service ad mentioned in your ads.

Detailed Analytics

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You can do the detailed analytics in paid ads, you can let the user know and learn about your ads. Here are some of the most useful analytics include:

  • Where a prospect is geographically located
  • What type of device they are using to search
  • What pages they visited on your site
  • How much time they spent on your site

Increase Brand Awareness 

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Google search ads allow advertisers to expose their brands. These paid search ads will give you a big impact on your business which increases your brand awareness because it often appears on top of Google search.

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Create Geo Targeted Search Ads

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You can target people based on their location in paid ads. You can advertise your brand in several countries as you wish.

Manage Ads Easily 

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You can create and manage your ads easily and quickly with paid ads marketing. You can run and stop at any time. You can also set a budget for your ads.

Appear On Competitors’ Related Keyword

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If you have the same keyword with your competitor, it can make your ads appear on the competitors’ keyword. That’s why you need to see your competitor’s keyword before making your related keyword.

Measure Your Performance

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You can test and measure your ad’s performance when using the paid ads. You can see and access data of your ads performance such as impressions, clicks, CTR, etc.

Pay Only Per Action 

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Besides you can increase your brand awareness, you don’t need to worry about the fee because you only pay for each click to your ads.

How Can Paid Search Engine Marketing Help Your Business?

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Now you know the advantages of organic search already. So how can these paid ads help your business? Search Engine Marketing helps your business by increasing your conversion rates which can help you get and increase your brand awareness, leads and sales. It also can help you to increase the effectiveness of your ads.


For those who want to increase their brand awareness, you can try to use paid search marketing. There’s no denying that paid search advertising is a great strategy to generate brand awareness, leads and sales of your business products. So what are you waiting for? Try to use paid search advertising and how it affects your business.

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