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What Is a Business Strategy?

When you are running a business, you need to prepare your business and the best marketing strategy. What is strategy in business? A business strategy is the thing that helps you to reach your business goals you have set by using tactics for every decision and action.

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Business strategy is the thing you may not miss out on in your business. Strategy meaning is the tool that you need to use to achieve your goals. Beside helping you to take action, business strategy also helps to secure your business position in the market. In the other word, business strategy will be used as a roadmap to guide you when you are out of the way.

Why Is a Business Strategy Important?

A company strategy is important when you are running a business. Usually people write their business strategy in the business plan that works as a business guidance. You can try to find the business plan examples to help you create your business strategy.

Having strategic management is a must because when you are having business objectives and goals without strategy is useless. Here are the reasons why a business strategy is important.

  • Planning –  it helps you to plan what things you need to do to achieve your business goals.
  • Strengths and Weaknesses – it helps you to realize your business strengths and weaknesses so you can fix it.
  • Efficiency and Effectiveness – it brings efficiency and effectiveness when every action has been planned.
  • Competitive Advantage – it helps to position your business brand so that it will give your business an identity.
  • Control – it helps your business control by knowing which steps you should take.

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Components of a Business Strategy

Before we discuss enterprise strategy example, you need to know that there are components strategies used in business. Here are the components of a business strategy for you.

Vision, Mission and Business Values

The first key strategy you need to have when running a business is focus on fulfilling your business vision, mission and also its values. These three things help to give you direction so that your business will run well.

Core Values

The other components that must have in business strategy is core value. Core value helps to clear all your doubts and give directions for every business level, units and also departments.


SWOT analysis is actually used to analyze the company situation. It consists of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. You can find out what your company’s weaknesses are that you need to handle, what threats that might happen in your company and so on.

Operational Tactics

Another business strategy that you need to prepare is operational tactics. This business operational tactics is important so that you can manage your business in the most effective and efficient way.

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Resource Procurement & Allocation Plan

Another business company strategy examples are resource procurement and allocation plan. This strategy will help to guide you on how to procure the required resources and how to allocate it.


You need to have your business measurement to know how your business is going. When you have your business measurement, you can see how your business works against the target you have set before.

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Levels of a Business Strategy

Your business goal will be achieved when you take good steps in business. That’s why you need to create your business goals properly by writing it on your business plan. Here is the business-level strategy you need to know.

Level 1: The Corporate Level

The highest level in the business strategies is corporate level. In this level, you need to set the guidelines on what things you want to achieve by knowing what is your business vision, mission and its objectives.

Level 2: The Business Unit Level

The business unit level is different from other business units. You can see its difference by using competitive strategies and business objectives that you have set. 

Level 3: The Functional Level

There are also functional level strategies in business. These functional level strategies are usually set by departments of each unit like finance, sales, marketing, operation and others. These functional strategies are used to set the functional goals.

5 Business Strategy Examples

Case study on business strategy will help you to understand the business strategy better. Here are the strategy examples for your references such as: 

Cross-Sell More Products

Some businesses focus on selling products to their customers. The cross selling really works for business supply like company and banks. You can increase the cart size when your business product is also increased. This will also impact your business profitability. 

Most Innovative Product or Service

Many technology or automotive space companies keep creating new products. In this business, you need to find the innovative thing in the product and service you offer. So that it can compete with other brands.

Grow Sales from New Products

Another business strategy example is growing your new products sales. Some companies would like to invest in new product research and development in order to grow their sales. This business strategy works by updating the business trends and introducing it to others.

Improve Customer Service

Improving your customer services is one part that you may not miss out in the business strategy. A good customer service will bring you increased business good reviews so that people will keep coming back to your stores.

Pricing Strategies

Besides improving your customer services, you have to prepare your pricing strategies too. People intend to choose the low price products. Not only low products, customers also like promotions like vouchers, cashback and also free shipping.


A business strategy is the thing that helps you to reach your business goals you have set by using tactics for every decision and action. Beside helping you to take action, business strategy also helps to secure your business position in the market. 

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