Genie rebrands to Ginee!

Ghandi once said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” Change is inevitable and is needed in the process to become better. This is the case for Ginee. Formerly known as Genie, Ginee has rebranded as it expands and develops its business across Southeast Asia.

Please Welcome: Ginee (Global Intelligence and E-commerce Engine)!

Genie Omnichannel has officially changed its name to Ginee, a shortened version of Global Intelligence and E-commerce Engine. Ginee is an omnichannel-based business platform that aims to enable merchants to manage their online stores in various marketplaces in just one dashboard. So if you’re a seller and feeling overwhelmed with the multiple platforms you need to log in to and navigate in order to run your stores, Ginee is here for you!

Carrying the slogan, “Making Business Smarter”, Ginee has a vision to advance intelligence for a better life by providing fast, fair, transparent and persistent services, and that by always doing the right and valuable things, they are able to produce maximum and impactful results that will be useful in the management of your online business. 

To achieve this vision, Ginee aims to make products, services and opportunities that are affordable and accessible to everyone and every business. Ginee wants its merchants to have an efficient way to manage their business without needing to worry so much about the cost.

What’s the difference between Genie and Ginee?

Although the name has changed, Ginee’s omnichannel approach remains. Ginee is still the original Genie, retaining all its features and services. The rebranding has not changed what the platform has to offer.

Why did Genie change its name to Ginee?

This rebranding step was done as part of Ginee’s commitment to expand its market and develop the business further in Southeast Asia. Ginee aims to enable its users to have a better experience and that the change into a more distinguishable brand will bring more enthusiasm and excitement to everyone!

When was Ginee officially launched?

Ginee is going to be here soon! In the near future, Ginee will officially and fully change its name and website so be ready!

If I want to register to Ginee, where should I go?

If you want to register and try out Ginee, you can just simply go to The registration process remains the same from when the name was still Genie.

Can loyal Genie users still use Ginee?

If you’re an old user, no need to worry! You will be able to operate Ginee in the same way you did when it was still Genie. When you access the old website,, you will automatically be redirected to You will be able to access your account and manage your products and orders similar to before the rebranding.

Where is Ginee located?

Ginee can be found in various countries in Southeast Asia. In the Philippines, the office is located in The Centerpoint Building, Ortigas. However, due to the pandemic, the office is currently closed and not able to accept any visitors. If you wish to contact Ginee, you may do so by clicking the “Ask Ginee” chat button at the bottom of the screen.

Beware of scams using Ginee’s name!

The change from Genie to Ginee does not mean that Ginee is a fraud! This is simply a rebranding and does not in any way compromise your information. Your data is kept safe and Ginee is committed to maintaining the privacy of its users. If you suspect that someone has approached you pretending to be from Ginee, please contact Ginee’s customer service via to report the issue.

Interested and trust Ginee to help you manage and grow your business? Register now at and start your 7-day FREE trial. We hope to see you in Ginee!