Keywords play an important role in your landing page. A good keyword will help you to get a higher rank.  You can choose and use keyword searchers based on your budget too and one of the keyword searchers you can use is Google Analytics. How to find top keywords in Google Analytics? In this article, will discuss about how to check keyword ranking in Google Analytics. Read this article to help you solve your Google Analytics search queries. Check these out!

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What Does It Mean By Doing Keyword Research?

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Keyword research is a crucial element of modern SEO. A good quality keyword is one of the most efficient ways to attract consistent traffic to your sites. You can do research keywords or use Google keyword planner to find the best SEO keyword. 

The best SEO keyword research tools will simplify and streamline your SEO workflow. This keyword research  will make it easier to find the right keywords to target and give you the data you need which can also boost up your rank. However, when your keyword research is done poorly, it can affect your ad rank .

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Can I Research Keywords On Google Analytics?

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People are also questioning whether they can search keywords on Google Analytics or not. The answer is yes. You can search, see and track keywords by using Google Analytics. The other question that might be occurs is how to track keywords in Google Analytics. Here are the steps you need to follow to research and track keywords on Google Analytics.

  • Connect to your Google Search Console account to Google Analytics
  • In the Google Analytics, find and choose acquisition, then navigate to search console then queries
  • Sort your keywords by clicks, impressions, click through rate or even average position by clicking on the headings
  • After that, navigate to the Acquisition – Search – Console – Landing Pages report and click on one of your URLs to see what users were searching on Google
  • Then, install the Monsterinsights plugin to see the top 50 search terms any time within your WordPress dashboard.
  • Click the button at the bottom of the report to go to the corresponding Google Analytics report.

If you want to see the keywords at Google ads, you can use Google Search Console. It is the best tool to view the search term that people use to find your sites. Google Search Console is an online marketing tool offered by Google which allows you to monitor and see your website performance in Google search results. And the best is, you can use this Google Search Console for free. 

Google Search Console also helps you to identify the crawl errors, your website speed issues and other technical problems you have in your sites. There are 2 ways you can use to see your Google Search Console data such as :

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View Your Site’s Keywords In WordPress With MonsterInsights

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The first method to find  your Google keyword Analytics is by using MonsterInsights Google Analytics Plug In. This will help you to track your website traffic and the user interaction on your site. It also helps you to understand the keyword report easily.

To get this in your WordPress dashboard, you have to install MonsterInsights and connect it with your Google Analytics account. For your additional information, to access the Search Console report in MonsterInsights, you must authenticate with a Universal Analytics property. The Google Analytics 4 keywords will connect to the Search Console at this time.

Viewing Your Site’s Keywords In Your Search Console Account 

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To see your site’s keyword, you have to go to the Search Console  and sign in your account. After that, you can click on the search results in the menu on your left. After you do that, you can see a graphical representation of your total clicks, impressions, average click through rate (CTR) and position. 

If you want to see the queries table, you can scroll down to see it. You can see the top Google search keywords that people use to find your website there. Beside that, you can also click over to pages, countries, devices, search appearance or dates to see your search data in different ways. 

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How Do I Find The Top Organic Keywords In Google Analytics?

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If you have determined your business, you can improve your landing page performance by bidding on the top performing keywords. Keywords are important and vital. This keyword can help you to reach a higher rank. How to use Google Analytics for keyword research then? You might also be curious on  how to see organic keywords in Google Analytics.  Here is the way to do the Google Analytics keyword tracking.

  • Step 1 : Upload your custom product analysis report in your main Google Analytics view
  • Step 2 : Open the custom report
  • Step 3 : Set the date range of report to the last three months
  • Step 4 : Navigate to the data table which list top landing pages  for your top traffic source
  • Step 5 : Click on the name of your top landing page in the data table
  • Step 6 : Now you might see the list of all the keywords that sent traffic to your landing page.

For your additional information, you must avoid the “not provided keywords issues”. “not provided keywords issues” means a keyword without keyword referral data. If you get or suffer the “not provided keywords issues” in the Google Analytics, your analysis might not work too. If you want to reveal the “not provided keywords issues”, you can try to use the Keyword Here because if you are not using it, you will not get the benefits of using Google Analytics.

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As you know, keywords are an important element in SEO which help you connect the searchers to your site. So, you need to find a good keyword to your websites and A good SEO keyword will need a relevancy, authority and volume to your ads. You can use keyword tools to help you to find a good SEO for your sites.

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