Are you curious about what a Shopee dropship program is? You go to the right place. In this article,we will discuss the Shopee dropship program, how it works and the benefits you will get.

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What Is Shopee Dropship Program?

Do you want to set up an online business but don’t have any capital? You can try to be a Shopee dropshipper. Does Shopee allow dropshipping? Before we discuss it, you need to understand what the Shopee dropship program is. Shopee Dropship program is another Shopee selling model in which the seller doesn’t need to keep any product stocks.

This dropship program is popular nowadays and has become the best solution for those who want to set up a business but don’t want to stock any products. To be a dropshipper, you have to find Shopee dropship supplier Malaysia to help you with the product’s stock. 

To fulfill your customer’s order, you need to buy the products from the supplier and will send the order directly to the customer. So the difference between dropshipping and usual selling is you don’t need to handle the orders directly and you don’t have to stock any products inventory.

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Is Shopee Dropship in Malaysia Worthy As A Business?

Are you intending to dropship China to Shopee? If yes, you can dropship China products in Shopee. As a dropshipper, you will sell products from the other stores which means you don’t have to stock any products inventory and prepare capital to set up this business. To be a good dropshipper, of course you need to to find the trusted suppliers and your Shopee seller account.

The question is why do you need to find a trusted supplier? It is because when you choose the dropshipping selling models, it means you don’t have any stocks so to fulfill your customer’s order, of course you need to find the supplier to help you with the stocks.

Is Shopee Dropship in Malaysia worthy as a business? As you know, Shopee is the most visited marketplace in Malaysia nowadays. This means you might get a higher chance to get more sales as well as traffic and besides that, Shopee are available in several countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia,Singapore, Thailand, The Philippines and many more which means you can get a chance to expand your business too.

The way to dropship in Shopee is actually the same as how you become the Shopee seller. You need to create your Shopee account and products listing. And there is no commission fee needed when selling things in Shopee. Besides that, you can also use Shopee features such as Shopee Ads, Shopee Live, Shopee Promo to help you to promote your business.

If you want to set up a business but don’t have any capital, Dropshipping Shopee can be the solution. What are the benefits of being a Shopee dropshipper? Here are the benefits for you.

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Automatically Fulfill Customer’s Order 

One benefit of becoming a Shopee dropshipper is you don’t need to handle your stock by yourself because it will be fulfilled by the supplier.

Systematic Tracking Data 

Once your customer’s order has been shipped, you can see the progress and track them in Shopee apps.

No Inventory Needed

Being a dropshipper means you don’t have to stock any inventory. You just have to focus on selling, marketing and promoting the products. Supplier will be the one who handles the fulfillments when you have received the order.

Stock Updates

You don’t need to check and count the inventory by yourself because the stock will be updated automatically.

No Minimum Order 

There is no minimum order to sell things in Shopee. You will still get the dealer price even if you only sell 1 unit.

How To Sell And Dropship In Shopee Malaysia?

The way to sell and dropship in Shopee is the same as how you sell in Shopee. You need to create your seller account and upload the product listings. Here are the steps on how to set up a Shopee seller account.

  • Step 1 – Download Shopee Apps 
  • Step 2 – Create your Shopee profile and click register.
  • Step 3 – Fill in all the required data. For your information, you can sign in with your google account.
  • Step 4 – Then register your Shopee account by clicking the sign on button.
  • Step 5 – Now it is the time for you to create your products listing by adding the high quality products’ image and also the description.
  • Step 6 – Fill in the available Shopee shipping details.
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What Is Auto Shopee Dropship?

With dropship programs, you can drop ship from other apps like dropship Taobao to Shopee, Lazada to Shopee and many more. You can use an auto Shopee dropship. What is an auto Shopee dropship? Auto Shopee dropship or also known as dropship syncs Shopee is the route you can take to import the dropshipping products as well as the image and its description from other apps. If you want to sync the products data from Lazada to Shopee, here are the steps you can take for it.

  • Step 1 –  Find Products and click copy Listings
  • Step 2 – Select on Shopee and choose the products you want to sync
  • Step 3 – Click on Import to stores and select Shopee
  • Step 4 – Select Draft, then edit the product information there
  • Step 5 – Choose the products and select on publish

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What Ginee Can Help If I Want To Do Dropshipping Business In Malaysia?

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Before you can be a Shopee dropshipper, you need to find your product’s supplier. You have to search their background,their products as well as their reviews so that your customer will not be disappointed with your products.

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