What is COD Shopee Malaysia? COD or also known as cash on delivery is one of Shopee payment methods which allow you to pay the package you buy when you receive your package from the courier. Do you want to know more about COD Shopee Malaysia? In this article we will discuss how to remove COD in Shopee, how to disable COD on Shopee seller, Shopee COD limit and also Shopee COD pending review.

What is Shopee COD?

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Shopee is one of the biggest ecommerce platforms in Malaysia which sells many kinds of things on the platform.  Shopee also supports several payment options for customers such as cash payment at retail stores, COD, Credit Card, Debit Card, Online banking, Shopee Pay, installment Plan and also Shopee Pay Later. So what is COD in Shopee? COD is also known as Cash on delivery. 

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Shopee Malaysia COD is Shopee’s new payment method aimed to provide buyers with an additional payment option that is convenient and reassuring. In this type of payment, you only pay for your orders in cash when  the products are delivered to your doorstep and you have received them by selecting cash on delivery during check out.

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Benefits of Shopee COD

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Here are the advantages of using Shopee Cash on delivery Malaysia.

  • Lowered cost. By using the COD payment, you will get lowered transaction fees at a promotional rate of 1% before SST for all COD orders compared to 2% before SST for orders via other payment methods
  • Get featured for extra exposure and boost sales. Stand a chance to get featured on the COD microsite along with other hot-selling products to boost your sales!
  • Discount voucher. You will get discount vouchers sponsored by Shopee which can boost up your sales for COD-enabled items with
  • Shopee COD can increase buyer confidence and encourage purchase for your shop.

How to Enable COD

How to change COD in Shopee seller might be your question right now. Here are the steps you need to follow to activate Cash on delivery on Shopee.

Step 1 Tap On Shipping Option On The Check Out Page 

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After choosing your products, now it’s time to check out. On the checkout page, you will see all of your purchase details. Towards the bottom is a section labeled Shipping Option. Tap or click on that.

Step 2 Choose a Delivery Option

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Not all the shops have a COD delivery options you can see which options allow it by looking at the note whether there’s written “COD is supported” but if the shop have the Shopee pay COD option, You will be presented with a list of delivery options along with corresponding price and COD availability. Some shops have more than one shipping option available like the standard delivery, J&T.

If you want to pay cash on delivery, make sure to choose the Shopee shipping option that allows this payment method. You can also choose your preferred delivery time on this screen. Once everything is in order, click Confirm. This will take you back to the screen with your purchase details.

Step 3 Choose a Payment Method

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Click the payment option. You will be taken to a screen with a list of all the payment methods. Choose Cash on Delivery and click Confirm. If the Cash on Delivery option appears dim, shadowy or unclickable, this means that the seller or courier doesn’t allow COD for this product.

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Step 4 Click Place Order 

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If you have checked your purchase details already, then click place order. Your COD request will be up for review. If your COD request is approved, the seller and courier will carry on and process your order. Now you just have to wait for your delivery and make sure to ready your cash on the delivery day.

How to Arrange Drop-Off for COD Orders

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How to arrange drop off for COD Shopee seller? The orders using COD payment will be displayed under the ‘Unpaid’ tab for 2 hours from the order time for COD Confirmation Period.

COD Airwaybill

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For COD orders, please make sure that COD indicator is reflected on the Air Waybill. The COD tag is a necessary indicator for couriers to collect payment accordingly. So that you have to make sure if the third party doesn’t print your Air Waybills. You can also print your Air Waybills through Shopee’s Seller Centre for your COD orders to avoid uncollected payment issues.

COD Order Fulfilment Process

Here are the COD order fulfilment process.

Pick Up 

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Here are the pick up process: 

  • Seller arranges for pickup.
  • Logistics partner will pickup and deliver your parcels to the buyers.
  • Buyers will pay the courier upon delivery.
  • Your escrow is release when the order is completed.

What Happens If the Buyer Refuse to Pay COD upon Delivery 

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If the buyer refuses to pay COD upon delivery, your parcel will be returned to you as the seller with no cost and Shopee will penalise the buyer and the buyer who repeatedly fails to pay will be suspended from using COD. This is one of the protection for sellers from the suspicious buyers while maintaining a low return rate.

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What Happen if the Return Parcel Damaged

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When your return parcel is damaged, sellers can raise a dispute with valid evidence to request for compensation within 5 days upon receiving the return parcel. The evidence must be submitted in the form of a clear photo or video demonstrating that the parcel was shipped out in good condition and packed appropriately to avoid damage during delivery. If the appeal is approved, Shopee will compensate sellers for the order accordingly.

Will the Seller’s Income Get Affected by Lost the Collected Cash by Courier

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Don’t worry, the seller’s income will not be affected by losing the collected cash by courier. The Escrow will be released to sellers once the order is delivered.


Shopee is one of the giant big businesses in Malaysia. Some people keep questioning Can Shopee use cash on delivery? The answer is yes. Shopee offers several payment methods and one of them is COD. COD will give you a lot of benefits such as discounts, lower cost and also increasing your sales.

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