Most Malaysians must know what Shopee is but do they know what Shopee ads are? Shopee ads are the place where you can promote and advertise your product in Shopee which can increase your sales. Do you want to get the Shopee ads tips? Or curious on how to remove Shopee ads? Read this article for more information. Let’s check these out!

What Is Shopee?

Most people in the world are doing online shopping nowadays and one of the famous e-commerce platforms is Shopee. Shopee is one of the leading e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia and Taiwan which offers several products such as consumer electronics, household goods, toys, fashion, sports equipment and groceries. You can buy many things in Shopee.

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What Is Shopee Ads?

Have you ever heard about the Shopee Ads feature? Shopee Ads is also known as Shopee advertisement which allows you to advertise the products you sell in high traffic areas on the Shopee platform such as the homepage, search results page, and product details pages.

You can do a Shopee search ad to find the product you are looking at. By using Shopee Ads, you can boost the visibility of your products, brand awareness or shop to relevant customers who are more likely to make a purchase, and your Shopee ads credit will only be charged when the customer clicks on your ad.

Here is a Shopee user guide to join the Shopee ads for you.

  • The first thing you need to do is to go to
  • Then Click Create Your Ad and you will automatically be directed to the Shopee Seller Center. 
  • You will be asked to enter your details and log in.
  • When you have logged in, you will be directed to your Marketing Center page.
  • After that, select the options by clicking New Keyword Ads to get started.
  • Then you have to select the product that you want to use in the Shopee Ads. Remember that you can only create a keywords ad for a single product at one time so you have to create it properly before submit it.
  • If you worry about your Shopee ads invoice, you can set your budget and campaign time length in Shopee Ads.
  • Then click Add Recommended Keywords. When you do this, Shopee will automatically add the most recommended group of keywords for your ad campaign.
  • After selecting the Shopee suggestion keywords that you like, do not publish your keywords ads campaign directly. Instead, click Add Keywords to get more keyword suggestions from Shopee. 
  • Shopee will be suggesting more keywords for you. You can add the keyword suggestion if you want to.

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How Can Shopee Ads Help Me to Get More Money When Selling in Shopee Malaysia?

When you use Shopee ads. You will get many benefits to your shop. Shopee ads can help you to achieve your business goals in a cost-effective way.

Based on the average review, the Shopee sellers who use ads to promote their products see an uplift of 24% in orders and 26% in sales revenue for the advertised products. 

Here are the benefits you will get when using Shopee Ads.

Grow and Generating Sales 

The first benefits of using Shopee Ads is it will help you to grow and generate sales. You can try to choose products that you want to sell in Shopee product selector with the thumbs up icon. These items that are listed there are highly recommended as they have high sales and conversion rates.

Boost Profit 

Focus on products that sell well, especially those with high organic profit margin. You need to find on your bestsellers with high monthly sales and products with great sales potential, such as promotional products.

Increase Exposure of New Products

With Shopee ads, you can increase your new products exposure. You can try to choose new products to be ads in Shopee and see how it boosts and tests their market potential.

Reaching New Customer

Beside increasing your products sales, Shopee ads can also help you to get more customers which means your shop is popular now.

3 Shopee Ads Tips to Reach Higher Sales

Using Shopee Ads will give a big impact to your business. You can join the Shopee ads by going to their website. Do you want to succeed on Shopee ads? Here are Shopee discovery ads tips for you.

Search for Your Chosen Keyword on The Shopee Platform

Keywords play an important role when you advertise your product. You need to find a certain keyword that is related to your products. Try searching for the keywords that you have been eyeing and see whether it is accurate or not.

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The more keywords that you add, the higher your potential clicks and impressions will be but make sure to have your advertising budget on hand to help you estimate how many keywords you can afford to include in your campaign.

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Compare The Cost of Marketing to The Product Price

The second tip is to compare the cost. By comparing the cost of marketing and the product price can help you in two ways such as:

  • You will be able to better understand which keywords have a higher success rate.
  • You will be able to determine if a keyword is too expensive or if the price is reasonable.

By looking and comparing the cost of marketing and product price will enable you to work within a budget. You need to calculate the money you spend on the advertisement and to make a sustainable investment channel, you need to find a way to increase your conversion rate or lower your CPC.

Update Your Product Title and Description With New Keywords to Optimize The My Ads Campaign

Your My Ads campaign will be more effective if you use the relevant keywords you are bidding on to the keywords in your product title and description. Don’t forget to use the good quality image of your product.

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Using Shopee ads will give a big impact to your business in Shopee. You will see how your sales increase. If you want to know how to stop keyword ads Shopee, you can find the Shopee guideline or contact Shopee customer service.