Starting to prepare your company for the holiday season can never be too early in the year. As the days become shorter and sweater weather becomes more prevalent, everyone appears to be thinking at the same time, ‘wow, it’s that late in the year already?!’ Furthermore, this is the most advantageous time of year to begin developing your Christmas marketing strategy. 

As a result, you must have your marketing strategy established and prepared by the end of September in order to get your product in front of the early adopters. If you want to start an online business now, you should take note of these strategies too.

10 Marketing Strategies for Christmas

Learn some lesser-known Christmas marketing concepts, holiday promotion ideas for both retail and e-commerce, and how to keep the sales coming into the next year in this article.

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Stock Up on Popular Products

This one is rather straightforward, yet you’d be shocked how often it comes up in conversation. The best-selling and most popular product on your shelf will be the first to sell out. However, you must be absolutely confident that it will not run out! If you have to email your clients and explain that you don’t actually have the thing that they purchased, your 

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The Christmas campaign will come to a grinding halt. Increase your efforts in this area and use your inventory data to create a sense of urgency.

PR is Important

Obviously, if you’ve recently introduced a new product, you’ll be eager to get it out into the marketplace. And you can accomplish this by engaging in some good ol’ public relations outreach.

You should write even the most basic of press releases and distribute them to relevant internet sources that cater to your target demographic. Consider sending your press release to gaming websites such as ThinkGeek, IGN, Kotaku, and GreenManGaming if your target demographic is gamers.

For these websites, as the Holiday season approaches, they will want to provide material that is relevant to their clients’ needs. That content might very well be a ‘gift guide for gamers,’ among other things. This is the ideal location for your goods!

Make Use of Email Marketing

For any ecommerce firm, as well as brick and mortar retail stores, email marketing is a critical component of their marketing strategy. To generate traffic to your existing promotional initiatives throughout the Christmas season, consider employing email marketing as a means of driving your email list to existing promotional campaigns. 

Send an email to your mailing list, for example, in which you promote your new interactive digital catalogue. Send out an email announcing your flash sale, and direct all traffic to your Instagram page, where you’ve posted a discount coupon to encourage people to shop.Remember that any picture you use in your holiday email marketing should be modified to reflect the fact that you are fully immersed in the Christmas spirit!

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Advertise Functionality

The most successful businesses in the world are those that demonstrate how their products improve the quality of life of their customers. Because a microwave eliminates the need to heat soup in a saucepan, it saves you time and effort.

Demonstrating how your products address problems is a terrific approach to demonstrate how they work. In the next image, you can see how this multi-tool available on Shopee and Lazada accomplishes just that task.

They make use of pictures to demonstrate how this gadget’s functions are put to use and how it solves difficulties. First, the screwdriver feature of the pen is used to solve a problem – a loose screw – and then the ruler that is printed on the side of the pen is used to measure a component in a blueprint that was created with the pen.

Free Shipping Works

Today’s buyers have come to anticipate free shipping. It doesn’t matter if it’s a modest bottle of beard oil or a kitchen bench; free delivery is an incentive that many people look forward to in 2019, particularly during the holiday shopping season. However, you may need to change your pricing in order to cover the cost of postage.

But don’t be concerned. When your customer sees the phrases “free worldwide shipping,” they are more likely to overlook the modest increase in price you have made. You can look into the 20 Best Delivery Services in the Philippines to make this more effective.

Use Bundled Items

Interested in stepping up the ante on the gift guide? Consider combining some of your most popular things into a single package. When you purchase a pair of headphones, you are reminded to get a spare set of ear rubbers in case something goes wrong. The benefit that your customer perceives is referred to as a “bargain.”

Products that are packaged together have a higher perceived value than the items alone. When products in a set are discounted together, the effect is multiplied. This raises both the average cart spend and the conversion rate of your website.

Update Your Store Decoration

Anyone who visits your web store, blog, or social media pages should be aware that you are running a Christmas promotion at the moment. If you do this, it will be painfully evident that you have received a promotion. In addition, make sure to refresh your social media pictures. 

If you’re feeling very daring, take it a step farther. Redesign your complete website theme to give off a genuine Christmas atmosphere and to better compliment the other components of your marketing efforts.

Always be Ready With Gift Cards

To elaborate on the previous point, some of your clients who are purchasing gifts for others may not be quite certain of what they want to purchase. Customers who are unable to make a decision may find that a gift card is the best solution.

In the event that you do offer gift cards, and, let’s face it, there isn’t a compelling justification not to do so, make certain that visitors are aware of them before they begin their buying experience in your store. If you sell gift cards in your business, a simple image on the homepage or a link in the navigation menu to a landing page dedicated to gift cards in your store may be all that is needed.

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Do Not Forget After Christmas

There is a hazy period between the end of the holiday season and the start of the new year’s work schedule. This is an excellent moment to keep up the pace of your sales growth. This is a time of year when people are typically fat, joyful, and spending time with their families – but also wasting time on their phones.

Offer a ‘Santa didn’t bring me what I wanted’ flash sale, and aggressively discount any things that you want to move quickly to capitalize on the situation.

Collaborate with Other Businesses

What level of familiarity do you have with your user? Do you know of any other issues that all of your customers are experiencing?This Christmas business idea is one that can be carried over into the New Year and can assist your company in reaching a new audience!

In the case of high-end tea, it goes without saying that your consumers will also require a teapot to enjoy their beverage. As a result, you may broaden your customer base by collaborating with a crafter who creates handmade teapots and selling your tea alongside their teapots, and vice versa.

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