If you are Shopee sellers, you must know the feeling when it comes to updating your products on Shopee. All the efforts to write product name, description, and not to forget you have produced nice pictures to attract your customers. But did you know, you can do mass upload Shopee?

Shopee Malaysia has provided many features for their users, especially Shopee sellers. Some of the features are paid advertising such as Shopee Keyword Ads, Shopee Discovery Ads, and Shopee Shop Ads

Not only that, if you are an excellent Shopee seller who gains positive and 5.0 of stars ratings and reviews, you can apply to be Shopee Preferred Seller or Shopee Preferred Plus Seller. If you have a big dream to be part of Shopee Mall, there are ways for you to!

Anyway, let’s start with one of the Shopee significant features: Mass upload Shopee.

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What Is Mass Upload Shopee?

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The first question that might cross your mind right now is what is mass upload Shopee? Mass upload meaning is a function that allows sellers to upload multiple products on Shopee at once. By using this mass upload Shopee feature will help save sellers’ time when uploading a large number through the seller centre. So they don’t need to upload their products one by one anymore.

How To Access The Mass Upload Feature?

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After knowing the function, are you interested in accessing the mass upload feature by Shopee? Here are the steps you need to take to access this mass upload feature.

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  • Go to the my products page via the seller Centre in sidebar menu
  • Then select mass upload under the batch tools dropdown menu
  • After that select download and open the mass upload template using Microsoft Excel

How To Fill In The Mass Upload Template?

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Before you fill in the mass upload template, you have to understand the definition of the template items so that you can fill it correctly. Here are several item that mentioned in the template which you need to fill in 

  • SKU is stock keeping unit that refers to the minimum unite you can sell on Shopee
  • Parent SKU  is the identification code that you assign to listing to manage your shop easily
  • Variation Integration Number is a code created by a system to identify variation types of the same product as one listing.
  • Weight is the weight of your product to estimated the shipping fee
  • Dimensions is the information of your product’s details such as length, width and height which might be used to calculate the shipping fees.
  • Logistic channels is a shipment you want to choose to send your products to buyers. You may enable more than one logistic channel.
  • Images are used to present your business products to buyers. 
  • Pre – order DTS or pre- order days to ship indicates the day needed for a pre-order product to be shipped. If you don’t fill this template, your shipment will be set to the default DTS for two days.

You need to select the enable editing button to exit the protected view. The first 4 rows indicate whether each column is mandatory or optional, the column’s definition and need to fill the template. After that you have to fill your business products details accordingly from the 5th row onwards, each row represents a different specific item.

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For products with one variation type, you should describe the variation option. Example the clothes’ size (S,M,L). For the products with two variation types, you have to record the variation options like size and colors that are available. In this variation of the same products must have the same variation integration number. 

How To Upload The Mass Upload Template?

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For your information, you are only allowed to upload a maximum of 3 files at once. To avoid Shopee mass upload error, you have to wait for Shopee to complete the existing tasks before uploading another file. Here are the steps to upload the mass upload template on Shopee

  • First step is select the upload file tab in the mass upload page
  • Then select file from Shopee photo template
  • Upload your Mass update Shopee template
  • After that you have to click the download button to view the reasons for failed upload if applicable.

How To Fill In Product Attributes And To Publish Products?

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After you upload your template, you have to fill in product attributes before publishing your products on Shopee. For your additional information, your business products attributes are different from each other. It depends on the products you sell in Shopee. If you are selling baby diapers, there might be only 1 product attribute you need to fill in which is the diapers’ size. These product attributes you need to fill in are of course different from the other products.

Do you want to know how to fill in product attributes on Shopee? Let’s follow these steps:

  • After uploading the template successfully, select mass update attributes to go to the attributes tool page
  • Fill in all the attributes’ requirements
  • Select to edit product image if needed
  • Select to edit parent Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) if needed
  • Select the listings with filled product attributes
  • Then the last step is publish the listings

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Tips You Need To Follow

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For your information to make you easier when using this feature, you have to know this tips

  • You may sort listings by their category so that you don’t need to search in one by one from your listing products.
  • You can also filter listings based on their status. If you want to check your product status, you can click the filter by status. So that you can see how your product’s going by this filter.
  • You can edit your products’ image or photos for all listings at one click by using media information.
  • You are allowed to add or remove your business products photo or images to every listing, including its variations if applicable.
  • Don’t forget to save all regularly so that you will be updated with the new products information and filter results.

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