What is a shopee advertisement? Do you want to know about ads in Shopee and steps to do shopee advertising and promote business? Let’s read this article to get more information.

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What Is Ads In Shopee?

You must ever see a shopee advertisement malaysia when you open your Shopee account. What exactly are Shopee ads? Shopee ads are the advertisements of your product that are advertised by the Shopee seller in high traffic areas on the Shopee platform such as the Shopee homepage, search results page, and also product details pages.

You might find the shopee ads YouTube too. By using ads, it can help your business by boosting your products’ visibility, increasing your shop and brand awareness. Besides that, Shopee ads can also help you to reach your business goals, reach new customers as well as the sales.

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The Things You Need To Know Before Advertising On Shopee Ads?

If you want to do the shopee boost product, you can use Shopee ads to help you.There are 4 keys areas of functionality in Shopee My Ads account to help you such as:

  • Promotion – this key helps you to bid on one product to appear at the top of Shopee search results or under Similar Products.
  • Report – this key helps you to see the performance of your shopee ads and also help to improve your ads in the future. 
  • Billing – this key helps you to count how much amount you need to pay. Remember you will only be charged when the customers click your ads.
  • Top Up – this key helps you to add your credits so that your ads are able to run.

For your information, there are 3 types of Shopee ads you can use to promote your products listings such as product search ads, shop search ads and discovery ads. Here is the explanation about shopee ads types for you.

Product Search Ads

One of the Shopee Ads type is product search ads. Product search type is the best for you who want to promote their products listings on Shopee ads only. This Shopee ads type works the same on how search engine marketing works.

For a better result, you need to create and use the right and relevant keywords. By using the good keywords when using product search ads to promote your products, it can help to position your product in the first page of Shopee search result.

Shop Search Ads

The second type of Shopee ads is Shop search ads. These Shop search ads are not available for all Shopee sellers. Only Shopee Mall sellers, Shopee Preferred sellers and star sellers with a good track record of sales may use this shop search ads. Once you use this shop search ads to promote your products, your ads might appear in the search results page when  the customer types your shop name.

Discovery Ads

The last type of Shopee Ads is Discovery Ads. Discovery ads work by using keywords and market targeting. Your products Ads will appear in several Shopee pages such as related products page, similar products page and also daily discovery homepage.

In this section, you can set your customer based on their gender, age, location, interest or anything related to the products you sell. This discovery ads type helps to find the best place for your ads to be published so that it can attract other customers.

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Is Shopee Ads Worthy?

Is there any shopee ads voucher? Is Shopee Ads worthy to try? These two questions are the frequently asked question. And yes, you have to try to promote your business using Shopee ads because it’s worth it. You can see the difference significantly. Here are the reasons why you need to use Shopee Ads to promote your business

Increase Your Profit 

The first reason is it can help you increase your shop’s profit. You can see the difference when you promote your business before and after using the Shopee Ads. To attract more attention, you can try to give your customer a discount voucher and free shipping voucher.

Help To Generate Your Sales 

Shopee Ads will help you generate your sales and traffic. You can see how your sales are increasing when using the Shopee Ads feature.

Attract New Buyer

Shopee Ads will definitely help you to attract new buyers to your shop.

Increase The  Shop And Products Exposure 

To promote your shop and products, you can use Shopee Ads because it can help you to increase the visibility of your shop and products so that other people will know your shop as well as the products you sell.

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How Do I Advertise On Shopee Shop?

When you want to advertise your products on Shopee, you might be curious about shopee advertisement cost. The advertisement cost will depend on what type of advertisement you choose. So that you have analyzed it before choosing the advertisement types. Now the question is how to advertise on Shopee? The first thing you need to do is go to your seller account and click on the Shopee Ads which are located at the left side of your. screen.

Then you need to Add that page, after that you have to fulfill the data of the Shopee advertisement type you want to use, ads duration, keyword and also the photos of the product you want to advertise. Here are the ways to use Shopee ads for you.

  • Step 1 – Input https://myads.Shopee.com in the search result page.
  • Step 2 – Click on Create Your Ad and you will be directed to the Shopee Seller Center. 
  • Step 3 – Fill in your datas and login and you will be directed to the Marketing Center page.
  • Step 4 – Insert the New Keyword Ads to get started.
  • Step 5 – Add the product photos you want to use in Shopee Ads. 
  • Step 6 – Set your ads budget and campaign time duration in Shopee.
  • Step 7 – Choose Add Recommended Keywords to see the most recommended keywords group for your ad campaign.
  • Step 8 – Click on the keywords and click ok.


Shopee My Ads is the Shopee feature which enables Shopee sellers to increase their product listings exposure by placing advertisements on Shopee’s websites and mobile app

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