Shopee gives sellers the option to use their platform to market their wares. They can use Shopee to sell and promote their products. Can I be a supplier dropship Shopee and do dropship Shopee Malaysia? Officially, Shopee doesn’t support or encourage dropship Shopee. But you can still be the supplier dropship Shopee with the help of different service providers or another drop shipping strategy or method.

Or even, you do not have to be a supplier in Shopee, otherwise, you can get suppliers in Shopee when you decide to do a dropshipping type of business. But, before jumping to the tips and tricks to get suppliers from Shopee and the recommendations of some best suppliers, you need to understand the definition of dropship!

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What Is Dropshipping?

Okay, so, dropshipping is a type of business where you sell products from other stores. Basically, being a dropship agent does not really need to have stocks of products in your home or warehouse, because you can easily sell online from the products provided by the suppliers.

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Why do you need suppliers? Because of the dropshipping method, you only need to create an online store, find suppliers that you can sell their products from, and sell the products through your own store. Do not worry about the budget, dropshipping needs a cheaper budget than making products by yourself.

Now, talking about dropship Malaysia, what about dropships in Shopee? Why do you even need to sell on Shopee? First things first, Shopee is one of the biggest marketplaces in SouthEast Asia including Malaysia. No wonder many people claim that selling on Shopee is very profitable.

Besides, Shopee has useful features to help both sellers and buyers to do online transactions (buy and sell) in Shopee. Buyers have so many options of sellers and products only in Shopee’s homepage, while sellers can do almost everything to boost online sales.

The features include Shopee Ads, Shopee Campaigns, Shopee Live Streaming, Shopee Promo, and many more. So, for those of you who have not registered your online store to Shopee, you better start now because it is claimed that Shopee has the highest number of people accessing the application or the Shopee desktop, this means you have more possibility to gain more buyers.

Can I Dropship in Shopee Malaysia?

Freely, yes! Of course you can dropship in Shopee. If you do not know what to sell when you really want to start an online business in Shopee, you can choose to do a dropshipping type of business then. Besides easy, dropshipping needs a slighter budget than producing your own products from scratch.

Dropship Shopee can be the best option for you to start an online business because it can also bring more sales, especially if you know how to find good products, trending products, or other best-selling items in Shopee.

For example, if in your hometown, there are more people interested in buying home products, you can try to do dropship home living in Shopee Malaysia and attract local buyers first. After that, expand your customers by using all Shopee features to make it easier to promote products, even when selling overseas.

Things I need to Know before Dropship in Shopee Malaysia

There are things you need to know before you start Shopee dropship Malaysia business. Those things include:

Find a 4+ Star Shopee Dropship Supplier

Whether you live in Senarai and want to find Senarai dropship Shopee, or other places as well, you need to check the suppliers’ ratings. Also, make sure they have 4+ stars. This is useful for your recommendations in selling good quality products from also good quality sellers. Next, the 4+ star ratings mean that the supplier can be fully trusted that they successfully attracted buyers to buy from their stores.

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Have Sold at least 100 Items per Month

If you want to do a dropship Malaysia Shopee, the next thing you need to do before starting the business is to know that the suppliers have sold at least 100 items per month. Because, the more the suppliers sell to their buyers, the more trusted the store is and that their buyers are satisfied with the service. Therefore, having suppliers this good is a great way to start your dropship type of business in Shopee!

How to Do Dropship in Malaysia?

If you do not want to find suppliers from other marketplaces, ecommerces, or even social media, you can simply find good suppliers from Shopee itself. Here are the steps to do dropship in Malaysia, easy and it is proven to be work! Check these out!

First, Search “Dropship” on the Search Tab

You need to login to Shopee Seller Center to access all the dropship processes in Shopee. Next, after you logged in, you can easily type “Dropship” in the search tab above (still inside the homepage), then click “Search.”

Decide Products You Want to Sell, Then Find Specific Products

There will be so many dropship products that you can use after you search “Dropship” in the search tab. But, you need to be specific about the products that you want to sell online. You can check Google Trends for trending products around your area or month, and even make sure what people around you are looking for right now, what’s happening right now, something like that.

Right after you decide which products you want to sell based on your area or other aspect, you can find specific products on the search tab. For example, “Dropship Tote Bag.” Click “Search” to start searching.

Do Not Forget to Check the Supplier Profile

The next step is to make sure that the suppliers you want to choose are reliable. Meaning that they have good ratings, respond is above 80% or faster, look at the product title for dropshipping (is it interesting and non-click bait or otherwise).

For more details, you can click the profile of the supplier that you choose, then find out all the information needed. If the supplier has not met the ideal supplier criteria, then you can find other suppliers.

Found the Right One? Now, Contact the Seller!

Afterward, if you have found the right one, you can contact the seller directly. Negotiate regarding the product prices, the process of dropshipping, including shipping, and more. After you finish, start uploading product images to your own stores, use Shopee features to promote your products, and do not ever give up!

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How to Get Trusted Suppliers in Shopee Malaysia?

Although it is not free to get products from them, you only need a small budget to buy their products and sell them again through your own online stores without producing new products that might cost a much higher budget.

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But, how to get trusted suppliers in Shopee? How would I know that suppliers in Shopee dropship Malaysia are good and sell original products? Well, you need to know about the ratings, responses to customers, products successfully sold, the prices, and more. It will be easier to find trusted suppliers if you already know the tips given before!

Shopee Dropship Malaysia Supplier Recommendations

Here is the list of recommended suppliers that you find dropships in Shopee Malaysia!

  • Ecubstore: sells gadgets and hot trending ones.
  • Chubbybitsy: baby and kids products related.
  • A Fashion Story: sells female products such as clothing, accessories.
  • Sweet Home Planet: sells almost all home products.
  • Knt Marketing: sells baby products, women fashion, cosmetics, health products, and more.


There are great ways to dropship in Shopee Malaysia. Besides, Dropship in Shopee is interesting and profitable because there are a lot of people who use Shopee as a platform to buy and sell online, so you can get higher sales and attract more customers!

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