Do you still have the sound of Shopee on your phone every time you receive a notification? Shopee! How many times do you visit your  Shopee Malaysia online shopping?

Did you know that Shoppe has grown from Shopee SIngapore to Shopee Malaysia to Indonesia since 2015? Undeniably, Shopee is one of the best marketplace in Malaysia. They provide many categories for you to shop from home appliances, health and beauty to automotive. Pretty much anything you can buy from Shopee Malaysia, if you don’t mind waiting longer, you can buy from Shopee China for a lower price. 

It is advisable to launch your company on an internet platform such as If you know how to advertise your product correctly, you can easily make a profit. Can you imagine how much time Malaysians spend surfing their Shopee accounts when they are required to stay at home because of the pandemic? 

Not only that, but some users have established Telegram group accounts just for the purpose of promoting goods they have discovered on Shopee. You can just simply Shopee Malaysia log in through www shopee Malaysia or through their Shopee apps on AppStore or GooglePlay.

But, do you really know your favorite online platform, Shopee?

What Is Shopee?

Shopee com Malaysia is one of the largest online shopping platforms in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, providing customers with a simple and seamless shopping experience from the comfort of their own homes or while on the go. Shopee’s excellent payment and logistical assistance ensures that all users have a simple, safe, and quick online buying experience with the company.

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Both of the aplikasi Shopee Malaysia and Shopee web offers neat and minimalistic interface for you to start online shopping. Messy interface will make users stop buying products from the online platform.

Benefits of Doing Online Business on Shopee

Online marketplace such as Shopee Malaysia online plays a crucial role in online shopping in Malaysia. With the tip of their fingers, users can get whatever they want without worrying about getting scammed. 

But, what are the benefits for doing online business on Shopee?

Shipping and Tracking

There are some buyers who are really particular with the time of their products arrived after purchasing the products on the online platforms. Some will review “Late delivery” on your reviews even though it is not your fault. Some buyers, they don’t care how long the products will arrive.

Shopee tries to emphasize quality and delivery speed that assist customers who urgently need to purchase their goods. Even though the waiting time is one to three days, Shopee is primarily focused on becoming an online bulk purchasing platform. In other words, Shopee normally enables customers to save money in the form of a reduced delivery charge.

After the seller Shopee Malaysia sends their parcel to the post offices, Shopee Malaysia tracking will be updated on the Shopee Malaysia app. There is no more copy paste tracking number into the post office websites.

More Payment Options = More Customers

Shopee offers various payment options for their users. Some of the payment options are online banking, remittance centres, over-the-counter bank deposits, and cash-on-delivery. In addition, sellers would not get their payment until their buyers click on the Order Received to avoid any scam business.

More New Customers

On Shopee, the buyers would not search your store’s name. Instead, they will search the keyword of the product name. From it, your products might appear on their page. The buyers would find the store that gives the best price with good reviews. So, it is important to have good ratings on your Shopee business account. 

With Shopee, you can earn extra money to buy skincare products, to travel or buy gifts for your partner. 

Shopee’s Unique Features

Shopee is referred to as a social ecommerce platform because it provides immersive experiences that allow users to connect with one another in the same way that a social network would allow them to.

Here are 4 unique features of Shopee:

Shopee Live

It is possible to conduct your own interactive livestream session on Shopee Live in order to advertise your store and goods directly to consumers via this feature. Please keep in mind that you are only permitted to use Shopee Live as a vendor.

Buyers will be able to engage with you in real time through chat in order to learn more about your goods and to buy it straight from you while watching your livestream. If you communicate with your clients and customers, you may be able to better understand their requirements and provide a more enjoyable buying experience for everyone involved.

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To register as a streamer, you can apply for it on your Shopee account and it will take up to 5 working days for you to be approved. 

Shopee Games

Shop Games is a feature in the Seller Center that enables you to build games for your customers to play in your store. Visitors to your store may participate in your shop activities and earn voucher rewards that can be used to purchase your goods.

Shopee Games are only available to selected sellers and it is only accessible through Shopee App.

Shopee Feed

Shopee Feed is a buyer engagement platform that allows customers to read published content and interact with their favourite sellers via Shopee’s mobile app, which is available for iOS and Android devices. Only merchants may submit posts to Shopee Feed, however if you enjoy their product or article, you can show your support by leaving comments, like, and other actions to express your appreciation. 

Here are some activities that you can done through Shopee Feed:

  1. Maintain a close relationship with your favourite vendor or influencer.
  2. Scroll through the posts, like them, comment on them, and share them with others.
  3. By tapping on the images, you will be sent to product and voucher pages.
  4. Shop coupons that have been tagged by merchants in the postings may be claimed.
  5. Competitions and prizes are available only to those who register.

Shopee Live Chat

Shopee Live Chat allows you to contact agents instantly and you can resolve your problems within minutes. Please prepare your Order ID in advance of interacting with a Live Chat representative in order to expedite the resolution process and save time.

You can click on Chat with Shopee on your Me page. 

Shopee’s features are not limited to only four. There are many features for sellers and buyers. 

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What Are Shopee Features for Sellers?

To provide the best selling experience, Shopee offers various features for the seller to enjoy. The features provided by Shopee also benefit the sellers in many ways, most importantly to increase their sales.

So, what are the Shopee Features for Sellers?

You Can Improve Your Listings

Listing Optimiser by Shopee is a tool in Business Insights that will help you to spot the listings that you need to improve. This is critical because high-quality listings have the potential to attract more customers and produce more sales.

Occasionally, while you are creating a listing, you may overlook or be unable to correctly complete some of the required information. Using Listing Optimiser, you can double-check your listings to ensure that each one is optimised to generate more sales.

You Have the Option of Offering Customers Extra Incentives and Benefits

There are few additional benefits that you can offer to your customers such as add-on deals, seller coins, My Shop’s flash deals and shipping fee promotion. One of the important benefits is shipping fee promotion. Your customers can claim Free Shipping voucher and used it when they check out from your store

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You Can Examine the Effectiveness of Your Marketing Campaigns in Increasing Sales

On the Marketing Tool page, you can check current promotions performance so that you can improve to be better. On the Bundle Deal page, you can check your Sales, Orders, Bundle Deals Ordered and Units Solds for the previous week on the Key Metrics

You Can Manage Your Promotions Easily

You may search for particular promotions, such as discount promotions, bundle deals, and add-on deals, to make it easier to handle them. You may also duplicate campaigns that have proven to be successful in drawing consumers across all Marketing Tools.

You Can Improve the Efficiency with Which You Manage Your Product Listings and Orders

If you have more products to offer, you can manage them in bulk using Batch Tools under My Products. There are three tools that you can use such as Mass Upload, Mass Update, and Attributes Tools. By doing this, you do not have to upload the products one by one. 

You Can Evaluate Your Business Strategy

Have you ever wondered why your business strategy does not work out on your Shopee account? Another Shopee feature called Business Insights allows you to spot what are the strategy that doesn’t work out for your business.

In addition, Business Insights provide the summary of your sales trends and performance. There are three aspects that allow you to evaluate Product performance such as Product Overview, Product Performance and Product Diagnosis. 

Increasing Traffic to Your Shop

More visitors means more money. Shopee offers two traffic tools for you to utilize such as Top Picks and Follow Prize. How does it work?

Top Picks allows you to build a group of 4 – 8 items that will be shown on the product page for your product. This improves the visibility of other items in your store and increases the likelihood of cross-selling possibilities amongst your products.

Follow Prize assists you in converting your customers into shop followers, resulting in increased consumer loyalty and repeat purchases for your business.Follow Prize enables you to create a unique voucher that your customers can use as a thank you for following your business on social media platforms.

Preferred Seller Programme

Preferred Sellers may be eligible for additional advantages, such as enabling your customer to take advantage of Shopee’s specials and discounts (for example, certain platform-wide vouchers and Shopee Coins), as well as an enhanced likelihood of being asked to participate in certain campaigns. All recommended vendors, on the other hand, are required to maintain their high levels of customer service.

Here are lists for you on how to become Preferred Seller:

  1. Build up a strong sales record
  2. Offer excellent customer service and reply to chat instantly
  3. Fulfill all orders quickly and reliably
  4. Comply with Shopee’s seller policies and maintain a clean penalty record
  5. Achieve high shop product ratings.

Also, you have to maintain your active Pre-Order Listings below 5% and you will be subjected to 2.12%$ commission fee

Shopee Features for Buyers

Shopee did not forget to give their best shot for buyers. To provide the most satisfying online shopping experience, there are few Shopee features that the buyers can enjoy.

Here are the features for buyers:


ShopeePay is a Shopee digital wallet service. It may be used for:

Shopee online transaction

offline dealings with merchants accepting payment through ShopeePay

Payment receipt or transfer to your contacts and the withdrawal from your bank account of money.

By using ShopeePay, you can use free shipping vouchers on selected stores.

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Cashback from campaigns/promotions will be credited to the buyer’s “Bonus” sub-wallet. Bonus cashback may be used on any ShopeePay transaction. (Online through Shopee app or “Offline” via merchants) Whenever you pay, the bonus cashback is subtracted first. Therefore, if the customer pays RM15 and has RM1 in Bonus, RM1 will be taken from Bonus, and RM14 from Deposits.

Shopee Coins

In addition to saving money on future purchases, Shopee Coins may be redeemed for vouchers that can be used on future orders. Shopee Coins cannot be redeemed for cash or transferred to other accounts and expire after three months. So if you got your coins on January 1st, they expire on April 30th.

Shopee Coins may be acquired in five ways:

  1. Orders completed (*with coins cashback voucher).
  2. Daily Coins Rewarded.
  3. Rewarded through marketing and gaming.
  4. Rewarded for rating a product.
  5. Shopee Live event rewards.
  6. Pay Your Bills.

Under Bills Category, you can pay your student debt, PTPTN, your unifi bills, water bill or more. Also, you can use coins and vouchers to pay for your bills

Shopee Guarantee

Shopee Guarantee is a service that temporarily holds payments to sellers until customers certify that purchases are completed and acceptable. From the date of your payment confirmation, the seller’s Days to Ship (DTS) and Estimated Delivery Time (EDT) are computed. So both sellers and buyers would not get scammed. 

Shopee For The Most Satisfying Online Shopping Experience

Shopee provides the best and most satisfying online shopping experience for their users. Not only that, Shopee sellers could gain more benefits provided by Shopee. You do not have to worry anymore about getting ripped out or getting scammed. Everything is protected!

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