Do you want to start an online business using a Shopee marketplace in Malaysia but have no experience? Don’t worry! You can use the internet to start an online business nowadays. How to sign up Shopee Malaysia?

You also have to decorate your online store to make it attractive so it could increase your sales. The question that might cross your mind right now is how to sell on Shopee Malaysia 2021? And how is the Shopee seller payout? or do I need SSM to sell on Shopee? This article will give you the tips for selling Shopee do you want to know more? Let’s check these out

How To Be Seller In Shopee Malaysia?

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Before we go directly to the way how to be seller in Shopee Malaysia, you must know what is Shopee. Shopee is a multilingual e – commerce platform founded in 2015. This platform is a hub for over 4 million entrepreneurs and registered over 80 million application downloads back in 2017. Shopee is an e – commerce for almost anything such as gadgets, clothing, beauty products, home appliances, toys etc. 

Nowadays, Shopee become the most popular market place in Malaysia. So, planning to sell your business products in Shopee Malaysia is the right choice already. Selling your products in Shopee Malaysia is just the same on how to sell in Shopee Siingapore. The first thing you need to do to be a seller in Shopee Malaysia is you have to sign up a Shopee account. 

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So, How to sign up Shopee Malaysia? 

  • Create your own account on by clicking Sign up button
  • Add and verify your phone number and email which will let your products be seen by consumers.
  • Find the seller centre and choose shop profile to complete your account
  • Now you are ready to sell your products in Shopee Malaysia.

How To Prepare Your Shopee?

Before becoming a Shopee seller, you have to prepare your shoppe account. You have to go to Shopee com my login first and create your shop attractively.

Choose The Next Shopee Username

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You have to choose your shop ‘s username. Create a name that will describe your business products so that the buyer will remember your shop name easily. For your information, you only can make your username once and are not allowed to change it later. So, find the right username for your business account.

Why Shop Appearance Is Important

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Why is a shop’s appearance important? Shop appearance is also important to attract the buyers. Most buyers often judge ecommerce shops on how their online stores look. The things that you need to do to make your shop’s look great and attractive is to post an attractive and high quality of your products’ photos or videos to create an attractive appearance. Give what the buyers are looking at.

There are 4 factors that are based on the consumer’s buying decision such as who you are and the image that you present as a brand, the product and the images of the product, the description of the product, review from other buyers. 

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From these factors, we can know that imagery and appearance on your online store is one of the most important factors. It is one of the factors in the decision making process. So, you have to decorate your shop’s appearance to attract buyers so you can increase your sales. Don’t forget Appearance is everything.

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Knows Your Shopee Badge

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Your Shopee badge can help you to boost up your sales because buyers usually will compare the products and buy from the shop with a good Shopee badge. They will feel safer when buying a product from a well – known shop. The consumer also looks at the shop’s appearance before deciding to buy a product.

Do I Need SSM To Sell On Shopee?

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Do I need a business permit to sell on Shopee is one the most asked question and the answer is no. You don’t need SSM to sell on Shopee. You can be a seller by registering your account using your data such as mobile phone numbers, google account, facebook account and others.

How To Sell In Shopee Without Product?


The other frequently asked question is can we sell in Shopee without a product? You can’t sell in Shopee without a product but you can be Shopee seller without stocking products. You can be a dropshipper to sell products without stocking them.

Dropshipper is a person who sells things by dropshipping products. Dropshipping  is a fulfillment method where a store doesn’t keep the products in store. The store purchases the item from the third party’s shop and sends the package directly to the buyers. As a result, the seller doesn’t need to handle and stock products.

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Shopee Seller Payout

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How do I get my payment is the question that sellers worry about. You don’t need to worry because the payment by the buyer will be transferred to the seller ‘s wallet or account automatically once the buyer receives the product they buy. 

Order can be completed when the buyer confirms that they have received the package from Shopee shipping by clicking on the order received button or when Shopee guarantee period ends. The payment will be transferred to the seller’s bank account through automatic or manual withdrawal.

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If you want to sell your product in an online marketplace, you can try to sell them in Shopee. Shopee is a big e-commerce site. How to sell on Shopee Malaysia 2021 is actually the same on How to sell on Shopee Malaysia 2020. You don’t need to confuse What to sell on Shopee because Shopee has many categories of products. If you have any question like How to sell on Shopee Singapore from Malaysia? 

How to get stock to sell on Shopee? Or maybe another question, you can find Help support Shopee com my to get all the information you require. Online business is easier with Shopee Malaysia.

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