Managing business during global pandemic might be confusing. Do you want to know how to manage business during a global pandemic? Let’s read this article!

How Is Pandemic Affecting Business Nowadays?

The pandemic has spread worldwidely. Those who are having business during pandemic might be stressed thinking about how the business can’t work because of this COVID-19 pandemic situation. For your information, 73% of business companies have a negative effect on their business. This percentage is based on a BDC survey.

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In this pandemic situation, having cash is really important. It is because banks also get affected due to this pandemic situation. Many companies can’t stay in this situation and go bankrupt. That’s why managing a global pandemic is the thing you need to do. You can create a detailed business plan and also your financial cash flow to help your ongoing business operation.

All people are forced to adapt in this global pandemic situation. Not only people, business companies also need to adapt. You have to keep your business healthy and secure. The question is how do large corporations can help during health crisis? Large corporations can help during this pandemic situation by distributing masks, hand soap, and sanitizer to their customers as well as other netizens.

Here are the things you need to do when a pandemic is affecting.

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Keep Your Business Health and Security

To keep your business healthy and secure, you need to pay attention to your employee health. You can ask them to do safe distance practice or work from home. By asking your employees to work from home, you can maintain the social distance and minimize human contact.

Prepare a Communication Plan

How can one respond effectively to a business enterprise? Communication is the solution. Since there will be a social distancing that affects your communication, you have to prepare your communication plan to your employees, customers and also suppliers. Make sure that you make a clear communication so that there will be no mislead.

Reach Out to Customers

As your business will be different from before due to the pandemic situation, you need to make business changes too. You can make a new business plan to observe the new business trends that impact your financial, cash flow, and also the business flow.

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5 Tips to Manage Business during Global Pandemic

Managing business global pandemic might be challenging. Here are the business strategy 2022 you can follow, such as:

Be Strategic about Your Digital Marketing Efforts

The first thing you need to do to manage business during a global pandemic is by being strategic about your digital marketing efforts even though there are many digital marketing channels nowadays like social media marketing, email newsletters and blogs that are low cost or even free. The reason your business has to be strategic is to help your marketing efforts.

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Consider Your Customers’ Perspective When Interacting with Them

Another way to manage your business during the pandemic situation is by considering your customers’ perspective when interacting with them. You can use social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin to help you find out what they want. 

You can consider your customers’ perspective based on their group like gender, age, financial status and many more. You can find out what they consider by thinking on their side like what they need the most, what things they are concerned about, how their financial status and many more.

Brush Up on Your Virtual Selling Skills

In the pandemic situation, many people choose to stay at home to keep the social distancing. This means your offline business might not busy that impact your sales. To increase your sales and solve this matter, you have to do online selling. There are several marketplace thar you can use to sell your products in the Philippines.

If you have never sold things online, you can brush up your virtual selling skills. You can start by learning using digital data like zoom, using the marketplace and other digital matters. You can try to observe what marketplaces are people using the most. If you sell fashion products, you can try to find the best marketplace to sell fashion things online.

When you choose to sell virtually, you need to be proactive and find what things are on trends, what marketplace is the best to sell your product and so on. Don’t forget to make your customer target based on gender, age, location and so on.

Host Virtual Events That Will Interest and Educate Your Audience

You can manage your business in this pandemic situation by hosting virtual events. Before hosting the virtual events, you need to find out the relevant topics to your target customers. Remember to find a topic that is interesting and educate your audience.

Planning to host virtual events is a great way to increase your business value. This helps to reach your customer with no need to go outside. You can try to find the tips to make your webinar stand out and many customers are waiting for.To make your virtual events stand out, you can try to find a good topic with the interactive communication. 

If you have an entertaining budget, you can offer giveaways in the middle of your virtual events. Don’t forget to end your virtual event with a good and clear call to action. By giving a good and clear call to action, it can help to make your customers feel connected to your business products and brand.

Prioritize Authentic, Transparent Communication with Customers and Employees

People will choose the company and business that supported and helped them during this pandemic situation. You can try to create a new customer communication strategy to help you manage your business in this pandemic situation. You have to prioritize authenticity and offer transparent communication with your customers and employees.

You need to consider what your customers want and remember to check what your business expects, your customer wants. You also have to check and fulfill what your customers need too. In this pandemic situation, you have to use good leadership and good teamwork too.


Managing a global pandemic is the thing you need to do. You can create a detailed business plan and also your financial cash flow to help your ongoing business operation. Don’t forget to mention tips above.

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