Following the identification of your target audience and the competition, the next item on your to-do list should be the creation of a marketing mix. How does the marketing mix help a business?

To attract customers, each business requires its own marketing mix. In this article, will be explained marketing mix, marketing mix elements, and how marketing mix helps for your product or service business.

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What Is Marketing Mix in Business?

Marketing mix definition is a collection of actions that a company takes to develop and market its product or service to customers.

It aids in ensuring that you can provide your customers with the right product, at the right time and in the right place, at the right price. Is marketing mix a marketing strategy?

Traditionally, the marketing mix was carried out using the four Ps of marketing strategy; however, three new tools have been added to the mix, making it the marketing mix 7Ps. Businesses use a combination of these marketing mix elements to elicit the desired response from their target audience. How does marketing help a business? It will be explained in the next section.

Elements in Marketing Mix

How does marketing mix help a business to be dynamic? Marketing mix has elements that in the service industry, this model is widely used. It adds three new components to the marketing mix 4P.


A product is a good (such as music players or shoes) or service (such as hotels or airlines) that is offered as a solution to your customer’s needs.

When developing a product, you must consider its life cycle and plan for various challenges that may arise along the way. When a product reaches its final stage (the sales decline phase), it is time to reinvent it in order to regain customer demand.


The price your customer is willing to pay for your product is the next component of the marketing mix strategy. This influences the amount of profit you can make. Consider how much you spent producing your product, the price ranges of your competitors, and the perceived product value when deciding on a price.


This is about the product’s distribution center and the methods used to get it to the customer. It should be easily accessible to the customer wherever it is. For example, if you have a physical store, it should be located in an easily accessible location. If you have a website to market your product, make it user-friendly.


Promotion refers to the methods that a company employs to draw customers’ attention to their product. These include sales promotions, customer service, public relations, and advertising, among other things.

Consider your competitors’ tactics, the channels that are most effective in reaching your customers, and whether they match the perceived value of your product when developing your promotion strategy.

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This refers to the people who are directly related to the product or service – both your customers and employees.

While you must research your target market to determine whether they require the type of product you are offering, you must also hire the right people who are capable of giving it their all to build it.


Systems and processes are critical in developing and delivering a high-quality service to your customers. Make sure your process is free of bottlenecks and blockers to cut down on unnecessary costs associated with service execution.

Process maps can be used to map process steps and analyze them to determine where improvements are needed.

Physical Evidence

Physical evidence is what customers see when they use your product or service. This could include your branding, packaging, the physical environment in which you sell your product, and so on. Make certain that all physical aspects of your product or service adhere to its values.

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How Does the Marketing Mix Help a Business

What does the marketing mix do in the marketing strategy? Your marketing mix serves as a road map for your company’s goals. It keeps you on track while keeping your target market front and center. 

Why is marketing mix important? Your marketing mix will assist you in ensuring that your company markets the right product to the right people at the right price and at the right time. Here is how marketing mix helps the business firms.

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Set a Budget and Define Your Goals

etting the right goals is the first step in developing an effective marketing mix. Determine what you want to achieve with your marketing strategy; is it to increase sales? Obtain more customers? Increase brand awareness?

Determine how much you are willing to spend to achieve your business objectives after you have set realistic and measurable goals. 

Investigate Your Prospective Customer

To create a product or service that your customers will want to buy, you must first understand who they are. Create separate customer profiles for each segment of your target audience. When developing your strategies, keep these in mind.

  • Who is he?
  • How did he find us?
  • Pain points
  • What he wants to know?
  • What he doesn’t want?
  • Why does he buy from us?

Determine Your Differentiating Selling Proposition

Clarify your unique selling proposition through customer surveys, interviews, focus groups, and other means.

In this section, you will identify the benefits your product or service will provide to your customer and how you are superior to others in solving their problems.

Recognize Your Competitors

Conduct a competitor analysis to learn about your competitors’ various strategies and tactics. This information will be especially useful when developing your pricing strategy.

Develop a Pricing Strategy

Create a pricing strategy based on your competitor’s research. Check to see if you have overpriced or underpriced your product.

Select Your Distribution Channels and Promotional Strategies

Choose the distribution channels for your product based on the type of product or service and your target customer. And choose your promotional techniques based on your budget, as well as the customer and your product.


Working through the elements of your company’s individual marketing mix will allow you to develop a strategy that effectively reaches consumers, generates sales, and grows your business.

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