What is Shopee express Malaysia and what are the benefits of using Shopee express in Malaysia? Are you curious? This article will discuss Shopee express Malaysia and how it works. Read this article for more information.

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What is Shopee Express?

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Shopee express or also known as Shopee Xpress is standard delivery which is a Shopee Supported Logistics that aims to deliver your orders in the fastest time possible. Shopee Xpress operates from Monday to Saturday at 8 am to 5 pm.

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Parcel Dimension for Shopee Express

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As a seller, you need to set the correct weight and dimensions as the shipping fee will be based on the actual weight of the items or the volumetric weight of the package inclusive of the external packaging, which might be higher.

For using the Shopee express Malaysia, the maximum weight for an order is capped at 30kg with Volumetric weight calculation = Height (cm) x Width (cm) x Length (cm) / 5000. Any side of the dimension (Height or Width or Length) must not exceed 100cm and the pick up service is subject to the seller’s eligibility and location.

The Benefit of Using Shopee Express

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When using the Shopee express delivery, you will get a lot of benefits such as:

  • Fast delivery, Shopee express delivers the parcel to the buyers in the fastest time possible
  • Faster payout, Faster seller payout is the result of Shopee Xpress’ fast delivery commitment.
  • Cheaper shipping fee, Shopee express has a cheaper shipping fee than the others delivery.
  • Bulky items accepted, you can easily manage the packaging of parcels since bulky and irregularly shaped items are accepted
  • More time to prepare. More time to prepare parcels since Shopee xpress allows pick-up to be scheduled for up to 2 days after an order is confirmed
  • Drop-off points. There are selected drop-off points for the convenience of sellers
  • Proper handling, Shopee express make sure that all orders are handled with care and will reach the buyer in a perfect condition. So you don’t need to be worried.
  • Accurate item returns, Shopee express Malaysia ensures that the items to be returned to the sellers, due to failure of delivery, are accurate.

Then, How Does It Work?

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Once you set the Shopee express delivery, the courier will pick up for the same day if the shipment is arranged before 11 am. But for shipments arranged after 11 am, the earliest available pick-up date will be the next working day. Shopee Express’s pick-up window Malaysia is only available from Monday to Sunday between 2.00 pm to 6.00 pm, the public holidays will not be counted. 

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Upon the courier has arrived at the pick-up address, Shopee Express pick-up personnel will check to make sure that each parcel is packed in good condition for transportation. Shopee Express courier will scan the shipping label on the parcels. Shipment parcels will not be accepted at pick-up if:

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  • No printed label .
  • The printed label attached does not follow the standardized Shopee Air Waybill format. 
  • There are more than 1 set of labels.
  • The label is damaged.

You have to prepare a clear list of the tracking numbers and total volume of parcels picked up by Shopee Express. And don’t forget to get the Shopee Express personnel to stamp the manifest, as Shopee may treat this manifest as a form of proof in case of lost parcels. You can track your parcel with Shopee express Malaysia tracking to see where the parcel position is.

Terms and Conditions

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If you wish to use Shopee standard express Malaysia direct, you need to follow these terms and condition:

  • Sellers cannot allow their buyers to open packages and check for item damages prior to paying the couriers. Damaged or wrong items should undergo Shopee’s Return/Refund Process. 
  • Sellers should not refuse RTS packages. Doing so will result in tagging of failed RTS and items will be on hold at the courier’s warehouse/hub for 7 days  which make the items disposed of if unclaimed by the seller after this period.For any case of damaged, wrong/swapped, or missing items upon return, you may file for claims. 
  • Sellers should be able to hand over packages immediately once the courier arrives to collect the packages. Only book orders that are ready for pickup so couriers will not have to wait while sellers are preparing their packages.
  • Sellers should be able to provide proof of items prior to shipment and upon receipt of Return-To-Seller packages in order to process approval of claims. 
  • Sellers should double-check all details in the handover form before signing and submitting it to the rider. All details such as the reason for partial pick up should be stated in the form to avoid issues in the future.

How to Prepare Shopee Express Parcel

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To prepare the parcel for shipment in Shopee express my, you have to print out A6 copies of the system generated Shopee Express Air Waybill from the seller centre to ship your order. Don’t forget to attach the pocket pouch pasted securely on the package and make sure that it does not come off easily. 

If you don’t follow this Shopee express terms and condition such as the shipment does not have a printed label, the printed label attached does not follow the standardized Shopee Air Waybill format or even the label is damaged, the shipments will not be accepted during pick-up.

The Drop Off Process for Shopee

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There are two ways on how to arrange an order for shipment which is pickup and drop off. Pick up means the courier picks up your parcel and drop off means the seller drops off the parcel at the courier branch or service point. The drop off process for Shopee are

  • Step 1: Tap on To Ship in My Sales, then tap on Arrange Shipment.
  • Step 2: Choose Standard Delivery (via Shopee Xpress) and select the drop-off options available.
  • Step 3: You’ll see the Shopee express tracking Malaysia under Drop Off Details and you can go to the nearest branch to drop off your parcel. 

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Drop Off Service Point

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Drop Off service point is a place where you can drop off your parcel before it is delivered. You can try to reach and contact Shopee express com or Shopee express contact number Malaysia for more information about the drop off service point near you.


Shopee Xpress is standard delivery which is a Shopee Supported Logistics that aims to deliver your orders in the fastest time possible. You will get a lot of benefits if you choose to use this delivery. 

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