Shopee, a SEA Company, was first launched in Shopee Singapore in 2015, and has since expanded its reach to Malaysia, Shopee Thailand, Taiwan, Shopee Indonesia, Vietnam and the Shopee  philippines. Not only the have Sellers from SEA, but they also have Shopee Mall Malaysia

SEA is a leader in digital entertainment, eCommerce and digital financial services across Greater Southeast Asia. SEA’s mission is to better the lives of consumers and small businesses with technology, and is listed on the NYSE under the symbol SE.

Shopee web has 197.8 million monthly visits. Shopee is creating convenience for Greater Southeast Asians and is the leading eCommerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan.

One of the right online store platforms for you is Shopee Malaysia. But first you need to login Shopee Malaysia. You can sell any item as long as the item does not violate the terms and conditions set by Shopee. A seller at Shopee will be categorized into three types of sellers or cellular, namely regular sellers, Star Sellers, and Shopee Mall. Each type has its own advantages. But this article will explain everything you need to know about Shopee mall guidelines.

What is Shopee Badge Malaysia?

If you already know how to sign up Shopee Malaysia, Preferred Sellers are exclusively selected by Shopee in recognition of their excellent sales and customer service. They are identified by the Preferred badge shown on their shop and listing.

Here are the advantages of having a Shopee Badge:

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  • Firstly, having the preferred badge will give your brand more credibility, resulting in more consumers trusting your products among others. 
  • The second advantage is your store and products will be boosted in the search rankings so that more shoppers will notice your products.
  • Third, sellers get a chance to be included in Shopee’s regular ads on Google and Facebook.
  • Lastly, vendors will be able to receive preferential rates during Shopee’s Flash Deals.

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What Is Shopee Mall Malaysia?

Shopee Mall Shopee. It is an official section where legit shops are categorized. Usually, big and renowned brands such as CLN, Maybelline, and Sunnies Face are in the Shopee mall. This allows you to identify which shops are authentic and helps you avoid counterfeits. 

Sellers Shopee Malaysia who are licensed to be distributors by famous brands are also given access to be Shopee Mall Sellers. They also are Shopee managed sellers from the Shopee managed sellers.

When you are a Shopee Mall Seller, you will need to submit some identification and authentication documents in order for Shopee to know that you are, indeed, legit.

Sellers who are categorized with this badge are of the highest prestige and are most likely to get the most number of customers and in turn, an increase in sales, revenue, engagement, and interaction.

How To Join Shopee Mall Malaysia?

Shopee Mall Sellers are official shops that sell their own brand and/or official distributor of a certain brand. A seller may be invited as a https Shopee Mall seller depending on the shop’s performance.

Shopee Mall sellers are on boarded on an invitational basis based on the brand recognition. Shopee will gradually open up to more sellers in the future with certain criteria to be fulfilled.

Application to join as a Shopee Mall seller is open provided that requirements are met : 

  • Valid BIR 2303 Certification
  • Certificate of Registration (own brand)
  • Official distribution license (official distributor)
  • Registered official shop logo

Benefits of Joining Shopee Mall Malaysia

Shopee Mall is the type of Seller or the highest status for sellers on Shopee for now. And to get this kind of status, there will be some very important things for you to prepare. 

One of the conditions is a Certificate of Intellectual Property Rights in the form of a Brand Certificate or Trademark. In addition to these requirements, there are also several other special criteria that you must meet.

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If the store you own already has a status as a Shopee Mall, Shopee mall seller benefits you can get include:

  • Will appear on the Shopee com Malaysia page
  • Your store’s reputation will automatically increase
  • Then your store sales will definitely increase too
  • Premium features provided by Shopee
  • Special promotions given by Shopee

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Tips and Trick To Sell on Shopee

You open up your seller’s centre to check on your product sales, only to realise that you can have quite a bit of work to catch up on. While you;re doing a good job of getting people to your store, the numbers are not reflecting it. So, here are 6 tips to sell on Shopee.

Shopee’s My Campaign

My Campaign was created for sellers to nominate their products to be featured on main/category pages. As different campaigns are created from time to time, everyone is thus welcome to nominate their products as long as it fits the category of the ongoing campaign. 

Sellers will then have to undergo a selection process whereby the product nominations are based on the following :

  • Accuracy of the item information
  • Willingness to give 10-20% discount upon being selected
  • Price attractiveness of products

Shopee’s Top Picks from Shop

Top pick from shop is another in-app feature that Shopee has that can help sellers to market their products better on the platform, so all you have to do is to create a collection and select a maximum of 8 products that you wish to display as top picks from your shop that will recommend to buyers. 

One tip for maximising usage of this feature is ensure that your product photos are aesthetically pleasing so that buyers are enticed to click on them.

Shopee’s Flash Sale

If you are an avid user of the Shopee platform, then Flash Sales will be all too familiar to you. These deals usually appear on the main Shopee homepage, and products featured here are on huge discounts for a limited time. 

With more than 4.000 average views per flash deal timing, there is no reason not to buy a slot to help increase your product’s visibility and potentially increase sales. 

Shopee’s My Ads

My Ads is a powerful function to help your products appear more in Search. There are two types of promotion ads that you can use.

Keywords Ads

Sellers can bid for relevant keywords to your products, and your ad will be placed alongside products the user searches for on the site.

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Targeting Ads

Sellers can bid for similar products, and your ads will be placed on the product detail page of products similar to yours

After selecting your relevant keywords, you can then manage your ad duration, budget, bid price and ad details under your My Ads account as well.

Shopee’s My Vouchers

One tool that is really cool about being a seller on Shopee is the ability to create your own vouchers. Sellers are able to create vouchers for any of their listed products and entice buyers to purchase more products. With My Vouchers,  you can easily create vouchers specific to your shop, or even vouchers applied to specific products in your shop.

There are no restrictions to how you create the vouchers, and you will also have full control over the value, duration and quantity of them.

Shopee’s My Discount Promotions

Here’s one trick to becoming a power seller on Shopee. Make use of the My Discount promotions tool to set discounts for a limited period of time for your products on Shopee. You can select a specific product to discount, or apply the discount over multiple products. Remember to set the purchase limit of your discounted products to ensure that a single buyer does not snap up all your best deals before other buyers get a chance to purchase.


Shopee Malaysia online shopping is undoubtedly the most popular online marketplace in Malaysia. The platform makes it easy for buyers to find products they want to buy, as well as discover new products they might interest them.

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