Shopee Malaysia is never ending giving the best promotions for their Shopee users. It helps the Shopee users to use their money to buy necessary items such as groceries and gifts for their partner. Not only that, the promotions handled by Shopee benefits the Shopee sellers too. There are many sale Shopee including the Shopee 8.8 Sale, discount promotions, vouchers. One of the significant promotions is Shopee Shocking Sale Malaysia.

You will totally be shocked when you see the price on the Shopee stores that participate with Shopee Shocking Sale Malaysia. You can get the price as low as you have ever purchased on the products. Be aware of the Shopee upcoming Sale by searching the Shopee Sale date 2021. Well, Shopee isn’t the only online platform that offers shocking sales, there is also Lazada shocking sale for you.

What is Shopee Shocking Sale Malaysia?

Unlike My Shop’s Shocking Sale, Shopee Shocking Sale is an official promotion handled by Shopee itself. Shopee Shocking Sale is one of the important promotional events that attracts the customers with great deals that are only available for a certain time of period.

You need to be fast and aware of the Shopee Shocking Sale Malaysia because the products listed on Shopee Shocking Sale can be sold out within minutes because of the price. 

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You will see the Shopee Shocking Sale on your Shopee HomePage with the timer.

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How to Participate in the Shopee Shocking Sale Malaysia Campaign?

Before you join the Shopee Shocking Sale, your products need to be approved first by Shopee. Then, you can proceed to nominate your products for the Shopee Shocking Sale. How to know if your products are qualified or not?

Here are some of the qualification and requirements you need to know and understand:

Qualification for Shopee Shocking Sale Malaysia

Every product included in a Shopee Shocking Sale campaign has been carefully selected by Shopee to ensure that the best quality products are available in the product selection at all times.

As a result, only chosen merchants are granted permission to submit their goods for consideration in the Shopee Shocking Sale. In the event that you are given access, you will be able to see a list of future campaigns on the Shopee Shocking Sale website.

When you keep your Seller Penalty Points at zero and maintain excellent Account Health, you increase your chances of having your goods authorised by Shopee. Therefore, you should really take your Shop ratings and reviews seriously because it can affect your reputation.

Requirements and Details You Need to Understand

Consider these requirements and details as Shopee Shocking Sale tricks that you can use to increase your chances to be approved by Shopee.

Here are some of the requirements and details:

 Campaign Start Date

Since Shopee Shocking Sale is handled by Shopee itself. You have to be aware of the limited time of Shopee Shocking Sale. You do not want to miss every time Shopee hosts the Shopee Shocking Sale.

Applicable Categories

As some Shopee Shocking Sale is limited to certain categories, you have to check first if your products are under the same category. You cannot nominate your products if it does not fit the categories given by Shopee.

Terms and Conditions

When it comes to terms and conditions, many will skip reading it even though it’s an important thing to do. Before you nominate your products, make sure you fill all the requirements details on your shop and products.

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Campaign Details

To fully understand Shopee Shocking Sale, you have to read the overview of the Shopee Shocking Sale campaign’s overview.

Discount Range

For your products to be selected by Shopee to be part of Shopee Shocking Sale, you must select your discount with the accepted discount range. You have to give your best price in order to be eligible.


Before nominating your products, you have to make sure that you have a minimum amount of stock for each product (at the SKU level). To increase your chances to be selected, this has to be done.

Days to Ship

Another requirement for your products to be chosen by Shopee is by setting up your Days to Ship (DTS) less than the Maximum DTS. By doing this, you can increase your chance to be selected to participate in the Shopee Shocking Sale.

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How to Nominate Your Products for Shopee Shocking Sale?

Before you can participate in a Shopee Shocking Sale promotion, Shopee must first review and authorise your goods. Make use of the Shopee Shocking Sale option located in the Marketing Centre on Seller Center to submit your products for consideration for participation.

For each Shopee Shocking Sale campaign, you may submit up to 20 items for consideration. You may nominate the same items for several campaigns, as long as they are not scheduled within the same time period as one another.

Even though products with various variants will be nominated as a single entry, you have the option of setting a separate discount for each variation of a product.

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In order to submit a Campaign Image for each product that you propose, you must first create one. Shoppers will see the Campaign Image when they visit the Shocking Sale area of Shopee’s website. Images of higher quality are more likely to be chosen for use in the marketing campaign.

To be consistent with the professional appearance and feel of Shopee Shocking Sale, the Campaign Image should have the following elements such as showcase your products against a clear, white backdrop to make a good first impression and your picture must be a PNG image with a file size of less than 300 KB.

Despite the fact that there is no restriction on the length of the Product Campaign Name, it is recommended to keep it brief and succinct so that it can be shown in its entirety on mobile phones.

The Product Campaign Name, in contrast to your complete product name, does not need to contain any specifications information.

Editing Your Product Nominations

Even after you have submitted your suggestion, you have the option to modify or remove goods before the deadline for nominations has passed. The timeline bar will show how much time is remaining on the clock in the current time zone.

If your product is authorised, you will not be allowed to do so during the Review period or throughout the marketing time.

How to Check Your Product Nomination Status on Shopee Shocking Sale?

Make a note of the date on your calendar when the results of your nomination will be announced.

Your products’ approval status will be shown on the Shopee Shocking Sale campaign page if your products have been authorised. If your product is rejected, you may find out why by hovering your cursor over the question mark symbol.

How to Monitor and Review Your Shopee Shocking Sale?

If your products have been approved, you can see the Shopee Shocking Sale campaigns in which you are participating by clicking on the Ongoing link on the left navigation bar. An animated countdown timer will be shown on the campaign banner until the campaign’s conclusion.

To review your expired Shopee Shocking Sale, you can tab on Expired on the Shopee Shocking sale page. You can use the data on the Expired Shopee Shocking Sale to improve if your products are rejected and also you can view all the products that have been nominated for the previous campaigns.


Many have tried to join the campaign but failed to be accepted because of the requirements. It is important to follow all the requirements to increase your chances to be accepted in the Shopee Shocking Sale.

Shopee Shocking Sale is not just to help the buyers to buy products with cheaper prices, it is also to help Shopee sellers to increase the visibility of their products and shop to the potential customers.

Don’t forget to join the next flash sale guys!

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