Sell on Shopee to grab attention from the massive amount of visitors (21.26 million monthly) on Shopee that makes it the top eCommerce site in Malaysia. In addition, Shopee is the leading platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan. Another solid reason to focus on how to sell and get Preferred seller plus in Shopee Malaysia.

As a result, geographies it operates in are Indonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore. Moreover, it has traces of similarity to the Taobao model, in which buyers and sellers can communicate and transact directly.

Above all, selling on Shopee boost unboxes opportunities for cross-border sellers from China and Hong Kong for selling to Southeast Asian and Taiwanese customers

It’s great to have you on board as a seller. But first, ensure that the product you intend to sell is not under Shopee’s list of Prohibited Products to avoid any awkward situation.

What is the Shopee Preferred Plus seller Programme?

If you compare between Shopee Preferred vs mall, it’s different. The Shopee Preferred Plus Seller program is an award program for sellers or sellers in the Shopee marketplace who have met the criteria, who have the best sales and service performance.

The Shopee Preferred Plus Seller Programme is a follow-up program from the Preferred seller program that is able to maintain and also improve sales performance in the store.

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Shopee makes this Preferred plus seller because there are too many Preferred Sellers in Shopee, so Shopee makes one programme above the Preferred seller. But it is not only the name with plus, it also has a huge benefit if you become the Shopee Preferred Plus Seller.

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Benefits of Being a Preferred Plus Seller Programme in Shopee Malaysia

After becoming a Preferred plus seller in Shopee, you must have known what is the benefit of being a Preferred plus seller. It is not just adding a single plus that is not having a benefit in it. It has a huge benefit for your Shopee shop and all of your products. So here is the list of Shopee Preferred seller benefits.

New Preferred + Tag for Visibility

Distinguish yourself among existing Preferred sellers with the exclusive Preferred + tag. This is the difference between Shopee Preferred vs Preferred plus.

Dedicated Search Filter

Buyers can filter by Preferred + Sellers in their product searches, giving your shop higher visibility.

Shopee Ads Discount

Another benefit that will help you to save some money if you can get up to 15% discount on your Shopee Ads top-ups every week.

Early Access to New Shopee Features

Shopee always update new features for their user to enjoy great online shopping experience and online selling experience. By becoming a Preferred seller, you can get early access to new Shopee features to boost your sales.

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Including All Preferred Seller Benefits

To become a Preferred seller, you have to match their criteria. Once you fit into their box, you can enjoy all Preferred seller exclusive benefits including boosted search results.

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Criterias to Become a Preferred Plus Seller in Shopee Malaysia

To discourage any act of deceit due to intangible listings and further maintain the quality of Preferred sellers, your shop must not have any intangible listings. This is different from Lazada Preferred seller criterias. Why does the Shopee Preferred seller badge include these criterias?

Chat Response Rate

A higher chat response rate shows that sellers actively engage their buyers, which in turns helps drive sales conversion and increase shop ratings and customer loyalty.

Shop Rating

Shop rating is very important to attract your potential customers. Your potential customers will always trust your shop instantly if your shop has high rating.

A high shop rating increases buyer confidence to shop as it reflects a seller’s high service standards.

Late Shipment Rate (LSR)

Shopee buyers allows read the reviews before buying your products. If there is any reviews about late delivery, your potential customers might think twice before add your products to carts.

Low LSR indicates prompt shipment which improves buyers overall experience and encourages positive ratings.

Non-Fulfilment Rate (NFR)

Low NFR indicates that sellers are reliable in fulfilling their orders according to buyers standards, resulting in increased sales and stronger customer loyalty.

Weeks Meeting Preferred Plus Seller Criteria

This ensures that sellers demonstrate consistent excellent performance to deserve the exclusive benefits.

How to Check If You Are Qualified to Join The Preferred Plus Seller Programme?

If you still become a Preferred seller and want to become the Preferred plus seller, you check if you are qualified or not. Becoming the Preferred plus seller has huge benefits and no one wants to miss this chance. But at first you have to pass the criteria first then you can check if you are qualified or not. 

So here is the steps how to check if you are qualified join the Preferred plus seller programme :

  1. On the Seller Centre homepage, click on Preferred Seller
  2. Click on View Upgrade Details
  3. Check the number of weeks the seller is meeting all Preferred plus seller criteria

Mini FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are some questions that some of you frequently asked.

What Does Weeks Meeting Preferred Plus Seller Criteria Mean?

The number of consecutive weeks that a Preferred seller has maintained both Preferred seller and Preferred plus seller criteria. The seller is expected to meet the criteria for at least 8 consecutive weeks.

How Are Days of Pre-Order Listing Violation Calculated?

It refers to the number of days within the last 30 days where the percentage of active pre-order listing is 5% or more. Preferred sellers are expected to maintain < 5 days pre-order listing violation to maintain their Preferred seller status.

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How Do Preferred Plus Sellers Receive The 15% Shopee Ads Discount?

Shopee will credit the 15% Shopee Ads Discount voucher to the seller’s Shopee Ads Credit Top Up Page every Wednesday.

When Would Sellers Gain or Lose Their Preferred Plus Seller Status?

Preferred Plus Seller Status is updated every end of Monday.

What Happens When Preferred Plus Sellers Fall to Meet The Preferred Plus Seller Criteria?

If Preferred plus sellers fail to meet the criteria, they will be off-board from Preferred plus seller programme to Preferred seller programme.

Terms and condition :

  1. Shopee Ads voucher discount is capped at RM100 per week in one transaction. Sellers need to apply for the voucher upon checkout.
  2. Shopee Ads discount vouchers credited to Preferred plus sellers are valid for use for one week, from Wednesday until the next Tuesday.
  3. Chat Broadcast feature will be available to Preferred plus sellers subjected to availability


So this is the Preferred seller Shopee meaning. Selling on Shopee can end up offering you enormous opportunities and better chances of growing your business. Southeast Asia’s rapid pace of development and increasing grip of the population over eCommerce together is shaping the future of eCommerce in the SEA region.

Now, when you are aware of how to grow over Shopee rapidly, you can now easily become a Shopee local seller tag in no time.

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