Malaysia’s marketplace has become the largest in South East Asia. It grows more and more everyday. More than 70% of Malaysia’s population are active in Social Media. Most of them say that online marketplace makes their life easier. But, do you want to know more about online marketplace Malaysia and the pros and cons of using it? Let’s check these out!

What Is An Online Marketplace?


Online marketplace Malaysia has exploded in the last several years. So what is an online marketplace? An online marketplace is a shopping website or application that facilitates you to shop from many different sources and countries.  Another name for this marketplace is e – commerce. This platform sells a lot of things such as clothing, furniture, house appliances, toys, beauty products, gadgets etc. 

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Using An Online Marketplace In Malaysia


Using an online marketplace in Malaysia has a lot of advantages and benefits and nowadays online shopping has become a new habit to all people. Beside those benefits, using an online marketplace also has disadvantages.

 Here are Advantages and Disadvantages Of Using An Online Market In Malaysia.

Advantages  Disadvantages 
Convenience  Negative Environmental Impact of Packaging and Gas
More Variety  Risk of Fraud 
Better Prices  Shipping problems and delays 
More control  Spending too much time online 
Easy to send gifts  Less contact with your community 
Easy price comparisons  Returns can be complicated 
No sales pressure  Unfriendly and complicated websites 
No crowds  You don’t know what you are getting exactly 
Access to used or damaged inventory   No sales assistance 
Privacy for discreet purchases  No support for local retailers 

An online selling Malaysia is a saver for those who have a busy life. They can buy many things by using the website and application. Beside that, you can get an electronic record to make a record – keeping much easier and sometimes it is easy to return a product that doesn’t fit you. Using an online marketplace will save you time.

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Reasons Why You Should Sell Your Products On Market Malaysia Shop

Malaysia has one of the highest internet penetration rates in Southeast Asia. Malaysia’s marketplace has grown up nowadays. So for those who want to open an online business, we recommend you to sell online your products in the marketplace. Here are the reasons why you should sell your products online.

Social Distancing And COVID 19


Due to this pandemic, we must do a social distancing to avoid the spreadness of COVID 19 virus. Because of this pandemic, many people buy their things online and avoid going to offline stores. So selling your business product in a marketplace is the best choice in this pandemic situation

The Rise In Social Media 


Using social media has become a habit nowadays. People keep scrolling and updating their information from social media and Malaysia has approximately 25 million active social media users which is 78% of the total population.

Digital Payments


People don’t bring cash nowadays. They have a new habit of using e – money. So selling your products in online marketplace because of the new habit and Bank transfer dominate as the primary e-commerce payment method in Malaysia.

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Tips For Success When Selling On The Internet In Malaysia 

There’s no significant tips to sell your product online on the Internet. The most important thing is you have to know what exactly you want to do, determine your business nature and products and don’t forget to make a promotion. Here are tips to open an online shop in Malaysia. Check it out! 

Know What Business You Want To Do 


Before starting a business, you need to determine what your products and business nature are. You have to think about what you want to offer. Do you want to sell goods or services? Or you want to sell other businesses’ products and get a commision like an affiliate or reseller.

Research The Best Place To Register Your Domain 


After you set up your business plan, another step you need to do is do research. You need to find the best place to register your domain. A domain name is a custom web address that every website must have. A domain is an address to go to your website so the consumers can find you easily.

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Find A Hosting Company For Your Website


Hosting is the disk space that you need to store your files on the internet. You can save your web design text, images and videos files in this hosting. So make sure to find a good hosting company for your website or you can search Malaysia top online shopping or Malaysia largest online shop in Google to find the answer.

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Decide Your Site Name


You have to decide your site name properly and make sure that no other site has a name that looks similar to yours. You can choose the unique and can describe your products so the consumer will remember your site.

Create Your Own Logo


Don’t forget to create a logo for your brand attractively. Create a logo that can present your brand and business products so that the consumers will remember it. You can add pictures, symbols and others to make your logo. Create a logo that can describe your product. 

Promote Your Business Products


The step that you may not skip is promotion. You have to promote your products to get known by consumers. You can do digital and offline marketing. You can try to promote your product using social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, website, email marketing. You can also try an offline advertisement by using a newspaper, magazines, television advertisement. 

Final Thoughts About Ecommerce Websites In Malaysia


78 % of the total population in Malaysia are active in using the internet. Most of them prefer to do online shopping nowadays. Besides it saves their time, it also prevents the spreadness of Covid 19 viruses. This E–commerce platform might affect the local retailers but in this era, It’s better to use technologies and the internet to boost your sales. You can have both an online and offline store.


The marketplace has burst into popularity nowadays. More and more people prefer buying their things online rather than the conventional stores these days. They like to do online shopping because it is convenient and we can compare the price easily. Beside that, a marketplace offers a lot of discounts. Doing online shopping will save you time!

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