People might have looked at you enviously and possibly oddly a few years ago if you mentioned that you work from home working on an online franchise business in the Philippines, as if they imagined you wearing your PJs all day while watching daytime TV. 

Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything. People have discovered the true value of working from home in the face of stay-at-home orders and social distancing rules. So, if you’re looking for a change of pace, a home-based franchise could be the answer.

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Working from home is a luxury for some, but it is a necessity for others. And, as life resumes, many of us are returning to work.

But, if you think back to “before times,” you probably remember that not everything in your working life was perfect. And suddenly working from home seems a lot more appealing.

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Can You Franchise an Online Business?

Restaurants and retail stores aren’t the only types of franchises available. Home-based franchises are excellent business opportunities that cover a wide range of business types – ideal for those of us who prefer to work from home.

Some of the most well-known and successful home-based franchises are:

  • Tutoring and education.
  • Home care for seniors.
  • Janitorial and cleaning services.
  • Management and financial advice.
  • Marketing.
  • Online shops.
  • Services provided at home (anything from painting & decorating to garden landscaping).

So, if the prospect of returning to the office fills you with dread, perhaps it’s time to consider how you might earn a living from a home-based franchise.

Online franchise opportunities, like other types of franchises, can be diverse. Many experts advise prospective franchisees to carefully consider their skills and interests, as well as the amount of time they can devote to running an online franchise versus the amount of time recommended for the opportunity they are considering. 

You should also investigate the franchise company’s history, ask questions about its financial and credit standing, and speak with current franchisees to learn whether they are having success with the franchise.

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What Franchise Is the Cheapest to Start?

As previously stated, any business, including franchises, requires startup collateral. Home-based franchises require an initial investment of $5,000 to $100,000. Of course, most people do not have that kind of cash on hand, which is where banks and moneylenders come in. Here is a list of the best online franchise in the Philippines which are cheapest to start.

IRIS Environmental Laboratories

IRIS Environmental Laboratories is a game-changing investment opportunity. Join our rapidly expanding IRIS Environmental Laboratories franchise! Asbestos and mold inspection specialists.

Minimum cash needed: $30,000

Cruise Planners

Do you want to own a travel company? Then consider Cruise Planners, an American Express franchise representative and one of the most well-known cruise planning companies in the country. The added benefit is that you can run your Cruise Planners franchise from home, making the initial investment in this opportunity among the lowest in the market. You can start home based franchises under 10k with Cruise Planners.

The initial investment ranges from $2,095 to $23,367. The franchise fee is $10,995.

ClaimTek Systems

ClaimTek is the industry’s most trusted Medical/Dental Billing business opportunity. Over the last 25 years, they have been the only company with expertise in billing, software development, and business development. Start your own medical billing and practice management business. You will never go back!

Minimum cash needed: $25,000

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What Franchise Makes the Most Money?

Here is a list of online franchise business Philippines that make the most money for you. 

SiteSwan Website Builder

With SiteSwan, you can start your own home-based website design business. They have everything you require. No prior experience is required!

The minimum cash required is $149.

United Water Restoration Group

UWRG franchisees embark on a career path with limitless opportunities for personal, professional, and financial growth by providing critical restoration services to property owners in their time of need.

Minimum cash needed: $50,000

Online Personal Loans

How do you apply for a loan for your franchise? You can apply for a personal loan online and have the money in your bank account the next day.

There are far too many lending companies with online applications, but you must carefully examine each one. If you obtain a loan from a registered lender and establish a good borrowing reputation, this direct lender will be more willing to provide you with better loan terms in the future. And it gets even better!

Most registered online lenders do not require collateral or a co-maker. This expedites the loan process. You will receive your money when you need it the most.

3 Ideas to Use Ginee CRM Help for Online Franchise Business Owner

Here are the best online franchise business ideas to use Ginee CRM. 

All Dry Services

All Dry has set the gold standard in restoration and cleanup services for homeowners since 2014. Their mission is to assist property owners in returning their property to normalcy following unexpected and unfortunate events that necessitate restoration and cleanup.

Minimum cash needed: $75,000


Join the World’s Leading Computer Service Company! Create a Future with the Computer Service Industry’s Forefathers! Ride the technological wave and become a part of one of the nation’s fastest growing proven technology franchise models!

Minimum cash needed: $80,000

Tutor Doctor

Join the World’s Number One Tutoring Franchise! Low initial outlay. Complete training. You can work from home! 

While Tutor Doctor has grown at an unprecedented rate each year, the commitment to the core philosophy—every child can learn, but not every child learns in the same way—remains the source of the company’s success.

Furthermore, because they do not construct brick and mortar classrooms for students to sit in, their in-home tutoring franchises are among the most profitable you will find.

Minimum cash needed: $50,000.


Running an online franchise provides a business owner with a well-supported network of franchisees at a significantly lower cost. The low initial investment and other benefits attract new franchisees on a daily basis, making online franchises a growing trend.

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