What is the difference between local SEO vs global SEO? Search engines spark the majority of online experiences. 

Google is often the go-to starting point for asking questions, finding recipes, shopping, or locating food nearby, and organizations who rank first in the search results for these queries earn the most traffic. SEO is the process of improving an organization’s rankings.

However, SEO is often divided into multiple types, including local and global or national. Both local SEO and global SEO use different strategies to achieve a similar purpose prominence on Google.

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What is Local SEO?

Search engine optimization, to put it simply, is the process of increasing both quantity and quality organic traffic to your website. Quality traffic refers to visitors searching for exactly what you offer them, and organic results refers to unpaid content that shows up in search engine results pages (SERPs). 

Ergo, organic traffic refers to site visitors who click on your site from organic search, and SEO is largely the art of increasing organic traffic by making people and search engine robots happy.

Local SEO campaign concentrates on building keyword placement in a particular area. This form of SEO focuses on location based strategies like Google Places, reviews, local listings and directories to build your company’s brand within your area. This type of SEO is great for companies who have brick and mortar offices where they want to direct their customer base.

Local SEO is best for businesses SEO campaign with a target audience in a specific locale. For example, brick-and-mortar companies often pursue local SEO, because their target customer is in their area. A local coffee shop, automotive repair garage, chiropractic practice, or pet grooming salon could fall into this category.

Local SEO means strategies aim to increase search engine rankings for local searches that are relevant to the searcher based on their location. Great rankings boost website traffic and foot traffic.

Three common SERP features for local searches are the map pack, Google My Business cards, and unpaid search listings.

For example, an interior designer in Atlanta won’t benefit from top placement for their industry in the search results in Los Angeles unless they plan on expanding their business to that area.  

Instead of moving their placement outwards, the designer would benefit more from gaining top placement for more keywords in the location where they want their business. Local SEO is a more practical way to build placement in situations like that.

Note: Search competition in your local business area is much lower than competing for high value keywords with online purchasing intent or email marketing local SEO so it’s easier for your business to stand out and perform locally.

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What is Global SEO?

The phrase “global SEO” is often used interchangeably with “national SEO.” However, in the true sense of the word, global SEO requires intensive international optimizations.

In this piece, you will use the term “global SEO” to refer to “national SEO,” SEO that is not limited to a specific location. Truly international strategies  such as copying your website in different languages  will not be covered in this blog.

Not all companies are limited by physical proximity when searching for their customer base. In certain situations, it makes more sense to fight for placement across state and even international borders. National SEO is similar to SEO Global, but focuses solely on improving the rankings of a particular website within the confines of the United States.

A Global SEO campaign attempts to gain topical placement for certain keywords despite location. This type of campaign will often incorporate local SEO tactics, but instead of pushing deeper into local markets will focus on expanding presence outwards. 

This is most practical for companies who are interested in targeting clients outside of the area where they are based.

Global SEO is best for businesses with a national or global target audience. The purpose of global SEO is to improve a business’ online visibility by how to rank nationally SEO for relevant searches.

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Local SEO vs Global SEO

Search engines spark the majority of online experiences. Google is often the go-to starting point for asking questions, finding recipes, shopping, or locating food nearby, and organizations who rank first in the search results for these queries earn the most traffic. SEO is the process of improving an organization’s rankings.

However, SEO is often divided into multiple types, including local and global or national. Both local SEO and global SEO use different strategies to achieve a similar purpose prominence on Google.

So, what’s the difference between organic SEO vs local SEO? Which is best for your business? 

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Local SEO Global SEO
Audience in a specific location. National or global audience.
Location based content is emphasized. Top of funnel content is emphasized.
Important SERP features include the map pack, google my business cards and unpaid organic listings. Important SERP features include unpaid organic listings, people also ask boxes and feature snippets.
Review acquisition is critical. Backlink acquisition is critical.
Name, address and phone number (NAP) consistency across 60+ online directories is a major focus. On page user experience improvements, like load time and website organization is a major focus.

Why Local SEO and Global SEO?

There are two types of search engine optimization. The first one is local SEO and the second is global SEO. As the business owner, you should know what their differences are before choosing the appropriate online marketing strategy. So here are some of the reasons why you should choose local SEO vs global SEO.

Why Local SEO?

Here are some reasons why you choose this strategies for your business :

Local Keyword Research and Implementation

Local keyword searches often include local qualifiers, such as Near Me, Nearby, or In Location. For example, a pizza restaurant in St. Philippines may target best pizza in St.Philippines, pizza by the slice in St.Philippines, or St. Philippinespizza and optimize important website pages for these keywords.

Content Creation

While local SEO strategies may include blog writing, content creation will likely focus on other pages, including location or product pages.

Google My Business Management

GMB management is a significant component of local SEO. Managing includes making sure all business information is accurate, bolstering the GMB profile with Google posts, and customer review acquisition.

Listings Management

Beyond Google My Business, your company’s name, address, and phone number (NAP) are listed in a multitude of places across the web, some you are probably unaware of. In fact, there are 60+ directories. 

Making sure your NAP is accurate in every listing is crucial. Google values NAP consistency, and prospective customers will be able to accurately contact your business wherever they find your information.

Why Global SEO

Global SEO helps businesses rank towards the top of the SERP in the search features that best serve their goals. Why is this important? Because nearly 70% of all clicks go to the first five search result positions. 

Here are some reasons why you choose this strategies for your business :

Keyword Research and Implementation

Keyword research will help define your global SEO strategy, which is why keyword research is often done at the beginning of a campaign. Keyword research identifies the phrases your target audience is really searching for. Once a list of keywords have been identified, these can be used for your on-page optimization and content creation strategies.

Content Creation

Global SEO strategies rely heavily on content creation, from blog posts to product, industry, and location pages. It is the foundation of all modern digital marketing tactics. Content marketing is a marketing strategy that involves creating and sharing relevant and valuable content to attract your target audience and keep them engaged.

Every piece of great content provides an opportunity to rank for one or more keywords and “solicit engagement.” Google notices when websites post consistent, high-quality content.

User Experience Improvements (Load Time, Website Organization and Ease of Use)

SEO is also about user experience. Attracting high-quality traffic to your site is step one. Step two involves urging those website visitors to convert through strategic, intuitive website design. Minimizing load times, organizing your website in an intuitive fashion, and making conversions straightforward are imperative.

Backlink Acquisition

A backlink is a link from one website to another. For example, if my website links to yours, you have received a backlink from me. At RivalMind, we often call backlinks a “vote of confidence” from one site to another.


Before a business even begins to implement a new SEO strategy it is recommended that a specific plan and analysis is completed beforehand. In doing so, you know what kind of SEO you need: local SEO vs global SEO, what location you are targeting, who your target audience is, and what your keywords are. All of these are the key to effective and successful online marketing with SEO.

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