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Lazada Multi Warehouse

AUTHORIZATION PROCESSA. New storeUsers can integrate the store directly as usual, then proceed to warehouse bindingB. The Store existed in Ginee(1) Users need to reauthorize the store(2) Then a Mult.warehouse label will appear, then can proceed to warehouse binding LAZADA AND GINEE WAREHOUSE BINDINGPRECAUTIONOnly support 1 to 1 warehouse binding for under the


FEFO Strategy in WMS

FEFO: First Expired First OutA setting that will release products with earlier expiry dates from the warehouse firstBatch Number: Production CodeA production code whose purpose is to help the quality control reporting process for products that are produced in large quantities in one production process (mass production)FlowTo use the FEFO strategy i


Reserved Promotion Stock

Introduction to Reserved Promotion StockWhen a product successfully participates in the promotional activity of the e-commerce platform, the platform will reserve a corresponding amount of promotion stock for the registered product, and use the promotion stock for orders after the event officially starts. The reserved stock is only for promotion stock and will onl


How to Integrate with Accurate

Accurate Integration ProcessIt needs 3 steps to finish Accurate authorization 1.Go to [Add Integration] from Integration Tab, then find and click [Accounting Configuration Accurate].2. Learn the operation guide, then click confirm authorization. Youll jump into Accurate authorization page and you need to do the Accurate login phase 3. Choose the database that you wa


Fastock MY Fulfillment

1. How to open Fastock MY Fulfillment in GineeIt only takes 1 step to open Fastock MY fulfillment service on GineeClick Integrations under the personal mailbox in the upper right corner or menu integration > Add Integration, select Fastock MY fulfillment service, and fill in the corresponding information to complete the authorizationThe operati