In order to use Shopee, you must first check in to your account, which is frequently associated with a phone number in order to facilitate communication with Shopee staff. 

Furthermore, while checking in with other accounts, if you forget your Shopee account password, it is much faster to get it back by providing your phone number rather than your email address. You can regain your Shopee account password by following the steps outlined in the section below this page.

How Do I Recover My Suspended Shopee Account?

Sellers who have poor account health will be penalized with penalty points on their accounts. Those who have broken Shopee’s policies to a significant degree may suffer account suspension, which refers to the following consequences:

  • Account suspension – All of your listings will be removed from the public domain.
  • Account suspension – You will be unable to access the Shopee App or the Seller Centre.

If you are participating in any of the following activities, your account may be suspended:

  • Empty parcel scam on Shopee Feed and/or Shopee Live that has been committed on multiple occasions
  • Fraud is being brushed off
  • Abuse of promotional opportunities
  • Behavior indicative of a scam

The severity of the infraction determines whether or not your account will be suspended or frozen. Account suspensions and freezes resulting from fraud or severe, persistent offenses may be in effect indefinitely.

If a seller’s account has been frozen as a result of the accumulation of 15 seller penalty points, the account will be frozen for 28 days, with the possibility of an extension if the seller accumulates more penalty points.

Sellers who intend to participate in the Preferred Seller Program will be disqualified if they have a history of account suspensions on their record. Read the following to learn more about Shopee’s policies and guidelines for sellers in order to prevent having your account suspended:

  • Listing policies are outlined below.
  • Policies pertaining to fulfillment
  • Maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction

Making an appeal against a suspension of your account. Sellers can reactivate their accounts by filling out this online form. If you have any more questions, please contact our Customer Service team or your Relationship Manager (if applicable). If your appeal is successful, we will lift the suspension of your account and restore your rights as soon as possible.

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How Can I Recover My Shpee Account Without a Phone Number?

If you are unable to register for a Shopee account using your registered phone number, it is possible that the number has already been registered for another Shopee account. All new users will be required to create a new account. A single phone number can only be associated with a single Shopee account at a time.

For more assistance, please contact our Customer Service Team if you are unable to register using your phone number. The following are some of the most typical reasons why people fail to register for a new Shopee account:

  • It had been registered in Shopee that your mobile number had been used.
  • It had been registered in Shopee with your email address.

If your phone number has been registered in Shopee, please try to recollect your password in order to be able to login rather than using your phone number.

How Can I Recover My Shopee Password?

Before changing your password, make sure that you have validated your email address and mobile number in order to be able to receive a verification code via SMS or email.

If you are not logged in and have forgotten your account password, go to the Login page and click on Forgot? > Forgot your password? *Please provide the phone number associated with your account. next page> Fill in the CAPTCHA code > Enter the Verification Code that was sent to you through SMS > Change your password > OK.

If you are not logged in and have forgotten your account password, go to the Login page and click on Forgot? > Forgot your password? Enter the email address associated with your account* > next page> Fill in the CAPTCHA code > Enter the Verification Code that was sent to you through email > Set a new password and click “OK.”

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Why Can’t I Log Into My Shopee Account?

There are a variety of reasons why unsuccessful login attempts to your Shopee account may occur, including:

The Wrong Password was Entered

Examine your password to ensure that you have entered it correctly. Please see the next section to learn how to reset your password if you have forgotten your password:

A Verification Code That Has Expired

In order to avoid being charged, ensure that you enter the verification code (OTP) sent through SMS to the phone number associated with your Shopee account within the 60-second time restriction. Alternatively, once the time limit has expired, you will have to request a new one be given to you once more.

Note that if you are unable to receive your verification code, learn why you may be experiencing difficulties obtaining OTPs by SMS and how to remedy the problem.

Account with a Limited Number of Transactions

Your account may be restricted for a variety of reasons, including security concerns such as unusual login activity or suspected hacking attempts. Other causes include a violation of Shopee’s policies, among others. In such circumstances, you may file an appeal to have your account reactivated, or you may contact Shopee Customer Service.

Please keep in mind that users who breach Shopee policies may have their accounts permanently suspended. For further information, please refer to our Terms of Service and Community Rules pages.

There are Technical Considerations to Consider

Login errors can occur as a result of technological difficulties on occasion. Make sure that your Shopee App is up to date with the most recent version and that you have a solid internet connection before you begin.

Incorrect Password for Accounts with Third-party Service Providers

Ensure that the account and password for the third-party account you are attempting to connect into are accurate if you are attempting to log in with your Google, Facebook, or Apple account.

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