Facebook stories can be used to promote your business but you need to make sure that you have great  Facebook story ideas. Are you curious? Let’s check this out!

What are Facebook Stories?

As one the most popular social media,  Facebook is an effective tool to market and promote your business. You can create creative business content and post it on your  Facebook homepage or  Facebook business page story.

What does  Facebook stories mean? So  Facebook stories are photos and video posts which show up on the top of  Facebook news feeds that last for 24 hours only. You can also add the  Facebook story hashtag or caption. As your additional information,  Facebook stories was published in March 2017 that was capitalized based on the success of Instagram stories as well as Snapchat.

Most people use  Facebook to find their old friends or even find their colleagues to keep connected.  Facebook is used as a tool to connect people and also as a media to collect information about many kinds of things. That’s why when you as a business owner use  Facebook to promote your business, you need to make sure that you are giving up to date information to your  Facebook audience.

Here are the tips for  Facebook story ideas for business you need to remember. First, don’t be too corporate and stuffy by keeping posting about your business. Try to mix your business content with other related topics about your business. Give an up to date information and also entertain by giving discount vouchers or giveaways. You can also add your product link so that they can do a  Facebook story swipe up link.

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Why are Facebook Stories So Great for Businesses?

Before we discuss how to add link to  Facebook story and  Facebook my day video length, let’s discuss the benefits you will get when promoting your business by using the Facebook story effects. So as mentioned above,  Facebook stories are modeled like Instagram stories and Snapchat which are placed at the top of your  Facebook newsfeed. You are allowed to put on  Facebook my day stickers too.

Facebook stories are really effective to share ideas, content and also any information without needing to make a  Facebook status. You just post a photo and video on your  Facebook stories.  Some people also add the  Facebook my day effects to make the  Facebook story look more beautiful. You are also able to reply to all the queries or comments by the audience. This really helps to know your audience better.

The benefits of sharing your product information by using  Facebook stories is you will get more opportunity to engage with many audiences worldwide, help to drive more traffic and clicks to your websites, increase your brand awareness and product visibility, and also promote the time sensitive deals. 

Other benefits you will get is you can connect your Instagram stories to  Facebook stories. All you need is to look at your Instagram and  Facebook story settings and click on “Share Your Story to  Facebook- Automatically share photos and videos from your story to your  Facebook story”.

15  Facebook Story Ideas for Businesses

What is the best Facebook story video? The  Facebook story is not too corporate and offers up to date information. Are you looking for Facebook story examples ideas? Here are 15  Facebook story ideas for your business reference.

Share a Quote Related to Your Business

The first idea you can try is by sharing a quote that is related to your business. It can be an inspirational or wisdom quote. You can also find other quotes that are related to your business.

Advertise Your Email Newsletter

The audience might follow your  Facebook account but it doesn’t mean that they are also subscribing to your email newsletter. You can also promote your business by posting your newsletter and adding the link that can direct them to your email newsletter.

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Send Traffic To a New Blog Post

You can get more traffic by making a new blog post. The tip is that after posting a  Facebook story, you have to highlight your stories.

Highlight Your Daily Specials

Inform the audience about your business deals promotion in the  Facebook stories. Try to highlight the special deals you offer each day in a week.

Increase Sales

If you want to increase your sales, you can share the cashback voucher code in the  Facebook stories. Then you will see how your sales will increase which will help your product visibility too.

Celebrate a National Holiday

There are several national holidays in a year like Chinese New Year, Christmas, Mother’s Day and many more. You can celebrate it together with your audience by sharing a warm post and wishes about the national days.

Promote an Event

Another idea you can try is by sharing and promoting your upcoming product or event like sale, new release product, in store event, conference and many more.

Employee Take Over

Let your audience know who is behind your business and brand. This will make your employees feel more respected.

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Highlight a Client

Post and highlight the client that has used your business product or services. You can add their review in the photos too. Don’t forget to ask the client to take a picture with your product.

Showcase Your Product/Services

You can share anything in your  Facebook stories. You can post the existing, pre launched and new products and services.

Share a Joke

Don’t keep sharing your business. Take a break and share a joke with your audience because everybody needs entertainment. 

Business Bingo

Besides sharing jokes, you can ask your audience to play games with you. Business bingo can be one of them. You can let your audience check tasks that are related to your business.

Run a Contest

Besides, ask your customer to play games with you. You can also run a contest or giveaways on your  Facebook stories. It will help to increase the engagement rate.

Behind The Scenes

Show your audiences behind the scenes progress when you are preparing for an event or releasing new products so they will understand the progress.

Special Announcements

You can also share the special announcements about your product business in the  Facebook stories too like moving to new stores, launching new products and many more.

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Facebook stories are photos and video posts which show up on the top of  Facebook news feeds that last for 24 hours only. You can also add the Facebook story hashtag or caption.

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