Do you know all the features from Shopee that could benefit you as a seller? There are so many features from Shopee that you utilize to increase your Shopee store sales. If you know all the features from Shopee, you are doing it right. But if you do not know, there is always room for improvement. One of the Shopee’s features are Shopee My Ads Malaysia.

What is Shopee My Ads Malaysia?

My Ads is a service of Shopee that allows vendors to boost their product listings via the placement of ads on Shopee’s online platforms and mobile apps.

By using Shopee My Ads, you can reach more potential customers to come to your store. The visibility of your Shopee store to customers is high because of the Shopee My Ads

How to activate Shopee ads account? You can simply just go to your Seller Centre to start. 

The Types of Shopee My Ads

There are three types of Shopee My ads that you can utilize to boost your store sales and to gain more shop traffic. Each of the types of Shopee My ads has its own benefits and functions. You can use either one or you can use three of them to maximize your store visibility and sales.

The types of Shopee My ads include Product Search Ads, Shop Search Ads, and Discovery  Ads. Let’s dig deeper into one by one.

Product Search Ads

Show your ad on the results page of your search. You select which keywords are shown by bidding for your ad. Shopee free ads, which publicize your goods, will offer you the greatest exposure of all ad kinds.

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Discovery Ads Shopee

Show consumers with comparable or complementary goods in many areas of the Shopee site. These categories include: Daily Discover, Similar Products and You May like related product detail pages on the site.

Shop Search Ads

If you use Shop Search Ads, your shop appears at the top of the search results page, together with a shop voucher and a selection of goods that are related to the shopper’s search term. Aside from that, you may make changes to the image and slogan of your advertisement.

By bidding on certain keywords, you may choose which ones will be shown with your ad. As an example, you may want to bid on the term “journaling” if your store offers journaling items so that customers looking for “journaling” would see your Shop Search Ad and be led to your shop after clicking on your advertisement.

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What are Paid Ads?

Paid Ads is used by Shopee sellers who want to enhance the visibility of their store and products. Paid Ads include Shopee Keywords Ads, Shopee Targeting Ads, and Shopee Shop Ads.

Shopee Keyword Ads

In search engine marketing, keyword advertising is a form of advertising that relies on keyword research. Once you’ve identified the keyword searches that are most relevant to your company’s services, you may bid on those keywords to have your advertisements appear in the search results for those specific terms.

For example, if you sell coffee, you can ensure that individuals who search for keywords such as “coffee” or “instant coffee” see your ads by using marketing techniques.

To learn more about Shopee ads and how to stop Keyword Ads Shopee, you can watch Shopee ads Youtube for a better understanding.

Shopee Targeting Ads

A form of Internet advertising in which promotional messages are sent to customers based on their particular characteristics, interests, and preferences is known as targeted advertising. Consumer profiles and online behaviour are tracked by brands in order to get this kind of information.

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How to Set a Budget and Duration?

You can control your ads on how much you want to spend on the paid ads and also, how long you want to run it. For a starter, you can test the ads with a small amount of money just to see how it works. 

Before you start, you have to top up your Shopee Ads credit to make sure your ads run without any hiccups. 

Shopee Ads Credit

Here are some of the steps for you to top up your purchase ads

  1. You can top up by log in to your Seller Center in your browser and tab on Shopee Ads. From your Top Up page, you can view your credit balance and purchase Ads. 
  2. Choose your preferred top up sum
  3. You can also customize your purchase ads by click “Enter Amount”
  4. Tab on discount voucher if you have any for your purchase ads credit
  5. Tab Go to Checkout”

For Shopee Sellers who never try the Shopee Ads, you can start with RM20 amount of credit for your paid ads. You will be only charged when Shopee users click on your ads and exposure is free of charge.

Managing My Ads Spend

To manage your Ads spend, there are two ways for you such as setting your ad’s cost-per-click bid price and setting ad budget.

To understand how it works, here are ways for you:

Cost-Per-Click Bid Price

The maximum sum that you are prepared to spend for each click is referred to as your bid price. If you’re not sure how well your promoted goods will sell, place a bid at the lowest possible price. After a week, you may see your ad’s ROI (return on investment) and ranking.

If your rank is low (the higher the number, the worse the rank) but your ROI is excellent, you should up your bid price to compensate for it.

When you want to get the most exposure for your ad, use the recommended bid price.

Ad Budget Setting

To get the most out of your ad budget, leave it at No Limit; but, if you want to be more conservative with your ad spending when you first start using Shopee Ads, you may establish a daily or total budget limit. Your ad expenditures will never go above your predetermined budget.

For example, RM5 Daily Budget implies that the advertisement will cease after RM5 has been spent within a day. For example, RM15 Total Budget indicates that the ad will be turned off after RM15 has been spent throughout the campaign’s duration.

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The Minimum Bid Price

Discovery Ads are charged at RM0.04 per click, while Search Ads are charged at RM0.07 per click.

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If you are still small and new in Shopee, you can always start paying your Ads minimum RM20 just to see how it goes. Once you have grown and have a big amount of money for marketing budget, you can always put the big number.

Because Shopee Ads Malaysia billing works on a prepaid basis, it is easy for you to control and monitor the budget for your paid advertising on Shopee.

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