Have you ever thought about how to increase sales in Shopee? Sell on Shopee to grab attention from the massive amount of visitors (21.26 million monthly) on Shopee that makes it the top eCommerce site in Malaysia. In addition, Shopee is the leading platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan. Another solid reason to focus on how to sell in Shopee.

As a result, geographies it operates in are Indonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore. Moreover, it has traces of similarity to the taobao model, in which buyers and sellers can communicate and transact directly.

Above all, selling on Shopee boost unboxes opportunities for cross-border sellers from China and Hong Kong for selling to Southeast Asian and Taiwanese customers.

It’s great to have you on board as a seller. But first, ensure that the product you intend to sell is not under Shopee’s list of Prohibited Products to avoid any awkward situation.

How to Boost Your Shopee Sales

To boost your Shopee sales and to gain Shopee followers, you not only need to drive people to your online store but you also need to turn your visitors to sales conversions. Shopee provides in-app features that enable sellers to make numbers reflect their earnings. Here are 6 tips on how to increase sales in Shopee.

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Run Campaigns

One of the keys to improving your shopee sales is to become more visible to potential buyers. The Shopee Campaigns feature enables you to plaster certain products into portions of the website that is most visited by buyers.

My Campaign is Shopee’s way of helping sellers make the most of the Shopee platform. As we can see, Shopee let’s buyers join campaigns for free.

It is important to note that product nominations need to be based on these criteria :

  • Product descriptions and images need to be decent and accurate.
  • The seller should have a willingness to provide a 10%-20% discount if the seller is approved.
  • Attractive prices.

If you are unable to follow the above criteria, your appeal to join a campaign might be declined.

How to Join a Campaign

Simply log in to your Shopee seller account and go to the marketing centre and choose Campaign. Campaign will show up in the upcoming section when Shopee adds a new event for sellers to join. Take note that the nomination of products is not a guarantee that Shopee will select your products for the Campaign.

Perks That Sellers Will Enjoy If They are Selected for a Campaign

  • Exposure in the desktop and in-app Campaign banner
  • Products will be featured in email blast marketing as well as push notification
  • Increased shop awareness through improved click-through rates

Use The Top Picks Features

Shopee designed Top Picks from Shop to increase cross-selling. With these features, sellers are able to add four to eight products in a single collection that can be displayed on one’s product pages. This encourages buyers to add more of your products to their cart and thus increase overall Shopee sales.

You can create a maximum of 10 collections. Only one collection can be displayed on your product pages at a given time.

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How to Create a Collection for Top Picks from Shop

  1. Go to Seller Centre and click Marketing Centre
  2. Choose Top Picks from your Marketing Tools
  3. Choose Add Collection to open the product selector
  4. Click the green plus button to start adding products. Add at least four products. Take note that you can only add up to eight products
  5. Tick the products that you want to add to Top Picks from the Shop. If you have a wide range of products, you can locate your desired products by product name or product ID. click confirm one you have selected the products that you want to include in the promotion
  6. A preview of your chosen products will be visible on the bottom left corner of the window. Enter your collection name then click save
  7. Click active this collection now or active later

You will now be able to view your collection when you go to your Top Picks dashboard. If you want to deactivate the current collection, click on the green switch. If you click preview, you will be directed to a page with all of your chosen products and their details.

Nominate Products for Flash Sales

Flash sales are deals that appear on the Shopee homepage. Using the shocking sale Shopee feature enables you to increase your sales since this is the section of Shopee that most buyers visit when they are looking for discounted items.

Since this is one of the most popular features of Shopee, sellers are able to garner the most clicks and views. You will also gain the following benefits :

  • You will increase your chances of having your best products sold out
  • Attract more visitors and exposure to your online store

Requirements to Hold a Flash Sale

  • A start and end time
  • The discount price or percentage should be within the accepted discount range of the nomination agreement
  • Sufficient stock (your stock for the flash sale will be deducted from your total product supply)
  • Products that belong to the category requirement that Shopee for the flash sale

How to Join a Flash Sale

In traditional terms, a seller cannot join a flash sale, this is the Shopee segment that is reserved for sellers who have attained the following :

  • 0 penalty points
  • A good chat response rate
  • High fulfillment rate and low late shipment rate
  • Good shop rating

Meanwhile, you also have the option to purchase a flash deal slot.

How to Get a Flash Deal Slot

  1. Go to SG Seller Solutions. Choose the slot that you desire to purchase. Go through the usual buying process.
  2. After you have purchased your slot, you can go to your Seller Centre Account. Click Marketing Centre. A Flash Sale Feature will appear in your Marketing Tools.
  3. Choose Flash Sale and select a campaign that you want to join.
  4. Review the terms and conditions of the campaign. Make sure that you are able to live up to what is stated.
  5. Click Nominated Products when you are ready.
  6. Select the products that you want to include in the flash sale. Click confirm once you have decided.

After updating the details, you can save and submit the application. The review process can take as long as seven working days. Check the Flash Sale section of your Seller Centre from time to time to check the status of your application.

Making Sure That Your Nomination is a Success

  • Make sure that your nominated products are set at their lowest price
  • One product per time slot
  • You should have a minimum of five stocks for your nominated products
  • Make sure that your products cover picture has a white background
  • No pre-orders
  • Free shipping
  • Penalty points should be less than three
  • Your store needs to have a review that is greater than four

Encourage Buyer Activities Through Vouchers

You can entice your buyers to purchase more products from your shop by creating your own vouchers. These are tips on how to make offer in Shopee. Aside from that, the chances of your Shopee Customers to purchase more products per transaction is also increased.

There are currently two types of vouchers :

  • Product vouchers, only apply to specific products
  • Shop vouchers, can apply to all the products in your shop

How to Create a Voucher

  1. Go to seller centre and click marketing centre
  2. Click vouchers
  3. Choose to create a new voucher. Decide whether you want to create a product or shop voucher
  4. Enter your voucher details. If you choose to create a product voucher, you need to select products you want the voucher to apply to.
  5. Click save afterward

Once you have created your vouchers, they will appear in your voucher dashboard. Your shop vouchers that are visible for all pages will then appear on your shop homepage.

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Promote Your Products With Discounts

My discount promotions tool enables you to increase the hyper for your products for a given set of time and thus increasing Shopee sales.

My discount promotions are helpful for sellers who want to increase profit for a single product without having to drop the price. Through the use of these discounts, your price will still be competitive in comparison to other sellers.

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How to Use My Discount Promotions Tool

  1. Go to the seller centre and proceed to the marketing centre
  2. Choose discount promotions from your marketing tools
  3. Click new discount promotion
  4. Enter your promotion name and indicate the promotion period. Take note that you need to set the time frame 24 hours from the time you created the promotion. Once the time frame has been set, you will not be able to extend it. However, you can still shorten it.
  5. Start adding products that you want your discount to apply to.
  6. Click confirm
  7. Set the discount percentage and purchase limit. You can indicate the discount individually. However, you can also update them by batch. Click update all products to apply the discounts on your selected products. Click done.

Be Careful of Misleading Discounts

Shopee has a rule against misleading discounts. A misleading discount refers to a situation wherein a  Shopee seller changed the original price of a product prior to a promotion to exaggerate a discount.

Misleading discounts can result in a product ban on the side of the seller.

Understand The Shopee Sales Funnel

Prospective buyers go to a certain process before they make a purchase decision. Shopee gives you tools that you can use to guide customers through each stage of the Shopee Sales Funnel. The Shopee Sales Funnel has 4 stages namely:

  1. Awareness
  2. Engagement
  3. Conversion
  4. Retention

The awareness stage is when a customer first comes across your brand or product. To bring customers into the awareness stage, you need the following :

  • Search feature
  • Social media branding
  • Shop design
  • Collaborative ads
  • Top picks
  • Google ads
  • Daily discover
  • Shopee keyword ads

The engagement stage, on the other hand, is what keeps your customers interested in your brand or product. The following tools will help you in steering customers in this part of the funnel :

  • Follow prize
  • Shopee live
  • Platform campaign
  • Seller promotions
  • Shopee targeting ads

The conversion stage is where the customers decide to complete a purchase. The shopee tools that help you convert a customer are :

  • Daily discover
  • Reviews
  • Shopping cart
  • Vouchers
  • Free shipping

The last stage of the Shopee Sales Funnel is the most important. The retention stage is what decides if your customers come back for a second purchase and become a loyal buyer. To reel people into the retention stage, you need the following :

  • Shopee Cashback Program
  • Collaborative Ads
  • Chat
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Package Inserts


Shopee Malaysia is one of the leading eCommerce online shopping platforms in Southeast Asia. When you choose Southeast Asia as your target market, Shopee is undoubtedly a platform you will not miss.

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