Are you looking for a dropship supplier for Shopee? If you intend to be a Shopee dropshipper, finding the dropship supplier is a must. Do you want to know more about how to be a dropshipper and how to find a good dropship supplier? Let’s check this out!

What Is Dropshipping in Shopee?

You must know what Shopee Malaysia is. As one of the most popular marketplace in SouthEast Asia, many people use this ecommerce site to sell things. For those who want to get extra money, you can do a dropship Malaysia

Before you become a hero agent dropship, you need to know what dropshipping is in Shopee? Dropshipping is one of the popular selling models nowadays where the dropshipper doesn’t need to stock the products. So when your customer buys the products in your shop, you will buy their order from a third party or dropship supplier.

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Dropship sellers will not handle the products they own. The dropship seller is the one who packed and shipped the products to the customer. 

You can dropship home living, beauty tools, clothes and many more. For your information, most dropshipping items are chinabrands. If you want to get more income but have no budget, dropshipping can be the answer but the question is are dropshipping allowed in Shopee Malaysia. Officially, Shopee doesn’t allow you to do dropship but you can still do things in dropship ways in Shopee.

You might face several matters when you keep continuing to be Shopee dropshipper Malaysia. Here are the matters you might face.

  • Airway bill number can only be used once and if your Shopee dropship supplier has already input the Airway bill number in their order, you can’t use it anymore. 
  • You can only use one dropship supplier for Shopee because you can’t ship the orders separately from many suppliers to your customer’s doorstep.
  • Shopee only gives you a limited time to process your order.
  • You need to give a competitive price or you might not win the market unless you have unique products.

How to Start Dropshipping in Shopee?

After you know that to sell things you don’t need to stock any inventory, you might be curious on how to start dropshipping in Shopee Malaysia. How to start dropshipping in Shopee is actually the same as how to sell things in Shopee. Here is how to set up a Shopee seller account.

  • Download Shopee Apps from your Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • After that, create your profile and choose to register.
  • Insert all the required information. You can register your phone number or sign in with your google account.
  • Then you need to register your account by clicking sign on button
  • Once you have registered your account, you can start creating your products listing. Add the high quality image of your products and also the product description.
  • Then you need to insert your Shopee shipping details. you wish to line up Shopee shipping. You can choose several couriers to help you with the shipping. The choices are Shopee Express, J&T Express, DHL ecommerce, PosLaju and many more.

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7 Dropship Suppliers for Shopee

Before you can be a dropshipper,of course you need to find your dropship supplier. Here are the tips on how to find a dropship supplier for Shopee.

  • Search the trusted supplier of your products and search their background too.
  • Check how long they have become a supplier in Shopee.
  • Check how many products that they have sold in a month
  • Read the review of the supplier.
  • Try to provide small amounts.

To start to be a dropshipper, you need to find a trusted and reliable supplier, you need to check their background, products and review products properly. Don’t forget to find the supplier that sells the on trend products. If you are a beginner, you can start with a small and to expand your dropship business, you can do a campaign through social media. 

Here is the list of recommended dropship suppliers you need to know.


If you are willing to dropship electronic devices, you can find Ecubstore as your supplier. Ecubstore sells many kinds of  gadgets from many brands and also the hot trending ones.

Chubby Bitsy

If you love babies and kids, you might want to sell the babies and kids products. You can search for baby and kids products related to Chubby Bitsy.

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A Fashion Story

Fashion keeps changing. That’s why dropship fashion things might be a good decision but you need to find a great fashion supplier. One of the suppliers you can try to reach is Fashion story. They sell complete female products including clothing, beauty tools and accessories.

Sweet Home Planet

If you intend to dropship the home living products, you can search sweet home planet, the one who sells many kinds of home products.

Knt Marketing

If you want to dropship baby and women products, you can find Knt Marketing as your supplier. Knt Marketing sells many products such as  women’s fashion, cosmetics, beauty tools, baby products and many more.


If you are willing to sell bicycles, you can contact Asogo and ask them whether they want to be your supplier. Asogo is the largest bicycle supplier in Malaysia. You can get a lot of extra income when you drop ship at Asogo.

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If you like unique things like souvenirs and any personal gift, you can find Heartbeat. Heartbeat, is a shop that was founded in 2006 and has sold more than 100 souvenirs in Malaysia. You can find many personalized souvenirs and gifts there.

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If you want to get extra money, you can try to be a Shopee dropshipper. To start to be a dropshipper, you need to find a trusted and reliable supplier. You have to check their background, products and review products properly.

Don’t forget to find the supplier that sells the on trend products and for your additional information, you need to create your shop properly because you will not be able to change it later. So make sure you create the shop name which reflects the product you sell.

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