1. Login to your Lazada Choice Seller Center
  2. Open Ginee OMS, Integration > Add Integration > Lazada Choice

  3. Select Country/Region (1) > click Authorize (2)
  4. LAZADA OPEN PLATFORM will be opened, click Authorize

    If you are not logged in to Lazada Choice Seller Center, please select Lazada Choice – Your Country (1) > fill in your Lazada Choice Account Email and Password (2) > click Submit (3)

  5. Integration succeeded! You can now manage your Lazada Choice stores in Ginee


Channel Product > Lazada Choice

Product Status Mapping

Product Sync

Supports single and mass sync products

Creating Master Product

A. Manual create MSKU through Lazada Choice Channel Product

B. Auto create MSKU

Binding Master Product

A. Manual bind MSKU

B. Auto bind MSKU

Unbinding Master Product

Supports manual unbinding MSKU


  • Does not support creating, editing (product information, price and stock), deleting, or cloning Lazada Choice products (API limitations)
  • Even if the product is bound to Master Product, the stock of Lazada Choice products will not be updated when the Master Product stock changes


Lazada Choice JIT Order Process (JIT Fulfillment by Seller)

  • Same as the existing Lazada order processing which supports packing, arranging shipment, printing shipping label
  • Does not support canceling orders, setting invoices, or printing invoices