Do you want to upgrade your game on Shopee Malaysia? Do you want your shop to be at the top of Shop Ads?

Shopee paid advertisements such as Shopee Keywords Ads , Shopee Discovery Ads and Shop Ads really help their Shopee sellers to up their game in competing which will be on top of everything. When your Shopee store is on top of the Homepage, Similar Product or You May Like Also, it means you are doing right with your ads strategy.

What is Shop Ads?

When you use Shop Ads, your shop will appear at the top of the search results page. By bidding on specific keywords, you can control which keywords your shop ad will appear for.

Suppose your store sells sambal products, and you want to bid on the keyword “sambal” to increase traffic. If a buyer is searching for “sambal,” they will see your shop’s advertisement and will be directed to your shop after clicking on your advertisement.

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Why Should Shopee Sellers Use Shop Ads?

Shop Search Ads may help you increase your shop’s exposure as well as product sales. When you create Shop Search Ads, you can include your business name as well as a slogan and a photo of yourself.

Brand Awareness

As your Shopee store will be on top of the search results page, the possibility of your potential customers clicking on your store would be high. 

By doing so, your Shopee store will gain more traffic and the customer will go through your shop from the top to the bottom of your Product Page.

Increase Sales

You can attract relevant customers who are searching for comparable or complementary goods to yours. If your products are cheaper than the ones they found, they might choose your store instead. 

Boost Shopper Loyalty

By using Shop Ads, you can engage with your existing customers or potential customers. By doing so, you can gain more engagement. Shop Ads allow you to create your tagline, use your creativity to create slogans that can attract customers and you can put pictures of your products.

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How Do You Get Started?

To get started, you have to follow all the steps provided below:

Ad Budget and Duration

If you set your budget on certain amounts, your ad will run according to your budget. Your ad will stop running when the budget has run out, Ads Credits has run out, and the duration for your Ad has come to the end.

Picture and Tagline

Create a compelling image and creative tagline for your products. By doing so, you can attract your potential customers to click on your ad. Your pictures products must be clear and visually aesthetically looking. 

Landing Page

You can select where your potential customers will go once they click on your ad. You can choose to direct your potential customers to your Shopee store or product collection page.

Relevant Keyword

To increase your probability of being seen, you have to choose the relevant keywords on your landing page. You may use the Shopee recommendations keyword or you can pick your own choice of relevant keywords. 

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Bid Price for Each Keyword

The bid price is the most expensive sum you are prepared to spend for each click on your advertisement. In order to put your advertisement in the top two places, Shopee calculates a suggested offer based on winning bids. You have the option of either accepting the Suggested Bid or setting your own Bid Price.

How will Shopee Sellers Will Be Charged

The only time you will be paid is if consumers click on your advertisements. Ads Credit will be taken from your account to cover the payment.

In order to safeguard merchants, the Shopee system automatically identifies illegitimate clicks, such as repeated clicks from the same consumer or automated clicks, and blocks them. You will not be charged in any way for these clicks.

What Factors Influence The Amount Of Exposure Your Advertisement Receives?

In a competitive market where many merchants promote their businesses using Search Advertisements, your ad must compete with other ads to be shown towards the top of the search results page.


The maximum amount you are prepared to pay when a consumer clicks on your ad is referred to as the cost-per-click bid price.

The higher your bid price, the greater the likelihood that your advertisement will be shown.

The actual amount paid is often less than the bid price you submitted. The Shopee advertising auction mechanism determines the bare minimum needed to display your ad on the site.

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Shop Relevance

The relevance of your store is decided by the quality of your shop as well as how relevant your shop is to the keyword you have selected. The greater the relevance of your shop, the more likely it is that your ad will be displayed.

Who is eligible to use Shop Ads to promote their businesses?

Shop Search Ads is currently only available to the following businesses:

  • Sellers who have earned the designations of Shopee Mall or Shopee Preferred
  • Sellers that have a proven track record in sales and positive store evaluations have been selected.
  • Shop Ads will not be available to sellers that sell products that are linked to tobacco.

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Shop Ads will really help you to create brand awareness and promote your business by educating the customers on the products that you are selling. 

You can utilize Shop Ads, Keywords Ads, and Discovery Ads at the same time if you have a big budget on advertising. Or else, you can always start small. 

It is not easy to compete with other businesses, but if you follow all the steps on how to use Shopee paid advertising, surely you can be on top of every search result.

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