You will be charge for shipping fee when dropship 1688 to Shopee. Shipping fee is the cost to ship the item from seller to buyer. What if there is no shipping fee? Can it happen in Shopee? Absolutely yes, sellers can join the Shopee Shipping Program to solve this problem. Once you join this programme, you will see many benefits to your shop.

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What Is Shopee RM15 Free Shipping Programme?

When you do online shopping in Shopee, you will be charged a Shopee shipping fee. So what is the shipping fee? Shipping fee Shopee is the cost used to ship items from seller to a buyer. As a seller lists an item, he or she can determine and disclose the cost to ship. The buyer can attempt to negotiate the shipping fee before payment is made by the buyers.

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Now Shopee has a new programme which is called Shopee RM15 Free Shipping Programme. What is the Shopee RM15 Free Shipping Programme? Shopee RM15 Free Shipping Programme is a programme which is introduced to help sellers drive more sales by offering free shipping for buyers with a purchase of RM15 and above. 

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How Does Joining RM15 Free Shipping Programme Help Drive More Sales?

As you know, finding dropship Malaysia Shopee is as important as the shipping fee. Shipping fee vouchers can impact your business. Buyers will buy the things more when there are discounts and free shipping. The question is can we enable the shipping fee option multiple times? The answer is yes, you can set it multiple times.

And, how to join Shopee free shipping program? Well, You can set up your shipping channel via the shipping setting page on the seller centre  or within the Shopee App.

You can reach out to Shopee customer service Shopee if you want to request for a Shipping Channel to be added to your options. You can use Shopee supported logistics for hassle-free shipping arrangements. It also allows buyers to track their orders, which helps to improve customer satisfaction. 

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If you are not able to see the requested shipping option in your account, your location may be non-serviceable or unsupported by the chosen courier. 

Here are the steps on how to enable shipping fee in Shopee for multiple times.

  • Step 1: Do the Shopee login, tap Start Selling or My Shop under the Me tab. 
  • Step 2: Tap My Shipping.
  • Step 3: Toggle on the available shipping options and tap save.

For your additional information, you can also enable the cash on delivery payment. To enable the COD, you can kindly toggle on the enabled COD Couriers.

Here are the benefits Joining RM15 Free Shipping Programme in Shopee

  • Reduced minimum spend encourages buyers to shop more frequently from your shop.
  • You can make additional marketing exposure which help to boost traffic to your shop.
  • Increase the number of buyers visiting your shop.

Marketing Benefits for RM15 Free Shipping Programme Sellers

When you find a good Shopee dropship supplier for your shop, your sales will increase due to the good products you have. To get more traffic to your sales, beside finding a great dropship Malaysia, you have to join the RM15 Free Shipping Programme.

This programme will give you a big impact to your shop marketing exposure and also boost the visibility and traffic too. Here are the benefits you will get when joining the RM15 Free Shipping Programme.

  • Free shipping image overlay which means you get a lowered minimum spend image overlay in search results.
  • New participants collection means you get 5 times stock keeping unit which will be featured in Weekly New Deals collection page for the first week and will be reduced to 3 store keeping units from the second week onwards.
  • Get an exclusive campaign collection of 3 times stock keeping unit that will be featured in always on campaign weekly.
  • Get extra free shipping vouchers that will be provided to buyers. This free shipping voucher is usable only with Free Shipping Programme participants.
  • Get free shipping Fridays means you will get exclusive exposure featuring RM 15 Free Shipping Programme participants on every Friday.

Prerequisites to Join RM15 Free Shipping Programme

Not all the Shopee dropship Malaysia and sellers can join this RM15 Free Shipping Programme, you need to meet the requirements. Here are the requirements to able to participate the Shopee RM15 Free Shipping Programme or even Shopee RM40 Free Shipping Program.

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  • Seller must have signed up for at least one Free Shipping Programme with a Shopee Supported Logistics partner. The available supported logistics partners you can choose are The Lorry, Citylink express, ninjavan, Shopee Xpress, DHL, Poslaju, J&T express, Shopee free shipping program J&T, Shopee free shipping program opt out, and more. 
  • Seller must maintain their penalty tier below tier 2.
  • Seller must have at least one active listing in their Shopee shop.

For your additional information, The Lorry and Shopee Xpress are only available for selected sellers and senarai dropship Shopee. For sellers who have participated in multiple free shipping programmes, buyers will get and enjoy reduced minimum spend free shipping from all registered couriers in their shop.

How to Sign up For RM15 Free Shipping Programme?

Here are how to sign up RM15 Free Shipping Programme.

  • Go to 
  • Find RM15 Free Shipping Programme banner and click sign up.
  • Fill in your seller account and where did you hear this programme.
  • Scroll down and tick the acknowledgement which says “I agree to the service fee charges and the above Terms & Conditions for programme activation purpose.
  • Then click submit.
  • If your application is successful, you will receive an in-app notification. The in-app notification will be available under “Shopee Updates” in the Notifications tab.

Don’t forget to read and make sure that you fully understand the terms and conditions before you sign up for the RM15 Free Shipping Programme. This Shopee free shipping programme will be activated every Wednesday at 12 AM. Seller has to commit for a minimum of 28 days upon the activation. The participating seller will be charged the prevailing service fee for all completed orders, regardless of whether a free shipping voucher was used with the orders.


When you send a dropship Shopee or usual order, the buyer will be charged a shipping fee. This shipping fee varies depending on the weight and location. To solve this problem, you can join the free shipping programme. This free shipping programme and also international program will have a big impact on your shop.

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