Shopee Malaysia provides many unique features for their Shopee users especially for Shopee sellers. The features provided by Shopee Malaysia is for Shopee sellers to increase their sales and boost their shop’s traffic. One of the unique features of Shopee Malaysia is the Shopee category tree.

What a weird name! But the Shopee category tree has benefits for Shopee sellers. So what is the Shopee category tree? and how to improve listing in Shopee?

What Is Shopee Category Tree?

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You might feel strange with the word Shopee category tree. What is a Shopee category tree? This question must come to your mind right now. Shopee category tree is a category tree that enables you to view all of the rule-based categories in a shop’s collection. 

You can use the category tree to create categories, delete categories, and also edit categories. This Shopee category tree will make your shop’s collection decoration look neat so that your buyer can find the products they want easily. 

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Adjustments For The Category Tree 

Why is there an adjustment for the Shopee category tree? The function of this adjustment is to improve your experience as a seller by introducing a clearer Shopee seller category structure that supports a wider range of your products.

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This adjustment is one of the Shopee improvement which will optimise search results of your business products. This features also one of the Shopee Mall listing improvement. 

Stabilised Tree To Support Better Search

As a seller you must know that the product categories you see on the seller centre are different from the product categories that buyers see when using the Shopee platform. Before you start, you have to Shopee log in to continue your task.

Buyers only can see the products while searching based on the attributes and brand information which seller’s provide on their listing. 

That’s why as a seller you have to try to upload your product by using Shopee tree to support a better search by having accurate and comprehensive attribute information improves the visibility of your products. Buyers like to search for specific attributes such as sleeve length, material, style and others.

Mandatory Attribute And Attribute Values

Mandatory attributes are attributes which are required for your products to ensure their visibility to shoppers. In this Improvement of Shopee, you have to add necessary attributes for the particular of your business products types which can improve search results and help buyers on the purchase details and information.

You  can use the attributes tool on the My products page on the seller centre to check your product listings and identify those with other missing mandatory attribute information. 

You have to fill in the missing attribute details and information then update the listing again. You have to wait for some time due to this transition period  of changes. Another information will be shared soon.

Product Category Guide

Shopee product category guide is an online directory on Shopee seller Education hub that lets you search for a product category in order to learn.

In every category, you will find the product’s details such as the examples of products with the product images, mandatory attributes of products and the examples, examples of product attribute values with the detailed description and images.

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Searching For Category Information Using Product Category Guide

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How to Search for category information using product category guide? Here are the steps you can take to do the searching 

  • Go to product category guide 
  • Search for a category by its name or ID
  • You can also select a category from the list directly to perform a keyword search
  • Hover over the images shown under the product examples column to get a quick view of products under a category which will help you to determine whether the categories are relevant to your business products.
  • Select view details under the action column 
  • The category information and More product examples  will be shown at the top of the page.
  • Under the related attributes, select an attribute type to see its attribute values
  • Use the images and description provided to identify the right attribute values for your product so that you can fill in the accurate product detail information to optimise the search result.

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New Features To Support A Smooth Transition

There are four new features to support your business, such as:

Category Recommendation : Single Upload

When you are creating a new listing, the suitable categories will be recommended based on your products’ name. You can enter your product name and then choose from one of the recommended categories.

Category Recommendation : Mass Upload 

After the mass upload you did, Shopee will recommend you the suitable categories based on your product’s name. If you didn’t fill in a category for your product in the basic mass upload template, the Shopee system will set a recommended category for it by matching it as accurately as possible to your products; name. 

But if the system can’t find a highly accurate match based on your products’ name, you will be asked to choose a category when updating the attributes information after the mass upload. 

Attribute Recommendation : Single Upload

When creating a new listing, up to 3 attribute values for each mandatory item will be recommended  based on the product’s name and images. Under the basic information section, you will need to fill in your products’ name and attribute information. 

For mandatory attributes, the recommended values might be shown and you can choose or add other attributes values if needed.

Attribute Recommendation : Mass Upload

After the mass upload process, more than 3 attribute values for each mandatory attribute will be recommended based on the product’s name.

If you did not fill in the mandatory attribute for your products in the mass upload template, the Shopee system will automatically pre-fill the suitable attribute value. To choose another attribute value, you can click on the current value to select from the drop down list.

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Add New Brand Name

In these features, you can submit an application to add your brand to the Shopee database. To add the new brand name you can follow this steps :

  • Select add a new brand name to fill in the application form
  • Complete your product details such as your products’ category, brand name and product image
  • When filling in your listing’s brand information, you can submit an application to add your brand to our database and will be informed about the outcome of your application via notification within 5 days after the submission.

Mass Upload : Advanced Template

Use the advanced mass upload template to fill in attribute information for products under each category by following this step:

  • On the mass upload page, select advanced template
  • Select a category and download the advanced mass upload template
  • In the template, the brand and attribute columns can be found after the shipping information
  • As different products have different attribute types.


A Shopee category tree is a category tree which will make your shop’s collection look neat so that your buyer can find the products they want easily. Using this feature will make buyers feel comfortable to buy things and you can send the package through Shopee logistics to them. You can also use Shopee Open Platform to unlock opportunities for you to keep striving or you can find a Shopee trainer to teach you.

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