When you sell on online platforms such as Shopee, your journey does not stop after you have updated your products to sell. There are so many things that you can do to increase the traffic of your shop and increase your sales. Shopee provided Shopee My Ads to their Shopee Seller to increase their sales. One of the Shoppe’s features that you can utilize is Discovery Ads Malaysia. Where you can find discovery ads Shopee to begin?

In this article, you will learn about one of Shopee’s features which is Discovery Ads Malaysia. If you wish to read in Bahasa Melayu, you can search for cara buat discovery ads Shopee. 

What is Shopee Ads?

For your information, there are three types of Shopee paid ads that are available for you such as keyword ads, targeting ads Shopee, and shop ads. Each of these have different goals, and functions. You may use all of these three at the same time if you allocate extra money for Shopee paid ads. 

What are Discovery Ads?

Using Discovery Ads, you may increase your product visibility and revenues. For Shopee, your discovery will be shown on Shopee recommended products such as:

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Daily Discover on the Home Page

By having your products on the home page, will elevate your sales and increase the traffic of your store. On the home page, Shopee users are likely to scroll nonstop to cuci mata. As the Shopee interface is neat and looks like a social media’s interface, Shopee users would treat the home page as their social media page.

Daily discover on the home page is one of the features that all Shopee Sellers must utilize. 

Similar Products and You May Also Like on the product detail page

This is another useful ad for the Shopee Sellers to use. Everytime you tab on certain products and you scroll down to the end before the ratings and reviews section, you will stumble upon Similar Products and You May Also Like.

These features will help the customers to do comparison of each same product with different stores. The winner will be chosen based on the ratings and reviews, the price, if free shipping vouchers can be applied and the delivery time.

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Why Should Shopee Sellers Use Discovery Ads?

The goal of paid advertising is to boost your sales and increase your shop’s traffic. Without this feature, the visibility of your Shop will be overshadowed with other Shopee shops, especially those Shopee stores that utilized Shopee My Ads.

The competition on Shopee is tight. You can find the same product at a cheaper price with great ratings and reviews. To stand out, Shopee My Ads is the right way for you to do.

So, what are the other benefits?

Increase exposure

Make sure to place your goods in highly prominent areas such as the top of the homepage’s Daily Discover section, as well as the Related Products and You May Also Like sections on the product detail page.  

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You may use Discovery Ads vs Keywords Ads, you can lay out your goods on the Shopee homepage, search results pages, and product detail pages, which are the three most visible places on the site to customers.

Increase Your Sales

You can attract relevant customers who are searching for comparable or complementary goods to yours. If your products are cheaper than the ones they found, they might choose your store instead. 

Keep Expenditure in Control

Set your chosen budget and cost-per-click Shopee bid price to have complete control over how much money you spend. Therefore, you would not waste so much money if your ads do not work out. 

Tips Shopee ads: You can start your ads by spending a minimum amount of RM20.

How Can Shopee Sellers Start?

If you do not utilize Discovery Ads for your products, it will be such a waste. How are you going to compete with others? Especially when you are doing drop-ship. You can find hundreds of drop-shippers on a Shopee account offering the same price, and the same quality. For you to stand out from others, here comes Discovery Ads to rescue you.

Here are the steps for you to follow:

Pick the Product You Choose to Promote

Prepare your product by updating the title, images, and descriptions of your products before beginning. Products with the “thumbs up” symbol in the product picker should be selected. As a result of their strong sales and conversion rates, these products are suggested for advertising purposes.

Set Your Budget and Time for the Ad

If you set your budget on certain amounts, your ad will run according to your budget. Your ad will stop running when the budget has run out, Ads Credits has run out, and the duration for your Ad has come to the end.

How Much Shopee Sellers will be Charged?

The only time you will be paid is if consumers click on your advertisements. Ads Credit will be taken from your account to cover the payment.

Shopee’s technology automatically identifies illegitimate clicks, such as repeated clicks from the same consumer or automated clicks, in order to prevent merchants from being defrauded. You will not be charged in any way for these clicks.

How to Set For Your Bid Price, Budget, and Period of Time?

If you want to see a significant increase in your daily sales, you may put up Discovery Ads for at least 40 different items. Discovery Ads are initially configured with “No Budget Limit” and “No Time Limit” as their default settings. If you want your advertisement to be seen for an extended period of time, choose this option.

You may control ad costs by selecting “Set Budget” and either a Daily Budget or a Total Budget. Set a daily budget of RM2 to Rm4. Check your advertisements every 5-7 days to see how they are doing, and raise the daily budget for those that are performing well.

If you have a particular time frame in mind for your ad campaign, you can choose “Set Start/End Date” from the drop-down menu (e.g. advertising during festive period).

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If you are manually establishing bid prices, you may begin with RM0.02 per click should be set as the minimum bid price if you are new to Discovery Ads; after that, you should evaluate ad performance and raise the bid price if you desire more ad traffic. Make use of the recommended bid price in order to maximise ad exposure.

How are My Ads Exposed?

You are not the only one who uses Discovery Ads to advertise your products. There are many Shopee Sellers that utilize it too.

There are two variables that influence your ad exposure:

Cost-per-click bid

Cost-per-click bid price is the most expensive price you are prepared to spend in the event that an advertiser is clicked on by a customer.

The greater your bid price, the more exposure your ad will get. The actual amount paid is often less than the bid price you submitted. The auction mechanism used by Shopee advertising determines the minimum amount needed to display your ad.

Product Relevance

Product relevance is an indicator of how relevant your product is to the customer. The more the relevancy of your goods, the greater the exposure of your advertisement.

If your product is extremely comparable to the product on the product detail page, your ad will get a high relevance score in the Similar Products section. Shopee’s algorithm compares your product’s category, title, and description against other goods to determine how well it matches the other products in the category.

Your advertisement will be highly relevant if your product is strongly connected to or complimentary to the product in the product description page, you may also be interested in it.

You may increase the relevance of your advertisement in Daily Discover by targeting shoppers who have recently looked at, purchased, liked, or reviewed a product similar to yours.

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Where can Shopee sellers see their Discovery Ads?

100 Similar Products

You may view up to 21 advertisements in the first 100 places of the Similar Products list. The precise location of the advertisement may change as a result of continuous performance optimization.

35 You May Also Like

You may view up to 13 advertisements in the first 35 places in the You May Also Like section. The precise location of the advertisement may change as a result of continuous performance optimization.

55 Daily Discover

You may view up to 32 advertisements in the top 55 places of the Daily Discover. The precise location of the advertisement may change as a result of continuous performance optimization.


If you are just starting or still finding information on how to start selling on Shopee or want to start an online business, you must allocate some of your budgets for advertising or marketing. Without marketing, your Shopee store will become invisible to the Shopee users. You may promote your Shopee store through social media but it would not be effective as Shopee My Ads.

You can always check their Seller Hub Centre or to stop keywords ads, you can search how to stop keyword ads Shopee for a better understanding. 

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