Social media platforms are not only for certain ages to access. Without proper guidance from the adults, kids can also access all the social media platforms such as TikTok, and Instagram. Therefore, each of the social media platforms has their own community guidelines. When you are on TikTok, how to know if TikTok took down  your video? 

This is the most upsetting thing when you have already put the efforts to record the videos and edit them, and post it on your For Your Page, but last, it got taken down by TikTok. Especially, when you are updating TikTok content of your products. How are you going to sell the products on your TikTok if each time you upload, it gets taken down?

So, let’s see why your TikTok videos are always taken down by TikTok?

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Why TikTok Take Down Your Videos?

Have you ever encountered the situations where TikTok took down my videos for no reason because apparently your TikTok videos have violated the TikTok’s community guidelines? And what are TikTok’s community guidelines?

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If your videos contain adult nudity, the safety of minors, sexual content and violence, TikTok will take your TikTok videos down before telling you. After they have taken down your videos, you will see pop up messages saying your videos have been taken down by TikTok and they will give you reasons.

However, if you believe that your TikTok videos do not have the content that violates TikTok’s community guidelines, you can send an appeal to TikTok.

How to Avoid Community Violations on TikTok and Appeal Banned Videos?

As TikTok users, you have to know the TikTok’s community guidelines to avoid your TikTok contents being banned by them. TikTok will also remove any content including video, audio, livestream, images, comments and texts that violate their community guidelines. So, TikTok users have to be more careful when creating their TikTok content.

TikTok will suspend or ban your TikTok accounts or devices that are engaged in serious or frequent violations. In certain cases, TikTok acknowledges, material that would usually be deleted in accordance with TikTok Community Guidelines may be in the public’s best interests. How to stop TikTok from taking down videos?

Because of this, TikTok may make exceptions in certain circumstances, such as when there is educational or documentary content; when there is scientific or artistic content; when there is satirical content; when there is counterspeech; and when there is content in the public interest that is newsworthy or otherwise allows individual expression on topics of social importance.

If you have avoided all the TikTok community guidelines, but your TikTok contents are still taken down by TikTok, you can submit an appeal to TikTok. How?

How to Appeal a Video on TikTok?

What happened when TikTok took down my video community guidelines? Do appeals work on TikTok? You can submit the appeal and tell the reasons why you think your TikTok videos do not contain any TikTok community guidelines. It usually takes 7 days or longer for TikTok to respond to your appeal.

Tips to Boost Sales on TikTok Malaysia

After you have done with the TikTok community guidelines, now you can start to post your TikTok contents on TikTok. But as TikTok businesses, how are you going to boost your sales with TikTok Malaysia? And you wonder, is it possible? Yes. It is possible to boost your sales on TikTok.

Here are some tips for you:

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To sell your products, storytelling is important. On TikTok Malaysia, some local small businesses started to tell their business story by telling the TikTok users how they started and the struggles they had while packing orders. If you do not have great editing skills, you can always use TikTok filters to make your TikTok videos look pretty. 

Purpose Over Product

By telling your brand’s purpose, your TikTok users might be captivated by it. Some Malaysian businesses grab their potential customers with the identity that they show to the TikTok users. For example, if you are selling metal straws or any products that do not contain plastics, your business’s purpose is to save the turtle from any plastics. Any TikTok users who are concerned about the safety of turtles, would buy your products.

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

There are many tricks to surprise your TikTok customers. By surprising your TikTok customers with your products, they will have the excitement to buy your products. For example, if you are selling candles. You can always put something such as rings on the candle. Most of the TikTok users would do videos for you, and that is how you get engagement too.

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It is important to follow TikTok community guidelines before posting, streaming, or sharing your TikTok videos. It is also important to create a safe social media for everyone, especially businesses. If you are doing TikTok business, and you did not follow the community guideline, you can get banned by TikTok. 

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