What are the online marketplaces that you currently use? Are you satisfied with the outcome? If you are not, maybe you haven’t tried to sell your products on ecommerce websites in Malaysia. Well, you might think that building websites is not an easy task if you do not have any experience or background on building one. No worry, there are many ecommerce website builders for you to try without building it from scratch. 

By having your own website to sell your products, you can create brand awareness and with the right way to increase your traffic, your website could reach international customers!

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The Meaning of Website Traffic and How to Increase Website Traffic

The number of people who visit a website is referred to as website traffic. In order to determine how many people visit a website, it is necessary to consider the website’s purpose, the visitors’ own objectives, and the method through which they found the website.

The amount of traffic received by a website is considered critical in evaluating its success.. Understanding website traffic and finding methods to enhance it, on the other hand, is critical for companies and organisations seeking to develop on a regular basis.

Analytics software will often provide you with information on both the total number of pageviews and the total number of unique pageviews. Pageviews represent the total number of times someone has visited your site, while unique pageviews represent the number of individuals who have visited your site just one – some more than once, some only once.

So how do you increase website traffic free especially for small businesses that operate on ecommerce websites? Here are some of the example on how to increase website traffic organically:

Optimize Your Website

Optimize your website for search engines by concentrating on identifying keywords that reflect your specialty and utilising them as the foundation for your content and product pages. You may make use of resources such as SEO tools to help you. 

Google’s Ranking Criteria

Because one of Google’s ranking criteria is the freshness of the material, it’s a good idea to refresh your website content on a frequent basis — if feasible, on a daily basis — to keep it relevant.

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Automated Email Marketing

Engage your contacts with discounts and offers by using automated email marketing tools to engage your connections.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO examines the backend of your website to determine how the pages are set up and arranged technically. Elements like page speed, crawling, indexing, and other factors are considered.


Ranking high in search engines will bring visitors to your site. To rank better in search engines, you must be an industry expert. Aside from the topic/cluster approach mentioned above, one method is to build quality backlinks. Linking to high authority websites increases your reputation.

These examples might help you to increase your website traffic fast. Or you can increase website traffic hack by promoting your brand on your main personal social media account. Your family or friends might share it on their account too. One of the free tools to increase website traffic that you can use is Google Analytics.

There are many check website traffic Google that you can find. To check website traffic, you can use website traffic checker free. Some of the website traffic checker provide web traffic analysis. From the analysis, you can improve your website to get more traffic. Some of the best free website traffic checkers are Ahrefs, Quantcast, and Similar Web.

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If you are pet lovers as well owner pet business, wonder how to increase website traffic for pet, here are some ways to elevate your traffic website:

  • There are so many cute, funny, and meaningful TikTok videos on dogs and cats. You can save the videos and post it as a content to reach more engage ment. Do not forget to credit the owner of the posts!
  • You can hire social media influencers who have their own pets to promote your brands and products. 
  • Content writing is important. Touch your potential customers’ hearts with emotional writing.

Five Main Website Traffic Metrics

When you check your website traffic, how do you track or read the metrics? You must know every function of the metrics to analyse your website so that you can fix what is broken.

Here are the five main website traffic metrics that you should pay attention to:

Traffic sources

It will tell you how many people came to your site through organic search, referrals, direct visits (putting in your URL) or social media. If the majority of your visits come through organic search, you probably have an efficient SEO plan in place; however, if the majority of your visitors come from social networks, your social media marketing approach may need some work.

You can use Google Analytics to track your website Traffic Sources by following this way:

  • Click on Google Analytics
  • Click on Acquisition
  • Click All Traffic
  • Click Channels

New Versus Returning 

Getting a lot of new visits implies your brand is getting more exposure. A lack of fresh visitors may need SEO or social media marketing efforts. Returning visits are crucial. Returning visitors are more likely to convert since they are interested enough to return to your website. 

You can use Google Analytics to check New Versus Returning visitors by following this way:

  • Click on Google Analytics
  • Click on Audience
  • Click on Behavior
  • Click on New Versus Returning

Bounce Rate

No one knows why visitors leave, but Bounce Rates indicate that something is amiss with the marketing campaign that brought them there. For example, the external link may not provide an appropriate description of the content, causing visitors to your site to be disappointed.

To check your website bounce rate, you can follow this steps:

  • Click on Google Analytics
  • Click on Audience
  • Click on Behavior
  • Click on Session Quality

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Average Time on Site

Mobile devices are being used to access content. So do conventional professionals. Mobile apps account for 58% of site visitors. Mobile-friendly content is a must. Whether it’s short, lengthy, or video, it’ll be accessible through mobile or tablet. You’re losing out if you don’t optimise.

To check your website average time on site, you can follow this steps:

  • Click on Google Analytics
  • Click on Behavior
  • Click on Site Content
  • Click on All Pages

Conversion Rate

Use the Conversion Rate and Traffic metrics to obtain a general sense of your website’s performance, and then work backwards using the other data to pinpoint issue areas.

To check your website conversion rate,, you can follow this steps:

  • Click on Google Analytics
  • Click on Conversion
  • Click on Overview

By using all the metrics given, you can track what is needed to fix on your website to gain more website traffic. Some might be needed to upgrade such as your marketing strategy, or website content. 

3 Things You Need to Decide Before Starting Your Own Website

If you want to create your own website, you have to go back to the basics of why you are doing your business right now. So, what are the 3 things you need to know?

Here are three things you need to decide before starting:

  • What is your aim for the website? And who is your target market?
  • Choose your domain wisely. Domain name is crucial for your customers to remember and search your business name easily on Google
  • Choose wisely your template design for the website. Go for clean and minimal design to provide a smooth experience for your customers. 

You can talk to your business partner or you can get opinions from your family and friends. If you have friends who have experience in creating business websites, that would be wonderful. 

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Use Social Media to Increase Your Website Traffic

Surprise, surprise! Yes, you can use social media to increase your website traffic. But how exactly does it work? First and foremost, you must create a business Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, TikTok for your business. 

Here are some of the ways how to drive traffic to your website:

  • Include relevant keywords on your social media biographies
  • Do not praise your followers. Engage with them consistently so that they will remember you.
  • Posting regularly on your business social media accounts is one of the crucial parts. Some online sellers did not do this because you have to think about the content of the posts and the copywriting. By posting regularly, your website traffic will increase.
  • Posts relugary visual content to attract your audience.
  • Use social media influencers to promote your brands and products.

Using social media might be the cheapest way to drive website traffic. If you are using social media influencers, you might splurge a little bit of your money. But in  the end, it will be worth it.

Maintaining Your Website Traffic

To reach such numbers of website visitors is not easy. It requires effort, patience, and sometimes a little bit of money. But, once you have reached the amount of traffic that you satisfy, you cannot goyang kaki yet. You have to always maintain it to keep your business afloat. The best ways to maintain and increase your website traffic are by using SEO, SEM and SMM.

What are those?

  • SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization,  which is the technique of boosting traffic to your site in quantity and quality through organic search engine results.
  • SEM, or search engine marketing, uses sponsored search exposure techniques. Search engine marketing has in the past been a phrase used to cover search engine optimization (SEO) and sponsored search. However, it nearly usually exclusively relates to paid search marketing.
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM) is an internet marketing approach aimed at utilising websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn to attract prospective consumers to your website. In contrast to search engines, social networks are able to detect individuals’ personal information. Therefore, while marketing, it provides precise demographic targeting.

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