Changing your account information in Lazada Philippines is important to be able to continue selling or even buying. Changing your account information allows Lazada to know your location so that shipping or collecting items will be accurate because of the address you will put into it. 

Your name, contact information, and even messages can also be arranged and fixed in the account information settings in Lazada Philippines. Make sure that you give time to change your account information before you continue your shopping spree or business in Lazada Philippines. This article will help you understand what exactly you need to do. 

What is the Lazada Seller Center?

First and foremost, once you have established a Lazada store, you will need to customize the Lazada Seller Center. When you’re on the go, the Lazada Seller Center mobile application allows you to manage your business. Even when you are not in front of your computer, it is difficult for you to lose out on a business opportunity.

It allows you to add new products, track new orders as they arrive, alter stock counts, revise prices, and evaluate the overall success of your shop all through the use of a mobile device. Mobile applications for both iOS and Android mobile devices, including the Seller Center, are now available to be downloaded.

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How to Update Your Lazada Account Information?

There are different ways to change your account information in Lazada Philippines. You can change your account information via phone using the Lazada App, or via computer using the Lazada Website. Any will do and will have the same effect on your account. It all depends on what means are available to you or which one you find more convenient to do. 

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Change Account Information on Mobile

On the upper right corner of your screen you will see the circle button with the settings icon. You need to click it in order to land on the page where you can edit, change, and reset your account information on Lazada. 

Afterwards, you will land on the Settings page, it will contain Account Information, Address Book, Messages, and Country. You may click on any of these choices depending on what you need to change or what you feel like editing. 

Change Account Information on Website

On the right hand corner of your screen you will see “Name’s Account”. Once you click it a pop-up of options will appear. Click on the first part of the option that says “Manage My Account”. It should lead you to the  page where you can change settings. 

Afterwards, you will now arrive at the page where you can edit your Personal Profile, Address Book containing default shipping address as well as default billing address. You can click on any of these according to what you need to change or edit personally. 

All of these are important information that Lazada needs to know, so make sure that you only put what is accurate and correct. Misleading information may end up hassling you in the future and you want to do your best to avoid that.

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How to Change Lazada Shop Name?

When it comes to selling on Lazada, store names are critical because they serve as the seller’s online persona. The store name should be consistent with the real-world name of your company, as it appears on your physical storefront, website, stationery, and is known to your clients.

Seller Center is now the only place where they can update the shop name.

  1. In the first step, navigate to “My Account> Profile > Seller Account.” 
  2. Second step, Select “Click” Please go here to make changes to your store’s name. to navigate to the store builder page, or the seller can modify the shop name directly from the store builder page.
  3. Third step, Type in the name of the new shop in both Thai and English, and then click Save. The name of the new vendor will be updated instantly.

Shop Name Change Suggestion

The store should be named in such a way that it is easily searchable; thus, we recommend that you limit the store name to 6 words or 50 characters. The store name should be a string of text or alphanumeric characters without any special characters and should be in English or the local language of the appropriate country.

If the seller is not the brand owner, the shop name should not include any registered brand names or existing brand names, as well as any major platform words such as Lazada, Lazmall, LazGlobal, Taobao Collections, Alibaba, and so on. Additionally, sexually suggestive or explicit content should not be included in the shop name (including profanity, offensive slang terms, terms that are related to pedophilia, bestiality, or sexual violence).

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Can I Delete my Lazada Account?

After knowing how to make a Lazada Account, it is natural to know how to deactivate it. You can request that your Lazada account be deactivated by contacting us through the “Chat Now” feature. The Lazada account associated with your email address will be terminated after this is completed. 

You will no longer be able to log in or sign up for a Lazada account using the same email address and phone number; you will no longer have access to your customer profile, which includes your reviews and purchase history; and returns and refunds will not be able to be processed for orders placed using this account. 

Note that your account cannot be cancelled if you have an active order on your account at the time the request is submitted. Please contact us as soon as you have received your order or as soon as you have cancelled your order so that we can assist you further with your request.

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