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Ginee WMS & PDA Pick Bin Management

Before, Ginee WMS supports setting up pickers and using PDAs for picking. But, the Picking List needs to be printed before picking. Therefore, to reduce the paper costs, Ginee launched Picking with Pick Bin feature. After using the pick bin to pick products, the packer can quickly pack the products in the pick bin by scanning the Picking Bin Barcod


Ginee WMS Sales Order Management

NOTESDo not support any operations yet. Ginee will develop this in the next phase (Time: TBA)ORDER STATUSORDER FILTERS Same as OMS filters Common Searches: saved filters (same as OMS) To see more filter options, please click the filter symbolORDER LIST Same as OMS Order ListORDER DETAILS1. Order Status: corresponds to Order Status on the order list2. Order


How to Give Ginee POS Store permission to a Staff Account?

POS Role Creation for Staff Account1. Settings > Staff Management2. Click Data Permission3. Ginee Accounts page will be opened, then clickRoles > click +Create( Input the role information (1) > click Confirm (2) System: choose Ginee POS Role Name Description Functiona. Cashier: Operation (to operate Ginee P


Ginee POS Product Management

Ginee POS Product ListChannel Product > Ginee POS POS products are products that exist in the warehouse bound to POS Store When the product stock in the warehouse bound to POS store increases or decreases, the stock of the POS store product will also correspondingly increase or decrease Do not support editing POS store product stock, system will take MSKU


Ginee POS Order Management

Checkout ProcessAfter logging in to Ginee POS (, select the desired POS store > click ConfirmYou can also change the store later1. Add Customer (optional)a. Search for an existing Customer by Phone Number Customer List is pulled from OMS Customer Phone Number will be censored in the middleb. Create new CustomerInput Phone Number > click Search >